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Let Me Tell You a Story:

9 years ago, my life was a never-ending ‘yes’ parade — to everyone but myself. I was on a fast track to burnout, and self-care was just a trendy word I ignored.

Then it hit me: I’m an empath, a highly sensitive person. That realization? It made me realize that I can and have to step out of this rat race and put myself on my priority list. I started saying ‘no’, learned how to set boundaries, and finally, I put myself in the driver’s seat.

If today’s non-stop rush feels like too much, you’re not alone. We’ve received many signals from our thousands of readers and followers that being an HSP and empath in 2023 is rough. It may feel like a curse, but trust me, it’s a hidden superpower waiting to be unleashed. It’s not about changing who you are, but embracing it fully and fiercely.

That’s why we at HiSensitives created the Ideal Self Membership. It’s more than just a community; it’s a life raft in the chaos of the everyday. It’s where you learn to harness your innate gifts, where self-care and personal growth aren’t just a hashtag, but a way of life.

Are you ready to pivot from feeling drained to being the one in control? To not just get through the day but to own it with confidence? Join us on this journey of self-discovery and personal growth.

Transform your sensitivity into your life’s greatest asset. Become a part of our membership today and let’s write a new chapter together.

Here’s What Awaits You Inside the
Ideal Self Membership:

Focused Personal Growth Topics with Experts

Discover an ever-growing library of highly relevant personal growth topics created with certified experts, that not only foster individual reflection and interaction but spark community discussions, enriching everyone involved.


Connect with like-minded, highly sensitive & empathic people in our social network, share your journey, and draw inspiration from theirs. Together, we keep each other on track, ensuring no one’s left behind.


Every month, we dive deep into a specific personal growth topic with an expert specialized in that topic. During a 1-hour masterclass, this expert will welcome you into the world of their expertise and inspire you to get started implementing their practical teachings in your own personal growth journey!


As an add-on to what you’ll discover in the masterclass, you’ll receive 1 new e-book of a minimum of 30 pages each month, diving even deeper into the topic and helping you learn more about it.

Interactive Worksheets

Implement what you’ve learned in the masterclass and e-book in your daily life with our powerful worksheets. Use them digitally or print them!

Daily inspiration

On a daily basis, we’ll support your journey with affirmations and meditation- and gratitude exercises focused on the personal growth topic of the month!

About Belinda

Belinda’s specialty is holding space for sensitives to feel safe to be seen as their authentic self. As a Healer and Intuitive Guide, her work is designed to powerfully transform stuck energy and re-write your beliefs to create the life and business of your dreams. Belinda has been a coach & healer for several years and has been on her personal development journey for over a decade. She is known for her compassion, deep listening and intuitive guidance along your journey. She supports sensitives to become more empowered so they can thrive and live their purpose in making this world a better place.

This month’s topic:

Clearing Stuck Energy

with Healer & Intuitive Guide Belinda Davie

Have you ever felt like there’s an invisible weight holding you back, draining your vitality, or clouding your clarity? You might be experiencing the effects of stuck energy. This December, we invite you to embark on a journey of personal transformation as we delve into the profound art of “Clearing Stuck Energy” with our expert healer and intuitive guide, Belinda Davie.

Stuck energy can manifest in various ways, from persistent feelings of fatigue, emotional turbulence, or physical discomfort to an overall sense of unease. These common signs are signals from your body and spirit that something within needs attention and release.

Why is it crucial to release stuck energy, you might wonder? When your energy flows freely, you experience a profound sense of vitality, emotional balance, and mental clarity. Your natural state becomes one of vibrancy, joy, and well-being.

Belinda’s one-hour masterclass offers invaluable insights and practical techniques to unblock and cleanse your energy field. During the pre-recorded masterclass, she guides you through a powerful energy clearing session, helping you release accumulated blockages and emotional baggage that may have lingered for years. Participants often describe feeling lighter, more grounded, and clearer immediately after her sessions.

Along with Belinda’s masterclass, we’ve got the following personal growth treats waiting for you inside the membership:

📚 A 36-page e-book “Unblocking Your Inner Energy: A Guide for Highly Sensitive People and Empaths.” Dive deeper into understanding your energy field, explore the science behind energy healing, learn about somatic healing, access your subconscious to clear energies, discover the power of theta healing, understand the role of chakras in energy flow, and create a daily energy clearing routine.

📄 4 practical worksheets that you can use digitally or print out to start working with your energy field and clearing stuck energy.

⏰ Daily affirmations, gratitude- and meditation exercises on the topic clearing stuck energy, helping you to prioritize yourself daily and reprogram your mind and body.

Come with us and start walking towards a happier you. Start clearing stuck energy today and begin your journey towards your life as your ideal self.

A Sneak Peek:

Curious what awaits you inside the Ideal Self Membership? Here’s a sneak peak into some of the unique features of our membership area:

Access the community on your desktop or take your Ideal Self Membership with you on the go with the ‘Mighty App‘ – available in the App Store & Google Play Store!

“I am so happy that I joined this membership! What I like about it is that there is a topic that is explained every month. There is a training, e-book and worksheets ready for this month, love it. But for me the icing on the cake is the cozy corner. Here I can chat with others and really be myself. Even though this is only the first month, I’m looking forward to all the content and members I can connect with.”

– Klaartje El Fdil

This is What You’ll Get if You Sign Up Today:

  • Access to a community with highly sensitive people and empaths, collectively focusing on the same goals as you!
  • Access to our exclusive social media platform, where all the personal growth resources can be found
  • Monthly Masterclass given by a certified expert on highly relevant personal growth topics
  • Monthly E-book tailored to the highly sensitive, empathic person (created in collaboration with certified experts)
  • 4 Monthly Worksheets helping you to implement what you’ve learnt in daily life and truly make changes!
  • Daily inspiration in the form of affirmations, gratitude- and meditation exercises to remind you to prioritize the most important person in your life – you!

All these personal growth resources – with a total worth of over 100$ each month if you purchase them outside the membership – are now available to you in the Ideal Self Membership for only 14.99$ a month!

“The only journey is the journey within.”

– Rainer Maria Rilke

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