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Feel like you are stuck in life? At that point, it is a good idea to consult an expert, like a HSP coach. I did, and it helped!

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Do you know that sensation where you feel busy, stressed and full of anxiety? I am experiencing this right now, and as a solution, I consulted a HSP coach. A while back, I got in touch with Tiara Ariel through this community for highly sensitive people. Quite soon, I learned that she, besides being a health coach in general, actually is a coach for highly sensitive people like me. Knowing that I needed some new insights into my situation, I made an appointment with Tiara in order to talk about solutions. In this blog, I explain my experience of the session and why you should consider consulting a HSP coach as well. The key points of this blog:

  • Why to talk to a HSP coach
  • Preparations prior to the session
  • The session
  • What I got out of it
  • Where can I find HSP coaches

Why To Talk To A HSP Coach

You might wonder why you should consult a HSP coach. I know I did at first. As you know, I am a big fan of self-help tools and I always try to solve problems in my life on my own. However, there are situations in life where you simply cannot set your mind to using these self-help tools. In this fast-moving society, it is easy for HSP’s to become overwhelmed. It is a challenge that I have been facing in the past month. Sadly, I feel somewhat overwhelmed by some of the changes in my life, and one of the first things that I chose to stop doing, is self-care. All the apps that I usually use to remain calm and peaceful, I don’t use at the moment. It is way easier to neglect an app telling you to fill in some information, than neglecting an actual person who is working with you. That is one of the advantages of working with a HSP coach.

Besides that, some of the benefits of talking to a HSP coach, is that they can help you to understand your body, mind and also your boundaries. They are experts in what they do, meaning they can provide you with insights that you have not thought of yet. In addition, a HSP coach provides you with solutions to your problems and guides you in the process of implementing these solutions to your problems.

Preparations Prior To The Session

I managed to acknowledge the abovementioned advantages of consulting a HSP coach, so I made an appointment with Tiara. She was pleased to help me, and asked me to fill in an intake form.

This form helps her to already have a brief overview of her client’s situation in relation to body, mental and physical health, nutrition, social life, work situation and more. It might feel weird to share all this information with someone you don’t know, but think of it as a doctor’s appointment. When a doctor asks you to fill in something prior to the appointment, you do it without hesitation. Accordingly, the doctor is able to help you more properly. The same goes for HSP coaches. When they already know of your situation, you have a head start in your first consultation and can dig deeper into the issues at hand.

Besides filling in the form, I did not have to prepare anything for the session. Just have an open mind and you’re good to go!

The Session

On the image, there is a bundle of balloons. Some of them have a smiley drawn on them. This stands for the different emotions a HSP coach can help you with.

As HSP coach Tiara and I live on different continents, we did an hour-long skype call. At the beginning of the session, we did a grounding exercise. Tiara talked me through it and afterwards, I felt more relaxed and open-minded to discuss the issues I am dealing with. After the grounding exercise, we talked through the form that I had filled in. It was clear that she had prepared well prior to our session in order to be able to help me. 

Going through the form, we identified a few main challenges that I am facing. Accordingly, we discussed these challenges and Tiara offered solutions to each one of them. At the end of the session, I felt relieved! It felt as if I slowly was taking control of my life again. The solutions that she offered me, fit my personality and my life.

Finally, Tiara told me about her extensive coaching program where she helps (highly sensitive) people to feel at their best! In this program, she sets long-term goals with her clients and helps them to reach these. It is a very interesting program that I definitely will be joining!

I was surprised to see how easy it was to talk to Tiara, and I felt that I could share information with her that I would not share with everybody. She made me feel at ease and I felt comfortable opening up to her about my personal life. Therefore, I believe working with her in achieving my goals can be beneficial for me on the long run.

What I Got Out Of It

After consulting with HSP coach Tiara, I feel so much better and confident that I can tackle whatever comes on my path. With the exercises that she gave me, I am able to solve some of my challenges. Also, it feels less chaotic in my mind and I feel that I have an overview of everything that is stressing me out. Our first coaching session was a great success! I believe that following her coaching program on a structural long-term basis will change my life drastically!

The session with her opened up my eyes and made me realize that I should always find time for self-care. No matter how busy your day is, there is always some time somewhere to take care of your needs. You just need to be creative with it.

I can highly recommend it to other highly sensitive people to seek the support of a HSP coach whenever you feel stuck. It might transform your life!

If you are interested in knowing more about this program, you can check it out here on HSP coach Tiara’s website. Also, you can follow her on Facebook and Instagram for inspiring posts.

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