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Did you know that smiling provides several benefits? In this short read, we share 4 reasons why you should smile more often.

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Smiling is often an involuntary response to things we see or hear that bring us joy and laughter. A funny movie, a kind act, and an adorable reaction from a pet are all things that can put a smile on our faces. 

However, sometimes we have to make a conscious choice to smile. While we should do what we can to find happiness and have reason to smile, we should also make the effort to smile, even when life isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. A smile can benefit us in all kinds of ways, including the benefits that we discuss here. 

#1 When You Smile, You Will Draw Others To You

People are naturally drawn to those who smile. It’s not only because smiling makes them look more attractive, but because smiling can also make them look kind and approachable. This is the opposite reaction to that which is instigated when people frown and grimace. They can look angry and unapproachable, which is why people tend to steer clear of them.

Being greeted with a welcoming smile is far more relaxing compared with a look of distaste or distraction, and it will encourage those around you to form more positive opinions of your personality rather than thinking you’re uptight or rude. It’s not always easy to put on a brave face and smile through whatever struggles you’re going through, but it’s totally contagious and it can no doubt help you and others to feel at ease. 

If you choose not to smile around friends, family, or partners then they may feel as though something is wrong, as this assumption could lead to arguments. It’s never fun to be around someone who regularly looks unimpressed with their surroundings even if they do not truly feel this way, as actions speak louder than words. Smiling is always the best option if you want to feel confident in your relationships! 

So, this is one reason to smile more. It will help you when you’re in social and work situations and will be useful to you when you’re sat in a job interview too. It’s an easy way to win friends and influences others, so practice your smile in the mirror if you need to, perhaps by using these facial exercises.

#2 When You Smile, The World Will Smile With You

When you smile at somebody else, you might just make their day. Especially if they were feeling down inside, your smile might lift their spirits and give them something to smile about themselves.

This could have a ripple effect, as they could follow your good example, and pass their smile onto others. Before you know it, the whole world could be smiling! Well, that’s an exaggeration but you get the point. Smiles can be contagious!

#3 When You Smile, Your Mood Can Improve

If you’re having a rubbish day, you might not feel like smiling at all. This is understandable but the next time you are feeling down, try to smile, even if you have to fake it.

There’s a chance that your mood will then change for the better as the physical act of smiling can trigger chemical messengers (neuropeptides) in your brain that trick your brain into happiness. As smiling can also reduce feelings of stress, it might be that you will feel more like smiling anyway. 

#4: When You Smile, You Will Benefit Your Long-term Health

Studies have shown that smiling can have a powerful impact on our overall health. According to researchers, smiling can lower blood pressure, reduce feelings of pain, boost our immune systems, and, as we suggested above, relieving feelings of stress. As a result of these positive health effects, researchers have suggested smiling is the key to longevity That’s certainly something to smile about!

However, it’s important to ensure that your smile is in good health if you want to promote ultimate wellbeing long term. Dental flaws can have medical side effects, and you should seek out the appropriate treatment to improve both the health and aesthetic of your smile if this is the case.

Whether you need root canal work or a replacement tooth, be sure to do some research into your options to find the most suitable procedure for your unique needs. Oral health is directly linked to your well-being as a whole, so you mustn’t ignore the warning signs. You’ll be able to smile with the greatest confidence knowing that you’re taking good care of your teeth and gums! 

Many of us are afraid to smile because of the state of our teeth. This is one reason why a visit to our local dental services is important. And some of us don’t smile because we just don’t feel like it. 

But as we have seen here, there are benefits to smiling. So, do what you can to cause that natural response and if you have to, fake your smile, as it might be that you will naturally feel happier afterward. 

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