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Tailored to Highly Sensitive and Empathic People

Can you relate?

  • The world often feels overwhelming, leaving you struggling to find a sense of stability and harmony within yourself.
  • Each day is a battle with anxiety and the relentless whirlwind of thoughts that seem to control your peace of mind.
  • Constantly sacrificing your own needs, you’ve become the epitome of selflessness, often at the expense of your own well-being.
  • Growing up, your innate sensitivity was labeled a weakness, casting a shadow of self-doubt and insecurity that still lingers in your adult life.
  • A deep-seated exhaustion pervades your life, leaving you feeling powerless and uncertain about how to reclaim your energy and joy.

If you found yourself nodding along to one or more of these statements, read on!

What if…

  • You experienced a profound sense of grounding and balance, feeling harmoniously connected with your energy, no matter the chaos around you.
  • Your days are marked by calm and clarity, where anxiety is replaced with peace, and overthinking gives way to mindfulness and presence.
  • You master the art of setting healthy boundaries, prioritizing your needs with the same compassion you’ve always shown others, achieving a fulfilling balance of giving and self-care.
  • You embrace your sensitivity as a unique strength, empowering you to navigate life with confidence and a deep sense of self-acceptance.
  • You are rejuvenated and energized, equipped with strategies and insights that transform exhaustion into vitality, and uncertainty into a path of personal growth and happiness.

Sounds good, right? Start working towards this life within our membership!

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Here’s what you’ll get with the Ideal Self Membership by your side:

Monthly one-hour masterclasses from experts

Discover personal growth with certified experts. During 1-hour masterclasses, the experts welcome you into their world and inspire you to create lasting changes.

E-books that build further on what you've learned

Dive even deeper into the topic after the masterclass with our monthly new 30+ page e-books.

4 new worksheet printables each month

Implement what you’ve learned in the masterclass and e-book in your daily life with our powerful worksheets. Use them digitally or print them!

Daily affirmation, meditation- and gratitude exercises

Daily, we’ll support your journey with affirmations and meditation- & gratitude exercises focused on the topic of the month!

Connect with other highly sensitive people and empaths

Connect with like-minded, HSPs & empaths in our social network, share your journey, and draw inspiration from theirs. Together, we keep each other on track.

Become an Ideal Self Member today:

Community-only access


  • Access to our social media network
  • Connect with other Highly Sensitive People and Empaths
  • Ad-free social media experience
  • Engage in polls, questions, discussions and more inside our Cozy Corner
  • Monthly expert masterclasses
  • Monthly personal growth e-books
  • Monthly 4 new worksheet printables
  • Daily affirmations, meditation- and gratitude exercises

Most popular plan

Ideal Self Membership Plus


a month
  • Access to our social media network
  • Connect with other Highly Sensitive People and Empaths
  • Ad-free social media experience
  • Engage in polls, questions, discussions and more inside our Cozy Corner
  • Monthly expert masterclasses
  • Monthly personal growth e-books
  • Monthly 4 new worksheet printables
  • Daily affirmations, meditation- and gratitude exercises

Cancel anytime.

About Innate

INNATE is a neuroscience based app which harnesses video as a means to create a dialogue between our past, present and future self, based on emotion. The app collects our moments of wisdom and learning, to present back to us in the future when they might be most helpful and offer beneficial insight.





This month in our membership:

Self-Reflection: The Key to Personal
Growth for HSPs & Empaths

in collaboration with Merel van Hoogdalem &
Elsa Valentine from the INNATE app

Embark on a transformative journey with us this month, titled ‘Self-Reflection: The Key to Personal Growth for HSPs and Empaths’. Specially designed for highly sensitive individuals and empaths, this month is dedicated to turning your innate sensitivities into a profound source of strength and understanding through the powerful method of self-reflection.

Dive deep with clinical psychologist and neuroscientist (MSc) Merel van Hoogdalem and coach & entrepreneur Elsa Valentine from the INNATE App in an enlightening masterclass that explores the depths of self-reflection. Discover how to navigate your triggers, understand your emotions, and gain insights into your dreams, all through the lens of self-awareness. This masterclass is your guide to navigating life’s challenges with a newfound sense of clarity and empowerment.

Our Ideal Self Membership this month also includes:

📚 A detailed 58-page e-book, ‘Empowered Sensitivity: Navigating Triggers through Self-Reflection,’ which expands on the masterclass themes, offering a comprehensive exploration of self-awareness, emotional regulation, and the transformative power of dreams, tailored specifically for HSPs and empaths.

📄 Four insightful worksheets, designed to deepen your understanding and application of self-reflection in daily life, helping you to track emotions, moods, and dreams, and reflect on your behaviors.

✍🏻 Exclusive access to daily practices, including affirmations, meditation, and gratitude exercises, aimed at reinforcing your journey towards self-empowerment and personal growth.

🌟 A unique opportunity to engage with a community of like-minded individuals, sharing experiences and supporting each other in a journey of self-discovery and growth.

Transform the way you perceive and interact with the world. Join us in this month of self-reflection and empowerment. Step into your ideal self, armed with the tools and knowledge to navigate your emotions and triggers with confidence and grace.

“I am so happy that I joined this membership! What I like about it is that there is a topic that is explained every month. There is a training, e-book and worksheets ready for this month, love it. But for me the icing on the cake is the cozy corner. Here I can chat with others and really be myself. I’m looking forward to all the content and members I can connect with.”

– Klaartje El Fdil

This is What You’ll Get if You Sign Up for our Ideal Self Membership Plus Plan Today:

  • Monthly Masterclasses given by a certified experts on highly relevant personal growth topics (29.99$ retail value)
  • Monthly E-books tailored to the highly sensitive, empathic person (created in collaboration with certified experts) (29.99$ retail value)
  • 4 Monthly Worksheets helping you to implement what you’ve learnt in daily life and truly make changes! (14.99$ retail value)
  • Daily inspiration in the form of affirmations, gratitude- and meditation exercises to remind you to prioritize the most important person in your life – you! (24.99$ retail value)
  • Access to our ad free social media platform, where all the personal growth resources can be found.
  • Access to a community of highly sensitive people and empaths, collectively focusing on the same goals as you!

All these personal growth resources – with a total worth of 99$ each month if you purchase them outside the membership – are now available to you in the Ideal Self Membership Plus Plan for only 9.99$ a month!

“The only journey is the journey within.”

– Rainer Maria Rilke

Frequently asked questions about our membership:

Are the masterclasses, e-books, worksheets and exercises available in the community-only plan?

No. With the community-only plan, you’ll only receive access to our social media network and the cozy corner, where you can connect with like-minded, highly sensitive and empathic people. In order to access the masterclasses, e-books, worksheets and exercises, you’ll have to purchase the Ideal Self Membership Plus plan.

How do I know if the plus membership is the right fit for me?

Jump into the fun with our 7-day free trial! It’s the perfect way to dip your toes into our exciting world of our Ideal Self Membership Plus Plan and personal growth resources. Explore to your heart’s content and see if our membership feels like your new happy place. Who knows, these seven days might just be the start of something amazing!

Can I access personal growth content from previous months?

Unlock a treasure trove of knowledge with the Ideal Self Membership Plus Plan! As a Ideal Self Plus member, you’ll gain exclusive access to an extensive library of content from all previous months. This means you have the power to delve into a wide range of topics, revisiting them at your convenience, whenever they resonate with your current life situation. Your journey of personal growth just got a whole lot richer!

Why is the Plus Plan a paid membership?

Embark on a journey of personal growth with us, minus the pesky ads! We’ve teamed up with certified experts to bring you top-notch resources, all for a tiny fee. Think of it this way: for the price of a few cups of coffee at your favorite café, just 9.99 USD a month (and even less if you subscribe annually!), you’re investing in a brighter, more happy you. Who knew leveling up could be less than your daily two cups of latte? 😉

Can I cancel my free trial?

We’d be sad to see you go, but we understand that our membership might not be for everyone. If you decide it’s not your perfect match, you’re free to cancel within the 7-day trial period. Just a heads up: once this period ends, your selected membership fee (monthly or annual) will be automatically billed to your account. We hope you find your stay with us enlightening!

Why do you ask for my payment details when I sign up for a free trial of the plus plan?

Let’s get the formalities out of the way first – we need your payment details upfront, all thanks to our platform provider’s quirky ways (it just won’t let us ask later!). But fear not, your wallet can relax during the 7-day free trial of our fabulous Ideal Self Membership Plus Plan – not a single penny will vanish from your account. Just remember, if you’re loving the experience and forget to cancel, we’ll take it as a ‘go ahead’ to gently nudge the membership fee from your account once the trial period ends. Happy exploring!

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