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Are you struggling to find motivation as the year is coming to an end? Check out these practical tips to help you get back on track with your previously set resolutions. 

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Motivation can be relatively hard to come by as the year comes to a close. With vacations and holidays fast approaching, we are forced to acknowledge the hard truths of the past year. You could find yourself in a state of frustration with the realization that you may not be where you wanted to be already.

Highly sensitive people often put out an unrealistic set of goals for themselves. Throughout the year, they can feel overwhelmed by all of the new habits they are trying to implement. More often than not, highly sensitives may give up finding motivation for anything of relevance by the end of the year.

However, rather than roll over and give up, you found yourself on our website to find the motivation they have been looking for. Continue reading to discover the practical ways to find motivation at the end of the year.

1. Reflect On The Road So Far

One of the first things you should try is taking some time to reflect on the year so far. Yup, it’s time to grab your nearest journal and be really honest. These are some common questions to begin asking yourself:

  • What goals were in the original script?
  • Have you achieved any of your previously set goals?
  • Which goals are left, and should you set new ones?
  • What is stopping you from finding and keeping motivation?

Try to bring yourself back into the mindset of the person you were all the way back in January. Think about who that person was, what fears they had, and which dreams were important to them. Essentially, connect with yourself and reflect on the lifestyle you used to want.

2. Consider Your Conclusions

After you have answered the questions above, now it is time to think about the conclusions you came to. If you achieved your goals, then perhaps you should consider setting another small intention before the year is completely up. There are still a few months left for you to make the most of the rest of your year.

On the other hand, you may still have some things you have yet to accomplish. Make sure to rewrite them and set new intentions. What can you feasibly do in the upcoming weeks? Prioritize those objectives and you will begin finding the motivation you didn’t know you had. There is something therapeutic about allowing yourself another chance to accomplish things.

Lastly, you should really ponder why it is you are prevented from fulfilling your wants and needs. Are there any physical or mental blockages? In order to find your motivation, you should address these issues prior to creating any new plans of action. You wouldn’t want to continue your journey with a disadvantage, so contemplate what is in your control and make the plan to change that first.

This step shouldn’t be taken lightly, so find the time, to be honest and kind to yourself. As a result, you will discover that finding motivation isn’t as hard when you know what you should be striving towards.

So, How Do You Get Motivated?

Finding that motivation to jumpstart bettering your life is not as complicated you might think. It truly begins with what you are willing to change. Venture outside what is comfortable for you in order to break the chains of the cycle you are attached to.

Acknowledge that what you are doing currently, can be improved. Changing your mindset is better said than done, however, there are ways to combat your specific struggles.

3. Finding Motivation When Overwhelmed

Do you find that you often feel depressed and or even exhausted when it comes to implementing your goals into your life? This tends to occur for highly sensitive people in particular being susceptible to getting easily overwhelmed. Sometimes, even thinking about all the things you have to do can prevent you from actually starting.

That is your energy being depleted, and to combat this you should find ways to recharge it. Fill up your metaphorical cup before you keep endlessly pouring negative energy into the tasks at hand.

For instance, think about the energy it takes to mentally prepare for running a simple errand. You have to think about leaving the house and putting on “outside” clothes. It may be more beneficial to find acceptance for whatever chore you set out to do beforehand. By finding yourself less overwhelmed and more calm, you are unknowingly finding motivation in the process.

4. Discover Your Purpose 

Okay, that was a bit dramatic. I didn’t mean to cause a panic, but thinking about your purpose could absolutely help you find motivation. It isn’t even necessarily about a purpose that comes from something or someone else. The intent is to discover your purpose behind the need to find motivation.

To put it simply, this personal question inquires why you should be working towards that specific goal. When your goals are broad and unassuming, it may be a sign that you’re not taking enough risk for the reward you are seeking.

According to Fred Lunenburg, the most effective performance seems to result when goals are specific and challenging. They recommend evaluating performance and linking to feedback on results. The notion is to develop commitment and acceptance to the new routine.

By creating fervor and inciting purpose, you are tapping in to your core beliefs to find the motivation to reach your goals.

5. Find Motivation To Inspire Productivity 

Productivity for the sake of productivity is not progress and may not be healthy for a highly sensitive person. Extending the energy towards a couple tasks can be alright. but, what happens when we just keep adding things onto other plate whenever we have the slightest bit of free time?

The result, is far from mentally or physically stable. You may even be more drained than if you were to plan your productive states accordingly. What helps you stay productive? 

Do you prefer words of affirmation? Or maybe you might appreciate little gifts for yourself every time you do something to benefit your ultimate goal. These acts of love should sound familiar, as they can play a key role in productivity.

The idea is to show love and compassion towards yourself to encourage finding the motivation to be productive. When you do something because you have to, you could feel resentment to those tasks entirely. The purpose of your goals at the beginning of the year was to have a different lifestyle by the end of it. So, allow yourself to fall in love with the notion of a new you.

6. Develop A Healthier Lifestyle

Many doctors worldwide agree that good rest, eating healthy, and regular exercise can have short term and long term positive effects on you. If that many medical professionals agree on something then I bet it’s safe to say there is most likely some truth in it. Certainly, it should be easy enough to implement knowing all of the health benefits.

Of course, that was complete satire. If it were truly that easy than McDonald’s wouldn’t be so popular and obesity would pitfall. However difficult the process can be, highly sensitive people can make certain there are some qualities behind making a lifestyle change.

It doesn’t have to be a complete turn around given the small timeframe to get back on track with your goals. Contemplate drinking more water throughout your day and keeping up with your daily vitamin in take. A few extra health-focused minutes a day can boost energy levels and aid finding motivation.

How Do You Stay Motivated?

Admittedly, re-finding motivation is an interesting topic. There can’t be a be all end all, but you can try some new changes in your routine.

What works for someone else, may not work for you. Understanding and learning to move on from techniques that no longer better you will encourage you to finish the goal you started.

7. Keep Finding Motivation With Discipline

A stable routine can do amazing things for the disorganized, and overwhelmed person. Routines allow for a certain amount of control and stability that could truly alter your perspective in finding motivation and happiness.

You could begin waking up at an earlier time every day from now on until the rest of the year. This would enable you to get more things done in the day, or you could just finish your daily tasks earlier. You could most likely use the well-deserved rest, and this tip is practical enough to implement starting tomorrow.

Overall, deadlines have shown to improve the effectiveness of your goals. If you tell yourself that you have a month to read a book, it will take you the whole month to read the book. Meanwhile, if you only have a week then you trick yourself into being more disciplined. Knowing this life hack is sure to increase discipline and efficiency when accomplishing goals.

8. Remember That There Is Always More Time

Despite the feeling like there are only 24 hours in one day, we truthfully have the rest of our lives to reach our goals. Who says they have to be set in January and reached by December?

You don’t have to fit into the box, and highly sensitive people aren’t meant to. So even after the year is over, you can keep trying out the practical tips mentioned in this article. You can keep trying as long as you find the motivation to be determined.

These tips will hopefully help you in finding the motivation to complete your goals. Did anything resonate with you? Comment down below which tip inspired you the most.

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