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We have all know someone who leaves us completely drained of energy after interacting with them. Here, we share how to protect yourself from toxic people.

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What Are Toxic People?

Toxic people, it sounds dramatic, but it is something that actually exists. In fact, toxic people, or some prefer to call them energy vampires, are people who have the ability to leave you feeling completely drained within a few minutes. Moreover, they are hurt souls who have not found healing yet and think that the world revolves around them and their problems. Furthermore, they are takers and believe that giving back will deprive them of essential resources. As a result, they usually get attracted towards empaths, highly sensitive people and caring souls of our society, as they are natural givers.

Why Do You Need To Protect Yourself From Toxic People?

You might wonder why you should protect yourself from toxic people like narcissists. Indeed, it is good to help others in their healing, but it should not result in you feeling completely drained and empty. Moreover, it is logical that you want to help the hurting ones, as it is part of your highly sensitive nature. Nevertheless, you should never allow people to only take from you and to make you feel bad and exhausted. Considering this, there is a way to help others and still protect yourself and your own energy field: through positivity!

The Key To Protecting Yourself From Toxic People: Positivity

You might wonder how on earth it is possible to feel and act positive when feeling completely drained. Indeed, it can seem like mission impossible to be able to share positive vibes when you are standing in front of toxic people. However, it is possible to re-wire your brain towards positivity. Considering this, you can find hundreds of methods on the internet that help you to rewire your mind towards a more positive pattern. Even more, this allows you to send out positive vibes that either block the negative energy of the toxic people you encounter, or lift them up and decrease their negativity. Below, we share 5 methods that help you to develop a more positive attitude towards yourself and others.

1. 21 Days Of Gratitude

On the image, there is a note with the words 'thank you' on it. This represents how you should respond to toxic people.

One of the best ways in which you quickly can increase positivity within you, is the ’21 days of gratitude’-challenge. We challenge you to write down three things that you are grateful for every day. We are sure that you will feel more positive and experience the many benefits of being a grateful person. In fact, studies have proven that gratitude makes us happier, makes people like us more and improves our health. As a consequence, practicing gratitude isn’t only good to increase positivity, but it also is beneficial for your overall well-being!  

2. Positive Affirmations

When you are about to encounter toxic people, or you maybe already stand in front of them, it is wise to repeat positive affirmations towards yourself. As a result, this will maintain your positive vibe when being confronted with these negative energies. Select a few mantras or quotes that make you feel uplifted, and repeat them to yourself when you feel that toxic people attack your energy field. In this way, your vibrations won’t lower and you won’t leave the situation feeling exhausted and empty of energy.

3. Meditation

Some of you may feel annoyed by all the health bloggers promoting meditation all the time. However, there is a reason why so many people are fans of meditation! It helps! For example, studies have shown that people who meditate daily have structurally different brains compared to non-meditators. Their brains have thicker tissue in the regions in the brain that are responsible for enhanced focus, stress management, attention control and body awareness. Consequently, meditation is proven to be a great method to train your brain towards a more positive and healthy life. As a result, it is useful to meditate daily in order to increase your ability to cope with toxic people. For instance, you could try this meditation:

4. Visualisations

For the spiritual people amongst you, visualisations are very useful in order to protect your energy field from toxic people and keep your positive vibe. Visualize, that whatever you believe in, is right there to protect you from the energy of the energy vampire. For example, I visualize that a white light is surrounding my body and serving as an energy shield. Moreover, only positive energy can enter this field. For people who believe in God, you could imagine that he is sending angels that protect you from the negativity of the toxic people you encounter. Visualisation is an incredibly powerful tool that helps you to feel strong and empowered. As a result, energy vampires will have a tough time getting to you when you have a strong energy field.

5. Smile

Finally, one of the most effective methods to remain positive, is to smile. For instance, when somebody smiles at you on the train or somewhere else, you instantly smile as well, don’t you? Moreover, this gives you a positive feeling. Doing this towards toxic people can help to increase their positive vibes as well. 

The Final Solution To Deal With Toxic People

Sometimes, it is impossible to help toxic people and still being able to remain a positive attitude. Unfortunately, some people won’t recognize their flaws and will therefore not be able to work on themselves. As a result, they remain toxic and negative. In this case, the best solution for you is to distance yourself from that person. It sounds harsh and it is, but in the long run it is the best solution for your own happiness.

Clear Out Negative Energies And Start Today!

Do you want to get started right away and develop a more positive attitude? Awesome! Before you start, make sure to clear out all negative energies inside you. This provides you with the best foundation to build a more positive attitude. In the meditation below, you get help to clear out negative energies. Good luck with protecting yourself from toxic people and increasing your positive vibes!

If you want to take a deep dive into the topic and receive more valuable tips for HSP’s, you may want to read ‘The Highly Sensitive Person’s Guide to Dealing with Toxic People: How to Reclaim Your Power from Narcissists and Other Manipulators’.

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