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In desperate need of a deep home cleaning session? In this article, guest writer and professional organizer Nikki shares practical tips on how to cleanse your home physically and energetically.

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I know that the season for spring cleaning is practically gone by the time I’m writing this. It’s getting hotter outside, and not everybody has the gift of air-conditioning, so it might be a little bit too uncomfortable to do a big cleaning in this time of year. But I still would like to address this topic, so you might be able to use it later.

Most people think about the actual cleaning when they hear the term spring cleaning. And even though that’s a big part of it, it could also be beneficial to do an energetic cleanse. You can even combine the two together for an ultimate, yearly cleanse!

Why You Need An Ultimate Home Cleanse

We all need to clean our homes. It’s a daily duty that (unfortunately) has a big part in our lives. But there are good reasons for that. A clean home has multiple benefits for us as highly sensitive people. Here are some of them:

Physical Health

One of those reasons is that it’s good for our health. Good hygiene definitely has its impact on our wellbeing. In a clean house, the air is cleaner and fresher.

Because of that, you suffer less from respiratory problems and allergies. Highly sensitive people can be extra sensitive to things like pollen or dust mites, so it’s important to keep those at bay.

Next to that, fungi and bacteria have a lot less chance to settle down when you keep your home clean. Even just the idea of that makes me want to give my home a deep clean.

Mental Health

But not only is a clean home beneficial for your physical health, your mental health will thrive as well.

To me, nothing feels better than coming home to a clean house after a busy day. A clean, tidy home is easier to wind down in. Clutter and dirt are both big distractors and the saying “tidy home, tidy mind” is a well-known saying for a reason.

If you are highly sensitive, you might notice yourself getting overstimulated a lot quicker when all that clutter is staring at you. Because clutter is visual, so your eyes will see it and make your brain process it. And that can cost a lot of energy. Another reason to clean and tidy: less embarrassment if you get unannounced visitors!

So, these are the reasons to keep your house clean and fresh. But as I said, you can also do an energetic cleanse. There are some benefits to that too, and it will really complement your hard efforts to keep your home sparkly and neat.

Everything has energy. And energy can linger in spaces for many different reasons. This can be positive energy, but it can also be the case that it’s not all positive. Here are some reasons to consider an energetic cleanse of your home:


I myself moved into my new home almost five years ago. It’s a home that’s almost 100 years old and a lot happened there. For instance, it got bombed during World War II. There was a lot of negative energy stuck in our house. I felt like it was very crowded.

Oftentimes, I woke up during the night and had the urge to move to the side of the bed, to make room for others. I felt a pressure whenever I was in the living room and my husband heard footsteps in our hallway. I know not everybody will relate to this story, but just because you can’t sense something, doesn’t mean it’s not there.

Stressful Times

If you just had a stressful time, or have been ill (in any form) it can be nice to give your house an energetic cleanse. Especially if the situation mainly took place there. This can also give you an immediate mental boost, because this can bring about a new period, where positivity predominates.

Restlessness and/or Tension

Even if you are not feeling well for a long time due to tension, if you sleep poorly and/or restlessly for a while, it is useful to give your home an energetic cleanse.

Negative energies that keep hanging around can throw you off balance and it’s so important to sleep well when you’re not feeling well. So an energetic cleanse can also really benefit your health.

Usher In A New Period

As a highly sensitive person, it can do you some good to consciously close an old period and enter a new one; this can have all kinds of reasons and you never have to justify why.

But an energetic cleanse can certainly help with this! It can help you to enter the new period full of positive energy, it can give you insights that you need at that moment and performing a cleansing ritual is also very meditative.

If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of a home cleanse, have a look at this video:

Tips For A Physical Home Cleanse

There are multiple ways to clean your home. I bet you already may have some routines set up, but if you really want to get the most out of this cleaning ritual, a deep clean can really do the trick for that “brand-new, fresh feeling”.

I have some tips for you to implement whenever you decide to go for that deep clean:

Cleaning Products

Keep in mind that everything has energy and that everything contributes to the life energy you can feel in your home. Cleaning products are no different.

Try to steer clear from products that are very chemical. Try to work with green products which are free of chemicals as much as you can. This is also a lot more durable and the earth will thank you as well!


We fill our homes with objects. Some we buy ourselves, some we receive from others. And as I said before: everything has energy. Therefore, we need to be thoughtful about what to keep in our home.

It’s important as a highly sensitive person to be aware what our stuff does to us. Therefore, while decluttering, ask yourself if that particular object contributes to your joy. If it does, keep it. If not, you might want to ask yourself if you need it to live your life well.

Some things don’t bring us joy, but are very convenient to keep around. Either way, both of those things send out positivity. Also, please don’t feel bad for getting rid of things. They just don’t serve you anymore. Donate them, so they get a new home instead.

If you’d like to read more about decluttering, have a look at the book ‘The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing’.


What I always suggest, is to make a plan beforehand. This enlarges the mindfulness and it helps you stay on track so you don’t forget anything. I always split my chores up in three sections: upstairs, downstairs and outside.

This helps me with preparing: I collect everything I need for those spaces and it also gives me room to breathe, because I know I don’t have to do a whole house at once. I can easily keep track where I left off and what I will be doing next.

Put on some nice tunes:What always helps me to get the positive vibes going, is to put on my favorite music when I’m going to physically clean my home. It boosts my mood which is really helpful to the energy that roams around in my home. And when you bust a little move too, it really makes the energy vibrate, in a good way!

Tips For An Energetic Cleanse

There are also multiple ways to do an energetic cleanse. I will share a couple of them with you today.

Cleansing With Salt

Salt is known for its ability to absorb negative energies. An easy way to use salt as a cleaner is to place bowls of sea salt in the corners of the room to be cleaned. You can also buy a salt candlestick, which you light a candle in and put it in the room.

Cleanse With White Sage

Another way is to cleanse your home by burning a dried, white sage bundle. Place it in a fireproof dish, possibly with a layer of sand. Light the bundle and blow it out. It’ll smolder and smoke will be coming off of it.

Walk from corner to corner along the walls, visualizing how you remove the negative energy. Always work towards an open window or door. Do know that the smell is very typical and will linger for a while.

Cleansing Through Visualization

Another good way to energetically cleanse your home is by using visualization. Use the power of thought and intention. Imagine all the energy released over time being sucked into a whirlwind which is being blown out of the home.

It helps to open a window before you do this visualization, so it can really help you visualize how it ‘flies’ out of your home.

Cleansing With Rock Crystal

If you have done any of the previous cleansing rituals, place a rock crystal in your home. Rock crystal is a neutral and pure gemstone that regulates, absorbs and returns pure energy in your home.

Because rock crystal works well to remove negative energy from the air, it is important that you clean it regularly. You can do this, for example, by placing the stone outside in the moonlight with a full moon.

Combining Physical And Energetic Home Cleansing

Now, to make the most of the physical cleaning and the energetic home cleanse, it’s important to combine the two together. The both of them will really enforce each other, giving you the best feeling there is to get! I found a few ways to do this, and they can be done when you start, during or after the cleaning and cleansing.

Activate New Energy

Also activate new and positive energy with your cleaning, by being grateful for the “closing” of the cold, cozy winter, if you choose to deep clean in the spring.

Receive the scent of spring with open arms, greet the warmth of the sun and exhale while feeling grateful for all that this new period will give you. You can of course also do this at another time in the year, but gratitude really goes a long way when you want to activate that positive energy in your home.

Set Intentions

What also can help with this cleansing, is to set an intention when you start your physical cleaning and energetic cleansing. A few examples of such an intention are:

  • Today I let pure energy flow again.
  • I scrub away energetic blockages.
  • I’m clearing the paths for new moments of happiness in this house.

Be free to come up with an intention that suits you, including wishes and dreams for the house and the people that live there.

Shower Afterwards

After you are done with the physical cleaning and the energetic cleansing you take a shower. Visualize how all negative thoughts, feelings and impressions that you carry with you, are removed by the water. Visualize them going down the drain and step out of the shower squeaky clean, fresh and with good vibrations.

After The Home Cleanse

If all went well, you’ll feel a positive change! Not only will you experience less stress because the dirt and clutter has been taken care off, the home itself will feel remarkably more spacious, clearer, airier, more pleasant and radiant.

Next to that, you’ll probably feel it in your body as well. Your energy level will probably be increased, you feel more cheerful, you’ll sleep better and overall things will run more smoothly. This will all provide so much for you as a highly sensitive person, I promise!

It’s important to live in a healthy environment, that feels safe and provides harmony amongst the people that live there. It’s important to be aware of the impact this negative energy can have on you.

A happy home that vibrates positive energy will benefit you and your loved ones and it will definitely allow more space for personal development and creativity.

Happy cleansing!

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