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HSP’s have a tendency to focus on the negative aspects of their sensitivity. As a result, they barely survive. We give 5 tips for highly sensitive people to thrive in life.

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Why Focussing On The Negative Is Damaging For Your Soul

Highly sensitive people tend to focus mainly on the negatives when it comes to their sensitivity. It is logical that this happens, as society is tailored towards the needs of the majority of people, who are not highly sensitive. As a result, highly sensitive people often feel upset, exhausted and bad about the system we live in. Accordingly, negative thoughts pop up regularly.

So, Why Is This A Bad Thing?

It is logical that you every now and then think negative thoughts and it is important to not judge them or push them away. However, if you remain in the negative, you literally program your brain to stay in the negative. The thing is, our brains recognize patterns and the more you think in negative light, the bigger the chance that your brain will lead you to more negative thoughts in the future.

How To Change This?

Therefore, one of the most important tips for highly sensitive people is to change their way of thinking. In order to change your brain patterns, you will have to do brain exercising. You will have to train your brain to think more positive. That does not mean that you push the negative thoughts away, but you simply add positive thoughts and routines to your daily life. In this podcast from Unapologetically Sensitive, I talk more about this. You can use the 5 tips from this article to do so.

The Tips For Highly Sensitive People To Thrive And Be Happy

The 5 tips below are simply methods that you can apply to thrive in life. However, the most important thing in order to realize change is motivation and discipline. These methods don’t work if you only do them once. You will have to create daily habits in order to realize change. So, let’s dive in!

1. Show Gratitude

One of the most life changing methods for me was gratitude. Not only gratitude in relation to the things that happened throughout my day, but also towards the people around me. This was one of the most transforming tips for highly sensitive people that I have received. It was in a podcast from Shawn Achor that I started a 21-day journey of gratitude towards the people around me. Each day, I sent one person in my life a message where I thanked them for something they did for me. Not only did it make their day, but it made me realize which people in life to cherish and to keep. In the video below, the benefits of gratitude are explained.

2. The 1-3 Rule

When it comes to tips for highly sensitive people to change their brain patterns towards a more positive mindset, the 1-3 rule is a great method. For every negative thought that you are thinking, think 3 positive thoughts straight afterwards. In this way, you do not push away the negative thought, but program your brain to also see the bright side of life when darkness is taking over.

3. Creating Habits

In order to change your life, you will have to create healthy habits. When I analyzed my life, I realized that I had many unhealthy habits such as not getting enough sleep, not drinking enough and eating bad food. When examining which habits might make me a happier person, I implemented them in my life. For this, I used the app Fabulous, which is a great app to create habits. 

In addition, you may enjoy reading the book ‘Atomic Habits: an Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits and Break Bad Ones’.

4. Do More Of What Makes You Happy

Sometimes, people say that being creative makes them happy, but they work in a financial office. Then, they ask themselves why they are unhappy. One of the most important tips for highly sensitive people is to do what makes you happy! It sound cliche, but it is true! Why would you sit in a small, busy office with many people when you in fact want to use your creativity in an inspiring environment and make a living from that? All the excuses in your head not do it happen because you are not in alignment with yourself.

5. Reconnect With Who You Truly Are

Are you the way you are because others expect you to act in a certain way or are you in connection with who you truly are? Most people would say the first. Many highly sensitive people put on a mask in public because sensitivity too often is shamed by the ‘more tough’ people. This has to change! By embracing your sensitivity and applying it in areas of your life that help you to feel energized, you will thrive! Therefore, this is one of the most important tips for highly sensitive people. In Jennifer’s course, you can learn how to reconnect with your inner self.

Ready To Thrive With These Tips For Highly Sensitive People?

Highly sensitive people, it is time to stop surviving and start thriving! I know that society does not offer the best circumstances for highly sensitive people, but it is possible to thrive! If you realize that you can program your brain to think more positively, follow your life purpose and reconnect with your inner self, you will 100% guaranteed become a happier HSP! Good luck on your journey!

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