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At a certain point in life, most people have been angry at someone. Maybe you even are angry now. This meditation helps you to release anger and resentment.

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Do You Want To Release Anger? Try This Method!

It is impossible to avoid feeling angry and resentful towards someone at some point in your life. As a matter of fact, it is quite normal that you experience this. Eventually, some people struggle to function properly when they experience these emotions. Especially for highly sensitive people, who tend to pick up on every signal someone sends out, it can be tough to let go of the pain. Most likely, they will feel highly stressed and experience an ache that can’t be described. As a result, they feel the need to withdraw and let their emotions take over. However, it does not have to be like this. For example, you could try this method to release your anger and resentment within 10 minutes.

The Meditation That Helps You To Release Anger Within 10 Minutes

In fact, there is a wonderful free meditation on Youtube that will help you to release anger and resentment within 10 minutes! I tried it myself after a tough conversation and it did wonders for my mental health. In fact, it enabled me to get back to work and write this blog. This is the meditation that I am talking about:

Forgiving And Acknowledging Mistakes

This meditation is about forgiveness. Buddha shared his wisdom about holding on to anger and resentment:

To hold on to anger and resentment is like drinking a little poison every day and expecting the other person to die. – Buddha

In fact, you do this for yourself, because you want to heal from the pain that you are experiencing. In any case, it is not helping to analyze over and over again what the other person said, as it will make you angrier and more upset. Instead, it is wise to focus on yourself and try to release that anger. You have the power to love and to use that love to heal yourself. Consequently, this love will enable you to show compassion towards the person that you are resenting. 

On the image, there is the hand of a small child on the hand of an adult. This image visualizes what it feels like to release anger and resentment.

Re-connecting With Your Inner Child

This meditation enables you to feel compassion and love for yourself and the person you are in conflict with, by creating connection with your and their inner child. When I tried this meditation, I cried from relief within 5 minutes and more people who tried it experienced the same. By re-connecting with your inner child, your two-year-old self, and giving it the love and understanding it needs, you will feel an intense level of self-love and compassion. Furthermore, you will understand that you act and experience things in a certain way, because life and its circumstances have formed you to do so.

The Next Step: Connecting With And Understanding Their Inner Child

With this understanding, you will be able to connect with the inner child of the person you resent and feel angry towards. By visualizing their inner child and their path, you will understand that the things they said or did are related to their journey. Eventually, you will feel compassion for them and feel able to release anger and resentment towards them. Consequently, you will feel an instant relief. I know I did.

Everyone Makes Mistakes

Finally, you will take away one wise lesson from this meditation: everyone makes mistakes. These mistakes occur because we all are adults with a wounded inner child. In fact, we all have experienced pain, loss, fear and events in life that caused us to become the persons that we are today. Sadly, most people don’t heal their inner child and hold on to all that pain. Consequently, this pain influences your relationships and your way of interacting with people. Moreover, this results in people causing other people pain. Understanding this and showing compassion towards the other person’s wounded inner child, will help you to feel less angry and resentful towards that person.

Give It A Try!

To summarize, we all have a wounded inner child that causes us to act and communicate the way we do. Furthermore, this wounded inner child causes people to get into conflicts and make mistakes. By giving love and compassion to your own inner child and the inner child of the person you are in a conflict with, you will understand why they act the way they do today in this specific conflict with you. However, the most important lesson from this meditation, is the understanding that your inner child needs healing. By healing your childhood traumas, you will be able to release anger and resentment and live a happier life.

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