The beginning of the lunar cycle tends to have powerful effects on highly sensitive people. What if you could harness that energy with new moon rituals for just Empaths? Use this article to help you find alignment and emotional balance.

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Many highly sensitive people and empaths seem to be fascinated by the moon. If you are interested in spirituality, you may even use the different moon phases for manifesting and reaching your goals.

In this article, you will discover valuable new moon rituals for empaths to manifest more of what you desire.

Why Should Empaths Practice New Moon Rituals

Practicing new moon rituals as an Empath symbolizes more than just a new beginning. When sensitive people tap into what the moon has to offer they can choose to manifest it into their dream life. Admittedly, this sounds like a snake oil salesman trying to get you to buy into some scam. However, the cool thing about the moon is that anybody can use it without charge.

It’s a free ticket to bettering your life. By expanding your knowledge, Empaths can start releasing the negative energy they get daily. Where is the truth in this? Scientists originally insisted that there was no correlation between the lunar cycles and people. However recent research has led to other findings that actually prove the opposite.

According to Linda Geddes, writer at BBC, research proves as of early 2020 that bipolar people tend to have mood swings that are rhythmic and appear to correlate with certain gravitational cycles of the Moon. Notably, the study that led to these findings couldn’t pinpoint the exact reason for the sudden changes in behavior.

However, it was clear that if there was a relapse or shift, it would occur around a change in the lunar cycle. Given this evidence, Empaths should use this time to harness their energy for positive results. Otherwise, this extra lunar energy can easily turn chaotic without the proper new moon rituals for you.

What Are New Moon Rituals?

For clarity, new moon rituals don’t have to necessarily mean witchcraft. Generally, this term refers to the practices and routines you create in order to release negativity and pent-up emotions. Your new moon rituals can be used for healing Empaths’ aura, creating a less “heavy” environment, or even motivating yourself to set proper intentions that get results.

Meanwhile, new moon rituals encompass your established to-do list in the days or even the week leading up to the new moon. Before the new moon comes, these rituals will be used to prepare your mindset for a better lifestyle. On the actual new moon, you can practice things like meditation and mindfulness in your words and actions as an Empath.

Interestingly, new moon rituals can also facilitate manifestation in the life of the Empath who chooses to focus their energy on it. After all, there is virtually no one more powerful than a highly sensitive person who can regulate their emotions and transfer negativity to their advantage.

How To Create A New Moon Ritual For An Empath

Notably, the best new moon rituals for Empaths are the ones designed and created to be incorporated into their specific monthly routine. Admittedly, you know yourself and how you would react to different practices the best. Therefore begin this process of creation by doing some simple journaling. You might want to enhance your new moon ritual by combining it with a cacao ceremony. You can read more about cacao ceremonies here.


Ask yourself thoughtful, and intellectually deep questions about what you want to accomplish using the new moon. in order to set accurate and powerful intentions. How are you currently feeling? Interpret your feeling into words rather than intellectualize your thoughts. What is not currently serving you? What do you wish to accomplish by the end of the month?

Continuously, another question to consider includes; what habits can you implement to get rid of those feelings you no longer want to attract? Sometimes, they can be attached to a specific person, and the solution may be to create a temporary or permanent distance from them. If it is a specific personal state like anxiety, then your solution will include coping techniques.

Making Your Monthly Lunar To-Do List

Ultimately, you should be able to construct a small list of habits to begin incorporating starting this very month using the answers you discover in the answers to the questions above. Your new moon practices should essentially include rituals that will aid in cleansing the energy of the Empath.

On this list, you can choose from the following or brainstorm other tasks you think would be beneficial.

  • Clean Your bedroom
  • Declutter your closet
  • Get rid of a few things in your house that serve a purpose (Try out the Marie Kondo KonMari Method.)
  • Create space from the people that tend to bring you down, take your energy, or cloud your mind
  • Clean each room in your house for a new start
  • Get rid of things that are empty and restock or replenish
  • Have a self-care, spa day
  • Clean your makeup brushes
  • Do the dishes
  • Do your laundry
  • Sweep, mop, and vacuum

Try not to bring that many new items into your life, as they can easily become clutter. During the new moon, Empaths may feel like changing everything all at once. However, this can easily get out of hand and overwhelm you. Things will change in time, but with new habits, it’s best to start slow so they actually last.

Remember General Self-Care

Empaths should cleanse their physical and mental spaces as well as their auras prior to the new moon. Probably best done that week to slowly reduce their anxiety and overwhelming emotions. As the new moon rises, Empaths will begin feeling the effects.

You may want to be impulsive or make decisions you may not be ready for. Also, you may want to start a new job and move to another town or simply begin reading a new book series. You might also tend to feel trapped, stressed, or frustrated. All feelings and emotions are valid, but Empaths must be wary of how much is in their control nd how much isn’t.

By practicing self-care, you allow yourself a moment to enjoy your own company. Furthermore, you allow yourself grace and compassion when you practice self-love. You must try to take care of yourself prior to welcoming new beginnings to your life. You wouldn’t want to bring a past self into a different future where there is change.

When To Practice Your Rituals

Typically, people spend the days or previous week leading up to the new moon dedicated to their new moon rituals. However, Empaths may need to practice their new moon practices weeks prior to this lunar stage or even consistently throughout the month. Why might this be the best-case scenario for you as an Empath? Will it take too much energy or time?

The keyword is consistency. Practice really does affect the end results you are trying to achieve. No matter what you do or how long it takes at the moment, it is important to remember the why. Why do you feel like you need a new start? What’s motivating you? Whatever it is, you should hold on to it.

These new moon rituals will definitely take more than one new moon to make it a habit for any person. However, Empaths may have the ability to benefit greatly from trying out these practices a least once. Let us know in the comments which actions you are choosing to implement in the next new moon. As you start your new beginning as an Empath, commit to your new moon rituals with good intentions and good things will come.

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