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Ready for some personal growth journaling? Discover eight intriguing journaling prompts that highly sensitive people love.

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Journaling has proven to be beneficial for mental health and provides a trend for successful results.

Do you find yourself in need of motivation to achieve your goals? Try out these eight inspiring personal growth journaling prompts for highly sensitive people. Your journal and your mind await.

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What If You Aren’t Good At Personal Growth Journaling?

Truthfully, it does not matter as you are the only person who will ever read your journal. This process of writing down your thoughts is simply for you to release the negativity. You might even find yourself riddled with frustration. 

Does this sound like you? If so, you should try personal growth journaling for highly sensitive people. Get these thoughts onto the paper and out of your mind. Theoretically, you could choose to burn it afterward. 

It would be most wise to become acquainted with the emotions you are currently feeling. Therefore, acknowledge them so that you may replace them with more positivity and comfort for yourself. The more you keep up with it, the better you become at getting to know yourself which is the primary goal.

#1 Set Your Intentions

Admittedly, you are sure to accomplish great things when your intentions are in the right places. For instance, think about what it is specifically that is overwhelming you or negatively affecting your life right now. It is important to discover the issue so that you may work on solving it.

The next step is to set specific intentions on the respective goals you set for yourself. For example, if you are trying to become healthier. Your intent might look something like, “ I intend on getting vegetables in all of my daily meals.” Specific and relatively easy to enact. 

Continue to do this every month, and in the end, you will be able to reflect. Did you set out what intended to do? Be firm in your intentions and you will be inspired to keep personal growth journaling. 

#2 What Are Three Things You Are Grateful For And Why?

Notably, showing gratitude is an action that many people struggle with. However, highly sensitive people can usually acknowledge things they cherish or care for pretty easily. This inspiring journal prompt should take little time. But it is completely okay if it doesn’t.

To be grateful for something is to be appreciative of the benefits it provides. For example, this could be targeted to inanimate objects, a loved one, or even yourself. If three things to be grateful for are too overwhelming, then try just one at first.

Admittedly, you should go at your own pace as this personal growth journal prompt is meant to be calming and grounding rather than anxious. Try to remember that it is okay to be vulnerable as you are presumably highly sensitive. Your journal should be treated as a safe space.

#3 Write About Yourself From Next Year 

This journal prompt has the purpose of encouraging the thoughts of short-term goals. Think about where you see yourself in exactly one year from now. Moreover, ask yourself what you imagine for yourself in a perfect world?

Begin with the date exactly one year from now. Then, continue with writing in the present tense as if you were already living your dream life. “I am a writer and a New-York Best-Selling Author. I have sold over a million copies of my book.”

The idea is to get yourself in the mindset of the person you wish to be. Moreover, you will come to the realization that you are not so far off. Inspire yourself with this personal growth journaling prompt for highly sensitive people by living in your dream future today. 

#4 What Are You Afraid Of And How Can You Overcome That Fear?

What goals have you set so far, and why haven’t you accomplished them? One of the reasons why may be due to fear of failure. This is almost always rooted in something deeper, and it is your job to discover your truth. 

Acknowledge your fears for what they are: the emotion behind your anxiety. What exactly are you fearing? Then, ponder where it is this fear originally stemmed from and why it is you feel this way. Ultimately, you will find relief and a rediscovered inspiration for personal growth.

Recognize that these fears do not consume you. Indeed, they are a part of you, however, they do not control you. Through separating yourself from emotions, you come to see the root cause and overcome them. 

#5 Things You Appreciate About Yourself And What Can You Improve On

Admittedly, self-reflection is widely known to improve your mood and inspire you. Appreciate yourself and show yourself love and kind words often. Through journaling, you might discover parts of you that usually go overlooked. 

Perhaps, you are exceptional at making art. Cherish the deliberate actions of your hands. Continuously, be grateful for your ability to be creative in your mind’s eye. In the truest form, appreciate yourself and become inspired by what makes you, you.

After you generate gratitude for yourself, you have a newfound appreciation for the quirky little things many might overlook. Then use this inspiration to continue working on yourself. You are proof that personal growth journaling is successful as a highly sensitive person, but what can you do next?

#6 What Is One New Habit You Want To Incorporate This Month

Sometimes upon reflecting, highly sensitive people might try to enact an entirely new routine. The goal may be o uproot and replace what they believe isn’t working. However, this is a one-step way to a great disaster for highly sensitive people. 

Don’t set yourself back in your personal growth journey. Start off with one new habit at a time. Perhaps once a month, and then once a week when you get used to the changes in your normal routines. Something you can do today, this week, and eventually throughout this month. 

You will develop this habit within a 30-day plan or 7-day cycle, whichever you prefer. Of course, it is recommended you take your time. Meanwhile, the bigger goal is to actually make that habit stick. After you accomplish one, the next will come easier and you will be further motivated to continue on your path to personal growth.

#7 One Piece Of Advice That Has Inspired Personal Growth

After all of the life lessons you have learned, you could choose one that allowed you to move forward or gain experience. Maybe it was something someone said to you in mid-conversation. Perhaps, you are an avid reader and the piece of advice is your favorite quote out of a book. 

To be fair, Mickey Mouse could have said it. It just has to mean something to you. Advice that made you feel emotions that inclined you to start becoming a better person. Reincite this inspiration for your personal growth by using this prompt to connect with your inner purpose. 

#8 List Out 10 Self-Care Actions You Would Like To Do This Month

This prompt is probably, by far, one of the easiest. Think of this journaling activity as a brainstorming session where the focus is on you. Therefore, jot down the activities you might enjoy to partake in some healthy self-care this month.

Some notable things for you to do can range in difficulty. Sometimes self-care is simply drinking a glass of water. Or it can also be reading a self-help book. 

For some more inspiration with this personal growth journaling prompt, think of the things you do that only benefit you. Do the things that bring you the most joy. At least try to write them down, and then you can schedule a couple every week. 

Participating In Personal Growth Journaling

If you made it all the way to the end of this article, hopefully, you found at least one of these prompts useful. Personal growth journaling for highly sensitive people can be very touchy at first and might make you nervous to continue. 

This is for you. By simply reading through, you are actively working on yourself and you should be proud. Take a moment to thank yourself, and begin your personal growth journey today. 

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