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Do you want to change your life? Are you scared of getting out of your comfort zone? With these three wisdoms, you will take the leap!

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Change Your Life And Grow

Do you feel the desperate need to change your life? I feel your pain, as I have been there myself and still am. Last year, I had a tough year and it felt like everything fell apart. As a result, I was lost and all my thoughts tried to tell me was “Change your life!”. However, leaving my comfort zone was such a scary thought. Consequently, the fear of the unknown took overhand and I remained in this negative spiral. However, when I stumbled across the term positive psychology, my life transformed.


After listening to a few podcasts about happiness and growth, I realized that I am in charge of my life and my happiness. By implementing several tools commonly used in positive psychology and mindfulness, I step by step adapted my life to fit my needs as a highly sensitive empath. Consequently, I became more confident to chase my dreams and become an entrepreneur. In this podcast, I talk about the tools that helped me to achieve this. Maybe they can help you to change your life, too?

Three Wisdoms That Changed My Life As A Highly Sensitive Empath

In the process of changing, I learned important lessons. I fell, I hurt, I stood up again and I felt stronger than ever before. Most importantly, my life changed for the better since applying these three wisdoms:

1. Your Happiness Matters, Too

As a highly sensitive empath, it felt unnatural for me for a very long time to prioritize my own happiness. Usually, I would end up being the good friend for everybody else without expecting anything in return. Accordingly, I would put the needs of others above mine and go miles past my boundaries to please others. I was a real people-pleaser. Still, I felt unhappy. Why? Because I forgot ME! Therefore, an important lesson to change your life is to understand that your happiness matters, too! You can’t pour from an empty cup. 

2. Find Your Purpose

Another lesson that might help you to change your life, is to identify your purpose. Highly sensitive people are known to feel the intense need to have a purpose. Whether it be within their careers, their relationships or their love life, purpose is key! For me, I recognized how important purpose within my career was to me. I tuned into my intuition and there I found what my soul needed. All along, I felt the strong urge to become an entrepreneur and work from home. Yet fear of failure stopped me from achieving this. By recognizing that fear was what stood between me and my purpose, I was able to seek for solutions and tools to tackle this fear. In this podcast, I talk about me getting out of my comfort zone to realize change.

3. Identify Your Roadblocks

When you have identified your purpose, you can change your life. However, it is not easy and it will be a tough road. When you are reflecting on how to reach your utmost potential and following your purpose, you will realize that there are certain roadblocks. These roadblocks ‘eat’ your energy. However, this is energy which you will need in order to realize change. Examine all areas of your life. Where do you feel that energy goes lost? In relationships or friendships or in your current work situation? Is it lost in your daily routine? Can you do something about it? Then change it! You will definitely feel the extra energy. Use this energy to pursue your purpose!

Ready To Change Your Life?

In the past life, my life has changed career wise, relationship wise and in relation to my daily routines. I can now say that I live a HSP-friendly life and that I wake up every day with happiness, inner peace and purpose. The three wisdoms that I mentioned above helped me tremendously, and that is why I hope that they will do the same for you! Ready for change? 1, 2, 3, go!

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