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Are you a highly sensitive person and/or empath and looking for ways to enhance your life? Try implementing powerful rituals!

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Do you constantly have this pounding feeling in your chest?

Are you rushing from appointment to appointment and feeling incredibly stressed and anxious by the end of the day?

Do you feel like you are making time for everyone else around you and missing out on me-time?

I feel your pain, because I have been there myself. Time to change that! 

The saying ‘You can’t pour from an empty cup’ has been invented for a reason. You can’t keep up this pace forever and you need to take care of your own needs in order to be able to live a happy and fulfilled life. Time to create powerful rituals that help you to feel more in touch with yourself! 

In this blog, I’ll share how I discovered the amazing effect of powerful rituals and how these daily habits can benefit your life.

How A Lack Of Powerful Rituals Influenced My Life

For most of us, self-care comes at the bottom of our priority list, once stress enters our daily lives. It feels like a waste of time.

I know when I was facing a stressful period, I felt that taking care of myself with powerful rituals would be an unproductice activity. In fact, I even felt guilty for taking time for myself. Continuously, I thought about the things that I could do, that would be more productive. Can you relate to that?

However, I soon had to learn the hard way, that this mindset won’t bring me anywhere. My business did not grow, my stress levels increased and the feeling of inner peace decreased for each day, that I did not take care of myself.

Eventually, I felt so stuck, both personally and professionally, that I ended up crying and asking myself how on earth I got here. The feeling of being burned out and empty became a reality.

Powerful rituals may be to disconnect from social media for a while. On this picture, you can see a USB cable which is not connected.
Photo credits: Sigmund

Reconnecting With Myself By Disconnecting

At that point, I decided to take a few days off to get back in touch with myself. Best. decision. EVER!

By doing a social media detox and going completely offline for an entire weekend, I suddenly had a bunch of time on my hand. 

I told everyone around me that I will be offline for a weekend and planned activities that I know I enjoy, but felt guilty taking the time for. Meditation, gratitude-exercises, reading and walking in nature were some of the activities, that I filled my day with. 

This weekend truly gave me the time that I needed to recatch my breath. Also, I realized what I had been doing wrong. I did not implement powerful rituals into my daily life!

Once I acknowledged the positive effect of this weekend-retreat, I decided to never put myself last. In fact, I vowed to myself to never underestimate the power of self-care again. Accordingly, I connected with an energy coach, who provided me with amazing insights on how energy works.

How To Tackle Your Inner Guilt Tripper

Be aware; when you decide to put self-care first, there will still be this voice inside your mind, telling you that you could be doing more productive things. My energy coach provided me with the insight, that everything that I do with a lack of energy, will be counterproductive.

An Example;

Imagine yourself writing a book.

When you experience a lack of energy, you simply write down the story from A to Z, without going too much into detail, just to finish that book and sell it. 

WITH energy, on the other hand, you dive into the details of your story; what the characters look and are like, how they feel about each other and how their life stories intertwine. You truly put your art into words. Then, you sell your book.

Which book is more likely to be succesful? The one that is straightforward with little to no excitement or details, or the one that vividly describes every single detail and makes the reader feel like they are part of the story? 

You see what I mean? The writer, who took time to recharge energy before writing the book, in fact did a very productive move by doing so. Although at that point it maybe did not feel productive to recharge, the fact that the book is selling well, shows that it was a productive move on the long term.

On the other hand, the writer who did not recharge, probably felt productive at that time. However, on long term, the book is a big fail because the energy of it is off.

People Feel When Your Energy Is Off

The example above illustrates my point. When your energy is off or you lack energy, people will feel that. The actions that you undertake from a point of exhaustion, will be performed half-heartedly.

On the other hand, when you take time for yourself, before you dive into your ‘to do’-list, you will feel that in your work. Passion, energy and enthusiasm will flow straight into it and that will show on the outside!

This emphasizes how powerful rituals can enhance your life, once you implement them into your daily routine. Let’s have a look at some more benefits of daily rituals.

The Benefits Of Powerful Rituals

Besides the fact that powerful rituals help you to get your energy right and be more productive, there are multiple other benefits to it. 

Powerful rituals…

…make you feel more safe and calm, according to Lonerwolf.com. A daily, mindful routine contributes to you feeling more secure and balanced, something many people long for.

…decrease anxiety; research has shown that people who perform powerful rituals on a daily basis feel less anxious, than those who don’t. Especially for highly sensitive people, who are more prone to anxiety, it therefore is important to perform powerful rituals.

…increase confidence; Because you invest time in yourself regularly and consciously, your amount of self-love will increase. Self-love is closely related to confidence. Hence, you will increase your confidence by performing powerful rituals.

…bring you back to the here and now; too often, we are hung up in either the past or the future. Many of us rarely are in the here and now. Powerful rituals enable you to bring your mind back to the NOW and be more grateful for the ride instead of the destination.

…help you to connect with yourself; on a daily basis, we receive tons of input from the outside. This can influence all our decisions. By taking time for yourself through daily rituals, you can reconnect with yourself and reflect on the input you received.

When You Don’t Have Time For Powerful Rituals

“Awesome, but I don’t have time for that”, might be one thing you might think, after reading this article. It is a common excuse many of us make, including me. 

I challenge you to look at your schedule and see if you truly don’t have time for implementing a daily ritual, or if it is your mind trying to keep you in your comfort zone. For most of us, it is the second.

Keep in mind, that a daily ritual doesn’t have to take hours. Even if you start out with a 15-minute ritual in the morning or evening, you will notice change. 

Just like you brush your teeth every morning and evening, you can implement your daily ritual into your routine.

So look where in your agenda you have time to implement powerful rituals and start transforming your life by booking that spot for YOU. You deserve it!

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