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Wondering how you can create a productive to-do list- without feeling overwhelmed? Discover practical tips in this article.

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Completing daily tasks can get slightly frustrating for a highly sensitive person. Fortunately, there are plenty of tips to help you simplify life to make getting things done a lot easier.

Here are some ways to become more productive with your to-do lists without overwhelming yourself.

Why Are Productive To-Do Lists Important?

Sometimes, it can feel as though you are required to complete all the impossible amount of tasks on your to-do list. Realistically speaking, however, highly sensitive people tend to overestimate how much they are willing to handle. It then becomes extremely necessary to become self-aware prior to experiencing overwhelming feelings. 

For some, to-do lists can be too daunting and so stressful that completion doesn’t even provide satisfaction. If left unchecked, these emotions can cause us to act in a negative outward manner either to ourselves or others. In the past, were you able to handle this many tasks at what time? What did you have to sacrifice? 

Highly sensitive persons might feel like their feelings of discomfort are something they are willing to deal with. After all, things still have to get done right? Truth is, you have to take care of yourself first. By forgetting to acknowledge your own limits chances are few things, if any, will be completed on your to-do list. 

However, in order to get your career off the ground, it is wise to create a productive to-do list. This helps you to set out goals and actually reach them.

Practical Tips For An Efficient Workday

Asking yourself questions will help you begin the process of creating a productive to-do list. Initially question whether you put these tasks on this to-do list because they are mandatory, or because you feel responsible for them. Oftentimes, the reason why it may feel like it’s too much is that it just might be.

Notably, you should probably begin with analyzing what must be completed by the end of that day. You may refer to these tasks as taking “priority” and it may affect you the most if you don’t accomplish them. Keep it simple and around 3-5 main tasks. Tell yourself if you accomplish at least these goals, then it will be a productive day. 

Think of anything else you complete, as simply a bonus for you. This includes mini-tasks that are relatively easy and require minimal effort. Having these mostly mundane, habitual tasks like brushing your teeth or sending that email will help guide you to that feeling of productivity. When you are consistently knocking things off of your daily to-do lists, you will in turn feel more motivated to keep going throughout the week.

This process in itself could be a source of uneasiness in highly sensitive people, but don’t be afraid to take things off your plate. If you can, try moving it to another day. This is more than okay and very common for highly sensitive people everywhere. Find comfort in knowing you are one person, and you can only do what you have within your ability to do. 

What Is The Best Template For a Productive To-Do List?

The most productive to-do list format will inevitably look different for every individual. But how do highly sensitive people create a productive task list? Short answer: in a way that makes the most sense to you.

Additionally, this can be anything from short and sweet to in-depth and descriptive. Does your brain require explanations in an instruction guide manner? Or is it more beneficial for your understanding to see a few words and short phrases? If you don’t know yet what works best for you the only thing left to do is to try out a few methods for yourself. 

Your effective to-do list will at the least consist of tasks that take priority most likely at the top with the most emphasis. The rest of your daily tasks can be simple in nature as mentioned previously and follow suit.  

If you prefer organizing your to-do’s on paper, we highly recommend you to have a look at the ‘To do planner’. It is an extensive planner for all your to-do’s and goals.

How To Organize a Productive To-Do List?

There might not be a best template for to-do lists, but there are several popular ones to try out. Organizing can be as simple or as complex as you desire. For instance, you can always use the basic pen and paper to jot down to-do lists and keep the paper somewhere you can see easily. Or you can attempt an hourly to-do list if you find yourself needing help with time management specifically. 

The pros include getting tasks done in a timely fashion and being very descriptive or explanatory. Every hour could have its own goal and keep you motivated to keep up the productivity throughout the day. Something similar to this would be to use a calendar to-do list for daily organization instead. Place it on your wall or desk because visibility is a helpful tool in staying productive.

What Are Some of The Best To-Do List Apps? 

The hardest part may be thinking you only have today to get these things done. Another thing to keep in mind is what kind of to-do list you focus on. Is this a to-do list for work or school, or is it more of a chores and errands kind of list? It may be easier and more productive for you to keep separate daily to-do lists. 

Okay, so you’re not old school, and can’t keep up with the little pieces of paper you happened to write your to-do list on. While you can simply take a picture of your productive to-do lists of the day, it can be hard to keep track of. It can be in your best interest to contemplate using a mobile, productivity to-do list tool like an app.

There are plenty of apps that claim to be the best productive to-do list apps on the market. You may struggle with finding the right productivity app for your needs due to the high amount of options available. Here are some of the most accessible productivity to-do list apps.  

Your smartphone is built to make your life more productive as seen through apps like reminders and notes. In reminders, you can construct a productive daily to-do list once and have it repeat every day of the week. You can also create specific to-do lists as well for maximum productivity. 

Throughout the day it reminds you multiple times to complete the tasks set until you are able to mark them off. You can do something relatively the same with the notes app on your phone. Technically savvy? Try forming a widget of your notes or reminders app so it shows up on your home screen where you can always have access to it. 

An honorable mention is Notion, where thousands of people keep track of multiple to-do lists, plans, and documents in the same place. This could prove to be helpful if you are the type of sensitive person who prefers organization on some kind of desktop.

How To Set Achievable Productivity Goals

Firstly, consider what your definition of productivity is. For highly sensitive people, the most productive to-do list is relative. But with these to-do list productivity tips, you can conquer the anxiety behind feeling overwhelmed in the process.

Ultimately, you should give yourself credit for the things you have done. It takes a lot to find the energy to start your day, let alone complete added daily tasks. Feel proud of what you have done and remember what it felt like to achieve your goals

You have to feel satisfied and accomplished with what you’ve done to experience the benefits of having a productive to-do list. Your personal attitude is what truly makes a productive day.

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