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Are you an empath dreading the holidays because of the overwhelm? Here are practical tips to create an empath-friendly Christmas celebration this year.

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Do you know what it sometimes feels like to be an empath? Among other things, it’s the feeling of being overwhelmed by the emotional energy in a room, or even just around your neighborhood.

This can happen during any time of year, but for empaths, it is especially difficult during the holiday season. The increased stress and emotions from all angles can make you feel exhausted and out of control. We are here to help with some tips on how to avoid overwhelm during this festive season!

This blog post will teach you about holiday overwhelm–what it means, signs that you experience holiday overwhelm, and how you can manage your own empathic tendencies during the holidays.

Additionally, you’ll learn different ways to cope with holiday stressors so that they don’t have a negative impact on your well-being.

What Is Holiday Overwhelm?

It’s the most wonderful time, of the year. 🎶 Or at least, it is supposed to be. However, for many empaths -who feel everyone’s emotions so deeply- this can be a truly stressful season.

Holiday overwhelm is a phenomenon that usually occurs once a year in December and causes the person experiencing it to feel stressed, exhausted, and anxious.

With all the social obligations and expectations, this season can be a real emotional rollercoaster for an empath. Empaths tend to experience holiday overwhelm more frequently compared to less empathic people because they do not only care about their own emotions, but also the emotions of everybody around them.

If you know how stressful your own emotions can be during this season, imagine this feeling times ten. That is what empaths usually experience when they deal with holiday overwhelm.

Signs That You Are Dealing With Holiday Overwhelm

You may wonder whether you experienced this sensation in the past. Below, we’ve summarized some common signs of holiday overwhelm:

  • Feeling stressed
  • Struggling with falling asleep at night
  • Feeling exhausted during the day
  • Overthinking
  • Anxiety
  • Being more emotional than usually
  • Struggling to relax
  • Dreading the plans you made

7 Tips To Avoid Holiday Overwhelm This Year

Can you relate to the above-mentioned signs of holiday overwhelm? In order to avoid feeling stressed out about Christmas this year, we’ve compiled 7 practical tips to be prepared:

#1 Avoid Holiday Shopping In December

First on the list of practical tips to avoid feeling overwhelmed this Christmas is to avoid doing last-minute shopping. Many of us wait until the last weeks before Christmas to do our holiday shopping.

However, by starting in October, you can save yourself a lot of stress! Shopping during the fall months is less stressful because the shops aren’t that crowded. This is ideal for an empath who usually tends to absorb the emotions of others.

Additionally, shopping during the fall saves you money! Many stores increase their prices a couple of weeks prior to Christmas because of the high demand. By shopping early, you may save some bucks on the items you purchase for your loved ones.

In the end, avoiding holiday overwhelm always begins with being well-prepared. Therefore, make a list of all your to-do’s for the holiday season and see which ones you can check off in the following months.

This gives you more time to enjoy the holiday season once it arrives, rather than being wrapped up in your to-do list.

#2 Create A Morning Routine

Second on the list to avoid holiday overwhelm as an empath is to create a strong morning routine. This is not only important for the holidays, but also for the rest of the year.

Having a strong morning routine helps you to cleanse and protect your energy throughout the day. For instance, you may want to wake up an hour earlier to start your day slowly instead of rushing from task to task.

Here’s a powerful morning ritual to try out during the holidays:

  • Once you wake up, don’t do anything besides laying still in bed. Visualize what you want your day to look like and how you want to feel. Try to feel this energy in your body before going out of bed. This way, you set up your subconscious for calm and relaxed energy throughout the day.
  • Under the shower, try to envision how any negative energy is washing of you. Then, visualize how the water is forming a safe, protective shield around your body. If you feel comfortable, say the following phrase while visualizing: “All negative energy trying to enter my energetic field throughout the day will bounce right off my protective shield and into the ground, where it can be recycled to do no more harm”.
  • Then, go about your morning and do a couple of self-care activities that give you energy and make you feel calm and relaxed.

#3 Schedule Enough Time To Rest

One of the main mistakes many empaths struggling with holiday overwhelm make is that they over-schedule their calendar. From family dinners to dinner parties at work and meeting up with friends – trying to fit all these social obligations into a small timeframe is not a smart move for empaths.

In fact, scheduling enough time to rest in between social obligations is crucial in order to avoid holiday overwhelm. Therefore, make sure to be conscious about your time when scheduling new appointments for the holidays.

Carefully consider which people you’d like to see during the last days of the year and set boundaries for yourself. Additionally, don’t feel guilty about saying no to some invitations in order to maintain your boundary. Instead, you could offer those people to meet up in January when things have settled down somewhat.

#4 Don’t Feel Bad About Leaving A Party Early

Another minor change to avoid holiday overwhelm as an empath is to stop feeling bad about leaving a party early. The fact that you showed up is what matters, not the length of your stay.

If you know that you have a busy schedule the next day, you do not have to feel guilty to leave a party early enough to make time for resting and recharging. In fact, it is crucial for your overall well-being during the holidays.

You may meet some resistance from some family members or friends, but remember to maintain your own boundary at all costs and avoid people-pleasing during the holidays.

#5 Be Mindful And Regularly Tune In With Your Body

A powerful method to protect your energy as an empath throughout the holiday season is to regularly tune in with your body. It does not have to take that long.

Simply close your eyes and try to feel what your energy is doing at the moment. Is it very outward focused on others? Do you feel grounded?

If you notice that you are focusing too much on other people’s energy, intentionally recall all your energy into your body and visualize how you are anchoring into the ground.

Then, try to be mindful of the current moment. What do you feel? What do you see? By being mindful of the here and now, you ground your energy further. Eventually, this helps you avoid draining your energy unnecessarily.

#6 Eat Healthy Food

During the holiday season, many of us eat unhealthy food with lots of sugar. Additionally, there are many moments where coffee or alcohol is served. These foods increase the activity in our nervous systems. Consequently, this may result in feeling more anxious and stressed.

Therefore, try to outbalance those unhealthy foods by eating healthy food whenever you can. For instance, begin your day with a healthy breakfast with avocado and anxiety-reducing fruits such as blueberries and oranges.

This simple adaption may help you to feel more balanced throughout the holiday season.

#7 End The Day Positively

Finally, make sure to end every day positively. Practice gratitude before bedtime and make sure to cleanse your energy before going to sleep.

For instance, you may say the following statement while envisioning: “I now let go of all energy that does not belong to me and recall the energy that has been taken from me without my consent.”

Visualize how the negative energy flows out of your body into the ground. Then, visualize how the energy that you ‘lost’ throughout the day is returning to your body.

This simple ritual may help you not only during the holiday season but also the rest of the year.

We know how stressful the holidays can be for empaths. However, with these tips you are well-prepared for a joyous and happy holiday season! Happy holidays!

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