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Those of you who are familiar with Pinterest, know that you can join collaborative boards. We made one for highly sensitive people!

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Why A Collaborative Board?

We from HiSensitives acknowledged that there is much information available out there for highly sensitive people. However, this information is spread throughout the whole internet and it can be tough finding it. Therefore, we wanted to make it easier for highly sensitive people and create a Pinterest board where all the information can be found. You can find it here!

Who Can Join?

Everyone who identifies as a highly sensitive person can join this board! We believe that the best way to gather relevant information is to get it straight from highly sensitive people. If they find it interesting, others must too, right?

What Are The Rules?

Obviously, with a group board, there are certain rules that must be followed. Otherwise, the chance is big that the group board will become messy and irrelevant. These are the rules for the HSP group board:

  1. All content shared must be about the topic highly sensitive people. (Quotes etc. can be shared, as long as they are related to high sensitivity)
  2. Maximum 1 pin per person per day. We don’t want it to get spammy.
  3. All content must be in English.
  4. Pins must be visually attractive and of high quality
    1. Visually attractive means that the images have a high resolution and there are no spelling errors in the title.
    2. The blog post must be of high quality and relevant for highly sensitive persons.
    3. The content must not be misleading, meaning that the article on the website that the pin leads to does not meet the expectations that were created after seeing the Pinterest image.

If you break the rules, you (and your pins) will be deleted from the board with no warning.

How To Join The Board?

Via Pinterest
If you want to join the board, the easiest way to do so is to message your e-mail address with the text‘join group board’ to our Pinterest account

Via e-mail
Also, you can contact us by sending an e-mail with your e-mail address and the text ‘join group board’ to contact@hisensitives.com.

Via Facebook
Besides that, you can send us your e-mail address and the text ‘join group board’ by contacting us on Facebook.

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