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What is HiSensitives?

HiSensitives is a personal growth platform for highly sensitive people and empaths. We create personal growth content & tools to help HSP’s and empaths live a more peaceful, aligned and fulfilled life.

Who are the people behind HiSensitives

Anne-Kathrin van Tiggelen and Riny van Tiggelen are the co-founders of HiSensitives. Together with many passionate HSP & Empath entrepreneurs who also work in the field of personal growth, they make sure to provide you with the newest personal growth content.

Can I contribute to HiSensitives?

Definitely! We encourage other highly sensitive people and empaths to share their own personal growth stories and inspiration on our platform. If you’d like to know more, head over to the section ‘Work with us‘.

Does HiSensitives contribute to charity?

Yes, as of August 2023, we monthly donate a percentage of our profits to One Tree Planted.

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