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On this image, by Priscilla du Preez, there is a woman working on her personal growth. She is stretching her arms like she is ready for an adventure, while looking out over a lake.

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Being highly sensitive and empathic is a true gift. Once you discover and implement the personal growth hacks that fit your personality, you can transform your life and truly thrive.

We aim to inspire, motivate and support you in your personal growth journey and to connect you with other highly sensitive and empathic people who are passionate about personal growth.

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Would you like to discover personal growth resources for highly sensitive people and empaths? We are continuously browsing the internet for the best personal growth books, podcasts and experts out there.

About us

We are Anne-Kathrin and Riny and we are the founders of the brand HiSensitives.

Ever since we became a couple back in 2014, we talked about how we could combine our strengths to create something truly impactful.

As we both have a shared interest for media and developing new media concepts, we have always dreamt of creating something meaningful. A concept that would have a significant, positive impact on our society.

After Anne-Kathrin came up with the design of the HSP symbol, that awesome concept was born:

HiSensitives – a personal growth platform for highly sensitive people and empaths!

HSP Symbol

Co-founder Anne-Kathrin has created a symbol for the highly sensitive person. If you’d like to learn more about it and the meaning behind the symbol, click the button below.

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