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The inspiring story of how I managed to respect my boundaries and protect my schedule – and how you can too!


Setting healthy boundaries while scheduling doesn’t have to be hard, if you have a helpful resource that supports you in focusing on the right things…

Dear fellow highly sensitive person and/or empath;

My name is Anne-Kathrin, and I am someone a lot like you…

I am a highly sensitive, empathic 31-year-old woman who tends to be a real people-pleaser. I love making people happy and find it quite a challenge to decline an invitation.

Sadly, this has resulted in my feeling over-scheduled from time to time and experiencing exhaustion from all the socializing. Introvert struggles, right?

I found it hard to know how to reduce the overwhelm and kept on over-scheduling because I wasn’t aware of what my boundaries are. This behavior kept me in this vicious cycle and my calendar remained way too filled with social obligations.

Maybe you can relate…

I tried to focus more on myself and my needs by scheduling me-time in the calendar. Yet, once somebody else asked for help, it was way too easy to remove that slot reserved for ‘me-time’ and put other’s people needs before my own.

But then, I made a marvelous discovery that changed everything… On a whim, I created a system that helped me to respect my boundaries and put my needs first when it comes to my schedule. And what happened next was absolutely astounding…

The overwhelm when looking at my schedule was gone! Yay!

At first, I was somewhat cautious, thinking it was a coincidence. But I managed to maintain my boundaries as time went by. And even better, I actually was able to be more present in the here and now and look at my schedule in a different, more positive way.

Fast forward two years and the overwhelm has not returned and I am able to respect my time and schedule appointments with ease. Finally, I was able to enjoy daily life and respect my boundaries – without the stress and guilt. Amazing!

So, what was this marvelous discovery that helped me to learn to set healthier boundaries and respect my time? Simple: I developed a clear system that I later turned into a valuable printable for other highly sensitive people and empaths to enjoy: a 15-page boundary tracker printable!

If you’d like to start seeing the same results as me, then you’re going to want to download this Boundary Tracker Printable right away. Here’s what you get when you download it now…

15-page Boundary Tracker Printable for Highly Sensitive People & Empaths – identify and reflect on your boundaries with regards to your schedule and set and track new, healthier boundaries

This boundary tracker printable is designed to help highly sensitive people and empaths to set healthier boundaries and track them easily. Simply download it on your computer and print it out with your printer! Easy, right?

It’s different from other boundary self-help tools because it helps you not only set boundaries but also keep track of them on a regular basis!

Here’s what you’ll get:

✅ You’ll get 3 cover pages to choose from – pick your favorite;

✅ You’ll discover how you’re currently feeling about your boundaries and where you see room for improvement;

✅ You’ll receive the opportunity to set new boundaries in a designated worksheet;

✅ You’ll be invited to track your new boundaries on a weekly and monthly basis;

✅ You’ll receive insight into your progress when it comes to boundaries in different areas of your life;

✅ You’ll be able to see in an eyeblink which areas of your life deserve attention when it comes to setting boundaries;

✅ You’ll focus on your boundaries in a fun and creative way – grab your colours and get started!

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