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Are you an empathic person and wondering what type of self care suits your personality type? In this blog, we share the best self care tips for empaths!

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Are you always there for the people around you?

Do people come to you when they need advice or a listening ear?

Is it common for you to put others before yourself and would you label yourself as a people-pleaser?

You might be an empath. Empaths have a heightened amount of mirror neurons in their brain. Subsequently, this enables them to emphasize on a deep level with everything going on around them. While this is a wonderful gift many people appreciate, it is important to not forget showering yourself with love. If so, you may risk running low on energy and feeling drained and exhausted.

Self Care For Empaths Based On The 6 Types Of Empaths

In this blog, I’ve created an overview of the most powerful self care activities for empaths. I have divided the self care activities based on the 6 types of empaths.

If you don’t know what type you are, feel free to read this article to find out which type reasonates the most with your personality.

1. Self Care Activities For Emotional Empaths

Emotional empaths are deeply connected to the emotions of other people. In fact, they may feel the emotions of the other person as if they were their own.

This is an incredibly powerful skill to possess and can help you greatly in interactions with others. On the other hand, this ability may cause you to ‘take home’ their energy with you. In addition, you may struggle to distinguish between the other person’s emotions and your own.

For the purpose of protecting your own energy field and (re)connecting with your own emotions, you may want to give these self care activities a try:

EFT Tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique)

EFT tapping is a method to calm your central nervous system. By tapping on specific meridian points on your body, you are able to reduce the anxiety linked to specific events or people in your life.

Actually, this is a super helpful method for emotional empaths who have dealt with conflict, judgement or other tough situations with other people and aren’t sure if the emotions they are feeling are their own or from the other person. 

In the video below, you can find an explanation of how EFT tapping works:

Clear Negative Energies

Another powerful way for emotional empaths to practice self care, is to clear out negative energies they may carry around with them. 

There are multiple ways to achieve this. For example, you could go and see a healer who can help you to clear those negative energies. However, there are also powerful meditations to achieve clearing negative energies from others.

I myself am a huge fan of this guided meditation, which will shift your energy within 20 minutes:


Another powerful self care method for emotional empaths is to journal at the end of the day. Through journaling, you process your day, thoughts and emotions and get them out of your system.

Some interesting journal prompts for your daily journaling session are:

  • How did I feel today?
  • Who did I encounter today?
  • How were these people feeling? What vibes did I get from them?
  • How did I feel before and after meeting them?
  • What emotions are my own?
  • What emotions are from others and am I willing to return to their owner?

2. Physical Empath? Try These Self Care Activities!

Physical empaths feel other people’s pain as if it was their own. Similarly to emotional empaths, they may struggle with protecting their energy field from other people. As a result, they may experience being around other people as draining and exhausting. 

Because physical empaths are incredibly sensitive towards the pains of the people around them, it is important for them to take care of themselves by setting healthy boundaries, letting go of old pains and protecting their own energy field. 

Providing that you are a physical empath, you may want to consider these self care activities. However, I recommend you to only give these methods a try if you have already seen a doctor for your pains and there are no explanations for why you are feeling the way you feel.

Remove Energy Cords

In order to truly feel freed from other people’s energies and pains, I recommend you to try removing energy cords.

This is a powerful visualization/body scan, where you envision how you are removing connections that don’t serve you anymore. Moreover, you are returning people’s baggage to them, as they are not yours to hold.

I read about this ceremony for the first time when reading this book on self care for empaths (affiliate link).

Here is an interesting video that guides you through this process:


If the method above didn’t work for you as well as you hoped it would, you may want to consider hiring a professional who is specialized in energies and healing. 

Recently, I had a healing performed on me in the form of a hypnosis/trance. It was a truly wonderful experience which set me free from anxiety and pain I had been feeling my entire life with regards to certain events.

Therefore, if nothing else works and doctors can’t find anything disturbing in your test results, you may want to consider healing to get rid of old pains and heal old wounds.

Take A Healing Bath

Another powerful self care activity for physical empaths is to take a healing bath. Adding certain ingredients to your bath can have wonderful effects on your mental and physical health. Why not give some of these ingredients a try:

  • Colloidal oatmeal: Good for soothing dry, itchy skin.
  • Lavender oil: Adding a few drops of lavender oil(affiliate link) to your bath can reduce anxiety, decrease premenstrual emotional symptoms and heal your skin.
  • Epsom salt bath (affiliate link): Restores a healthy balance of the minerals magnesium and sulfates in your body.
  • Seaweed detox bath: Stimulates your circulation, balances your pH-value, removes toxic waste and moisturizes your skin.
  • Ginger bath: Provides headache relief, eases menstrual cramps, relieves gas and bloating and reduces cold and flu symptoms.

3. Self Care Activities For Geomantic Empaths

Many empaths are sensitive in relation to specific places. These empaths are called geomantic empaths.

Geomantic empaths have a tendency to feel closely connected towards certain places and the energies they hold. In fact, they may feel an instant rush of happiness, start to recharge their energy and experience a sense of inner peace when visiting places they feel a positive connection with.

However, this also works the other way around: If they visit places that give them a sense of unsafety or that makes them feel bad, they may feel drained within seconds.

Therefore, geomantic empaths may want to consider the following self care activities:

Protect Your Energy

Because you as a geomantic empath are sensitive towards the energies of certain places you visit, it is important for you to protect your energy before leaving the house. 

There are whole rituals that you can perform to seal your aura and protect your energy, but you could also try this simple visualization:

  1. Sit down in calm and peaceful position.
  2. Close your eyes and take deep breaths in and out until you are relaxed.
  3. Visualize a white light entering through your crown chakra at the top of your head.
  4. Envision this white light wandering through your body, protecting every inch of it.
  5. Now visualize how the white light streams out of your body and creates a protective globe around you, protecting your aura.
  6. Visualize that only love and positive energies can enter your aura.
  7. Sit with this feeling for a while and then resume your daily activities.

Whenever you feel that your energy field is weakening, ask for protection from the white light.

Take Crystals With You

While there are no studies supporting that crystals actually do have ‘magic powers’, they are powerful reminders that you are protected at all times. Therefore, consider buying crystals with protective characteristics to bring along with you wherever you go.

Simply feeling the crystal in your hand or your pocket will remind you that you are protected and make it harder for negative energies to enter your aura.

Some crystals that are perceived to have protective powers are:

Cleanse And Protect Your Home

Being protected while on the go is very important, but feeling protected and safe in your own home is crucial! After all, you don’t want negative energies to settle in your sacred space. Therefore, consider clearing the energy in your house.

You could hire a professional to clear the energy in your home and ask him or her for tips on how to maintain a high vibe-frequency. 

In addition, consider working with powerful visualizations and using crystals in your home.

Here are useful tips to clear the energy in your home:

4. Earth Empath Self Care Activities

Earth empaths are empaths who feel a deep connection towards earth and all its natural powers. Actually, earth empaths may feel energized by natural energies such as the moon, sun or waterfalls.

On the other hand, this sensitivity may cause them to suddenly feel unwell too. This often is the case when an earth quake hits, the weather suddenly shifts or there is a natural catastrophe going on in the worlds. Earth empaths often are able to sense those shifts before they are happening.

In order to truly thrive as an earth empath, you may want to indulge yourself in these self care practices:

Neutralize Water Veins

One of the best investments I have made for myself and my home, is to hire a water vein professional. Perhaps you are like me: I didn’t know that water veins even existed and what their effects on our bodies are. 

A water vein is basically water flowing deep down in the ground. You could describe them as small underground rivers. Studies have shown that there is a correlation between water veins under your house and illnesses. Therefore, especially for earth empaths, it is important to neutralize water veins if they are present under your home.

By hiring a professional to locate eventual water veins, you can afterwards take concrete steps to neutralize them.

Follow The Moon Phases

As an earth empath, you most likely are attuned with the moon phases, without maybe even being aware of it. I remember when I first became aware of the moon phases and how it impacts my body and mood, I was amazed!

Depending on the moon phase, your body will react. On full moons, for example, you might feel more energized and have troubles with sleeping. New moons often unconsciously lead to new beginnings and the need for something new.

If you learn to appreciate the moon and align with its energies, you will definitely increase the power of your self care rituals and overall daily life. Therefore, I challenge you to dig deeper into the moon phases and their powers. Try to schedule self care activities that align with the power of the moon.

Spend Time In Nature

This one is a no-brainer for earth empaths! If you are attached to nature and earth, it is wise to regularly retreat into nature to recharge.

If you live in the city, try to bring nature into your home by purchasing plants. Also, try to regularly plan trips into nature around the city you live in.

Simply by being in nature and taking in all its healing powers, you will take care of yourself in a grounded way that aligns with your core power.

5. Intuitive Empath? Give These Self Care Practices A Try!

Similarly to emotional empaths, intuitive empaths are able to sense the feelings of others exceptionally well. However, the difference between an emotional and an intuitive empath is that an intuitive empath has mastered the skill to protect their own energy. They are able to tune into other people’s vibes and return their energy back to them before leaving.

Because of their ability to tune into others, yet not becoming emotionally involved by taking home their emotions, an intuitive empath is very talented at seeing things from a broader perspective. They can sense when something is off.

However, intuitive empaths may sometimes struggle to distinguish between what is intuition and what is a feeling passing by. As a result, intuitive empaths should focus on connecting with their intuition in different, unique ways. Here are some ways to achieve that:

Intuitive Art

One of the methods that I found incredibly powerful to align with my intuition, is intuitive art. Oftentimes, our rational side of the brain wants to take over and tell us that we are no artists and that we shouldn’t even bother trying. 

However, if you turn off that side of your brain for a second, go to your local art store, buy whatever feels right, go home and start creating art, you will notice something amazing. Once you let go of the need to control, your intuition will take over. 

When practicing intuitive art, try to listen to your first gut feeling. If you feel that you should use red in a painting, do it! Then, if your rational side of the brain wants to take over and tell you that you can’t match red with green, neglect it and go for green if your gut tells you so! 

Try to let your hands do the work and get out of your mind for a second. Listen to what your intuition is telling you.

By starting to listen to our intuition in this excercise, you strengthen it for more tough situations such as conflicts, relationship drama or work situations.

Dream Journaling

Another powerful method to attune with your intuition, is to start dream journaling. Oftentimes, our dreams are telling us what we don’t want to acknowledge when we are awake.

Whenever you have a dream, write it down. Try to write down every tiny detail you remember. Then, use a dream interpretation site like this one and start interpreting your dreams.

When you have interpreted your dreams, tune into your intuition. Do you feel that this interpretation is correct? Can you relate to it even though you can’t fully explain it? That’s your intuition speaking!


Finally, you can choose to take care of yourself and connect with your intuition through meditation. Meditation is a mindful activity that takes you back to the here and now. You could see it as a present moment where you let everything else around you just be for a while while you are mindfully observing your body and thoughts.

In order to connect with your intuition through meditation, I highly recommend you to start with some guided meditations first. They guide you through the process and help you to avoid drifting off from the purpose of the meditation. Once you become more trained in meditating, you can try meditating without guidance.

If you’d like to connect with your intuition through meditation, try this guided meditation:

6. Self Care Activities For Animal Empaths

Animal empaths feel a deep connection with animals. In fact, they may even be able to sense what mental state the animal is in or if the animal is suffering from pain.

Because of this hidden talent, animal empaths are great at training animals and animals naturally gravitate towards them.

In order to fully connect to this empathic side of yours and feel fulfilled, you may want to consider these self care activities:


If you don’t have a pet yet, consider adopting one! The best self care for an animal empath is to have animals around them 24/7. Therefore, try to discover the opportunity for opening your home for a pet that fits your lifestyle and which you can take care of properly.

Being able to spend time with your pet, playing with it, feeding it and taking care of it will fulfill your need for connection with animals on a daily basis.

Pet Sitting

If you don’t have the opportunity to adopt a pet right now, consider pet sitting other people’s pets. This way, you get to spend time with animals on a regular basis, while still having the freedom of a pet-free life.

There are different websites that enable you to create a profile as a pet sitter. For example, you could consider registering at Trustedhousesitter or Rover.

What Self Care Activity For Empaths Are You Going To Try?

Now that you’ve read this article, I am curious: What type of empath are you? Which self care activities would you like to try out? Feel free to share it in the comments!

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