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Do you want to improve your life and be a better you this year? In this article, we share 5 quick tips with you on how to achieve that.

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It is that time of year. The year is right around the corner, and you may be sitting there asking yourself how to be a better yourself in this new year. Well, have no fear!

#1 Take A Look At Your Schedule For This Year

In order to take a look at where you need improvement, you should start by looking at the schedule that you have kept in the past few months. The goal here is to see what you have been doing and how much time has been taken up by each activity, so write it all down.

Fill The Gaps With Self-Improvement

Once you have identified the blank spots on your schedule, it is time to fill them up with activities that will help you become a better person. Here are some examples of activities that fill the gap left in your schedule:

  • Yoga class: Mon, Wed, Fri-6pm
  • Tutor kids: Mon, Tues, Thurs 2-8 pm
  • Sports team: Sun. 630 – 830 pm
  • Diet: Mon-Fri No red meat, Sat-Sun only chicken
  • Fix overbite: 3 Monthly appointments at the local dentist, Wed 9-11 am

Don’t Forget About Parkinson’s Law

Parkinson’s Law is usually expressed as “Work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion.” If something must be done in a year, it’ll be done in a year. If it must be done in six months, then it will. Parkinson’s Law should not be used to set unreasonable deadlines.

#2 After You’ve Created Your List Of Activities, Rank Them In Order Of Importance

This part is important because it will help you determine what needs to be done more/less often and also what can possibly be cut out of your schedule. You would not want to cut something completely out of your life but perhaps do something a little less often.

#3 Now It Is Time To Plan Ahead

After you have decided what can be done less or more often, determine how much time should be spent on each activity and pencil it in your schedule planner.

If you think you might want to do something a bit more than usual, put it in as a larger block of time, but if you want to cut down on something, make it smaller.

#4 Now That Your Schedule Is Planned Out, Time For The Real Work

Now you must actually do what you’ve planned! Follow through with your schedule and try not to let anything come up last minute, which can derail your plans. This step will be at least partially difficult since life is unpredictable, but try to stay on top of everything the best you can.

#5 If Your Schedule Doesn’t Work Out, Don’t Worry

If something comes up at the last minute which requires more time than planned or perhaps less time needs to be taken up, do not panic! You are allowed some room for flexibility with your schedule. Just try to spend the majority of your time on what you have planned, and it will work out.

There You Go

Remember that being a better “you” is a work in progress, so don’t get discouraged if you don’t hit a goal or accomplish something that was previously thought impossible. Keep working towards being the best you can be!

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