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Have you ever met an empath and wondered how they can be so happy and positive while not losing their empathy? This is how these empaths heal themselves!

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Happy Empaths Heal Themselves With These Five Tricks

Happy empaths have one thing in common; they are masters of self-care and self-reflection. This strong combination gives them the power to cope with people of all different types without being drained for energy. Empaths heal themselves using these five methods:

1. Happy Empaths Heal Themselves Through Visualisation And Forgiveness

Empaths have a strong urge to heal others and in this process they often hurt themselves. Either because they tried to heal the wrong people who ended up misusing their kindness, or because the problems of the other person were too much to handle. It is inevitable to be hurt by someone one or more times in your life. What is tough about being hurt, is that mostly the people who caused the pain aren’t sorry. Consequently, this makes healing much tougher. However, happy empaths heal themselves with this one secret.

This Is Their Secret

In this wonderful podcast from OprahCaroline Myss talks about myths and truths about healing. She explains that there is a major difference between saying sorry to someone and truly owning up to what you did. What happy empaths manage to do in order to heal themselves, is to visualize the person walking up to them and confessing that he or she made a conscious choice when hurting the empath and that this was a sin. In this way, the pain is given a place in their soul without ever receiving an apology. As a result, empaths heal themselves through strong visualization and forgiveness

2. Happy Empaths Protect Their Aura

Another way in which empaths heal themselves is by protecting their aura. This might sound vague to some of you, but it is a useful method in order to let go of energies that aren’t yours. Your aura is the electromagnetic energy that surrounds you and is affected by the energy around you. Therefore, it is important to be aware of who you surround yourself with, whether they send off good vibes and to protect your aura if they don’t. Happy empaths know this. Therefore, they protect their aura with these techniques and cleanse their aura every now and then. You can use this meditation to cleanse your aura:

3. Happy Empaths Are Spiritually Open Minded

Another thing that is common for many happy empaths, is that they are spiritually open-minded. Hence, they know that everyone finds support in different spiritual thoughts and practices and don’t judge. In fact, they pick the best and most useful spiritual advice from everyone around them and apply it to their own life. Consequently, these empaths heal themselves by understanding that there is more out there than themselves and trusting in it. Everything happens for a reason, and happy empaths understand that.  

4. Happy Empaths Train Their Brains

When something upsetting happens to you, most likely the first reaction is to think negative thoughts. Then you keep replaying the event in your head and before you know it, you are in a negative spiral. You literally trained your brain to think negatively. This affects your energy, emotions and the people that you attract. Happy empaths know that they even after bad situations will cope, because they train their brains. They apply various methods to thrive in life and manage to remain balanced and calm.

5. Happy Empaths Don’t Lose Their Empathy

Most empaths wonder what it would be like to be less empathic. They believe that they would feel less pain and live an easier life. Happy empaths know that this is not the case and make use of their strengths. They apply their empathy in their relationships, career and friendships and people worship them because of it. When they see that their empathy is being misused, they recognize this in time and change direction. 

Please Know That Everybody Struggles

Whenever you see a happy empath, know that also this person has seen the hardships in life and gone through dark times. Instead of feeling a sense of envy or jealousy when looking at their positive vibe, ask them what they did to cope with their hardships in life. You will most likely learn much from them!

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