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Do you feel like life keeps throwing you curve balls and are you looking for ways to become more resilient? In this article, we share 5 tips!

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Sometimes in life, you feel like you cannot take it anymore. Your body and mind are exhausted and you don’t know when the bad news will stop coming. Oftentimes, we see that negative events happen shortly after each other, making it hard to stay resilient. Especially as a highly sensitive person or empath, it may feel challenging to stand upright when life throws you curve balls.

I’ve been there myself a while ago. Within the time span of a month, five incredibly stressful situations occurred in my life, amongst which the passing of my beloved grandfather. Once the storm was over, I was surprised to see that I did not become depressed or feel like giving up on myself and joy. I was resilient.

Seven years ago, I surely would have hit a wall and crashed down so hard it would take me months to recover. Yet, now I managed to stand upright and I suffer less from post traumatic stress. Unconsciously, I had built more resilience.

It made me reflect upon what I had done to get there. After some research, I realized, that some of the practices that I implemented in my life for other purposes than building resilience, had helped me to become a stronger woman.

In this article, I’ll share the 5 practices that helped me to become more resilient as a highly sensitive person. Also, you’ll discover why it is important to be more resilient.

Why Is It Important To Build Resilience?

You may wonder why you need to focus on becoming more resilient. Life is going great now and why worry too much about what could happen in the future, right?

I agree with you that it is good to live in the present moment and focus on what is going well right now. However, you would not go into a gunfight without a bulletproof vest, right? It would take you out in a second.

So why go unprepared for the storms that life brings along every now and then when you could be prepared? Focusing on building resilience as a highly sensitive person or empath, helps you to maintain a positive outlook on life, even when you are facing a tough time.

Learning how to cope with stress in calm times will help you to easier cope with challenging situations once they arrive. Therefore, make sure to read on to discover how to be more resilient in the long term.

5 Tips To Be More Resilient As A Highly Sensitive Person or Empath

While I am sure that there are many more ways to build resilience, I am sharing five techniques that did wonders for me and are backed up by research. Make sure to read on!

#1 Write Down Your Thoughts

Highly sensitive people tend to overthink… a lot. As a chronic overthinker, I sometimes would feel like my head explodes from all the thinking. I simply could not stop to think about everything and everyone. So exhausting!

Something that I learned to practice more in recent years, is to write down my thoughts by journaling about them. Whenever I notice that my mind becomes louder and busier, I grab my journal and write.

Whatever comes to my mind, goes down on paper. As I am the only one reading it, it does not have to be a consistent story. It simply has to get out of my system.

Research has shown that journaling about stressful events and thoughts in your life helps you to come to terms with them more easily. As a result, they have less of a negative impact on your physical health.

Besides, journaling helps you to clarify your thoughts and feelings and enables you to know yourself better. If you develop a strong journaling practice in good times of your life, you are more likely to grab your journal as a personal growth tool once life throws you curve balls.

For instance, have a look at the ‘No Worries-journal’, which helps you to calm anxiety, relieve stress, and practice positive thinking every day.

#2 Ground Your Energy

Another practice I found to be incredibly powerful in order to be more resilient, is to ground my energy regularly. In the past years, I’ve learned to recognize when my energy is not grounded. Some of the common indicators for not being grounded as a highly sensitive person or empath are:

  • You get distracted more easily;
  • Your mind is racing and you find it hard to focus;
  • Feeling exhausted all the time, even after sleeping;
  • You feel restless and cannot seem to relax;
  • Your talk in a higher pitched voice than usually;
  • You jump from one activity to the other.

Whenever I notice one of these indicators, I make sure to ground my energy. Besides doing yoga on a weekly basis, I also try to sneak in a guided meditation or two whenever I notice that I am not grounded.

During challenging times, I ground my energy daily, because I know that it helps me to not get swept away by everything going on. In the end, it will help you tremendously to be more resilient.

If you haven’t tried grounding yet, I highly recommend you give it a try asap! It will do wonders for your energy as a highly sensitive person or empath. For instance, try this wonderful and short guided meditation:

#3 Distance Yourself From The Situation

I am aware that it is not always possible, but if you can, try to distance yourself from the situation going on in your life every now and then. For instance, if your situation allows you to do so, try to book a weekend getaway to sort your emotions and thoughts. And if that’s too expensive, try to go for a walk in nature or go and work out.

If you are staying in the situation 24/7 without getting distance from it every now and then, it will eventually drain you and leave you feeling burned out. Recharging your energy regularly will help you to be more resilient while the situation occurs.

Resilient people know when it is time to distance themselves and do not feel guilty about doing so. After all, you cannot pour from an empty cup.

#4 Protect Your Energy

This one may seem a bit vague to some of you reading this. I remember that I did not believe in this type of stuff when I discovered it for the first time. However, I’ve become a major enthusiast of protecting your energy after experiencing the power it has on my well-being and mindset.

Every morning before starting my day, I consciously take a moment to think about what energy from others and other situations I want to allow in my system. Also, I clearly think about what I do not allow in my energetic field.

Then, I envision how I am creating a protective field around my body, that functions like a shield for the rest of the day. Whenever I do this practice, it helps me to be more resilient and objective during tough times.

Especially for empaths and highly sensitive people, who seem to absorb the vibes in their surroundings more easily, it is crucial to establish a good energy protection practice. If you do not believe in all the woo-woo surrounding this practice, look at it as a mindset tip: you are basically making a conscious decision about which energy you allow in your system and which not.

#5 Spend More Time On Self-Love

Finally, one of the practices that helped me to be more resilient when life throws me curve balls, is to spend time on self-love. To me, self-love is everything good I am doing for me.

From being kind to myself and working on improving my mental health and inner self-talk, to taking good care of my body through self-care. I treat my body like a temple and maintain my well-being through self-love. As a result, I am more resilient once negative situations occur in life.

The best thing about this practice is that it does not feel like an obligation on your personal growth to-do-list. Actually, it is fun to love yourself and do nice things that you enjoy. And best of all, it recharges your batteries tremendously.

One of the first things many of us forget once life gets tough is to take care of ourselves. We react to the situation and put all our energy into it. However, remember to set apart some time for self-love throughout the day. It will help you to be more resilient!

Some Final Remarks

In the end, you never know when life will throw you curve balls. Tough times are inevitable, but you are in control of how you respond to them. By learning how to be more resilient, you remain balanced even when life tries to throw you out of balance. I hope that these five tips help you in your journey towards becoming more resilient.

In the end, I highly recommend you continue investing in your personal growth journey. Make sure to read up on good articles from blogs for highly sensitive people and continue to broaden your horizon. This will help you to feel happier in life and tackle challenges when they enter your path. Good luck!

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this topic. What is your secret to building more resilience? Feel free to share it in the comments.

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