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Empaths may take on the energies from others. Therefore, it is crucial for empaths to practice visualization. In this guide, you’ll learn how!

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Do you feel like your life could change for the better? Is your energy often depleted? Do you struggle with feeling grounded? Been there, done that!

As an empath, I often found myself feeling imbalanced and burned out. Oftentimes, I would not know why I just couldn’t keep up with the rest. They made life seem so effortless.

I, on the other hand, seemed to struggle to simply exist and get through the day. Can you relate to this feeling?

After discovering 7 years ago that I am an empath and highly sensitive person, I finally understood why energy management is extra important for my well-being. Hence, I started looking for powerful methods to take better care of myself.

In my search for proper self care methods for empaths, I came across the term ‘visualization’. This is one of the most empowering tools I as an empath use in my daily self care routine.

Empaths who use visualization seem to thrive more in life and overall feel more balanced. Therefore, I put everything you need to know to get started with visualization into this extensive visualization guide.

This guide will help you as an empath to manage your energy more efficiently, protect your energy from negative people and create more balance and happiness in your life through the art of visualization.

After discovering what visualization is, how it works and what the benefits of visualization are, we’ll discover some visualization exercises for empaths. Also, you will learn how to create the right setting for your visualization practice.

Frequently Asked Questions About Visualization For Empaths

Before we dive into various visualization methods for empaths, let’s have a look at some frequently asked questions about visualization.

What is visualization?

Visualization is the ‘formation of mental visual images‘. This entails that you focus your thoughts on the outcome of a specific ideal situation. With all your attention, you focus your thoughts on what that situation would look and feel like. If performed properly, you can shift your energy in the present moment to the energy of that ideal situation. Consequently, this energy vibration helps you to attract outcomes that help you reach this ideal outcome more effortlessly.

An image of the term visualization for empaths.

Why is visualization a powerful tool for empaths and highly sensitive people?

Empaths and highly sensitive people benefit greatly from visualization because of multiple reasons. For instance, due to their ability to feel deeply, empaths and HSP’s can easily shift their energy towards the desired outcome. With this ability, they can manifest a better reality, clear energetic boundaries and improve their relationships. Overall, practicing daily visualization helps empaths and highly sensitive people to create a happier, more fulfilled life.

How does visualization work?

Visualization is a simple, yet powerful method that you easily can apply in your daily self care routine. So, how does it work? Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and focus your attention on your desired outcome. Think about what you would like to achieve. Is it a better relationship with your partner? Or perhaps you’d like a promotion at your job? Envision what your desired outcome would look like. Describe it as detailed as possible.

Once you managed to do that, try to imagine how it would feel to live that desired outcome? While visualizing, try to think of the sensory aspects of that experience as well. Are there certain things you can see within that desired outcome? Are there flavors that you can associate with the situation? The more you visualize, the more powerful the visualization practice will become.

How does visualization work? In this image, a woman is holding a mirror in front of her face, perfectly visualizing what visualization may look like.

Can visualization change your life?

Visualization can change the lives of empaths in many positive ways. For instance, it may help you to reduce stress, as you shift your intention towards your desired outcome instead of worries and anxious thoughts in the here and now. Also, it may help you to become more focused when setting goals to reach that desired outcome. From the right energy, the best insights to achieve your desired outcome will enter your life. Finally, empaths effectively protect and manage their energy when they implement visualization in their daily routine.

11 Powerful Visualization Exercises For Empaths

Now that you’ve learned more about the power of visualization for empaths, it is time to start practicing visualization. Discover 11 powerful visualization exercises that may transform your life and energy on so many levels.

#1 Roots Visualization For Empaths

The first visualization exercise that I am a big fan of, is the ‘Roots’ visualization. Grounding is an important aspect of thriving as an empath and this exercise helps you to feel more grounded as an empath. Here’s a step by step instruction:

On the image, there is a tree with its roots. This perfection visualizes the roots visualization for empaths.
Photo credits: Felix Mittermeier
  1. Stand on the ground (preferably outside in the grass or on a grounding mat with bare feet).
  2. Close your eyes and take a couple of deep breaths to relax.
  3. Visualize your body from top to toe.
  4. Now, imagine that you are a tree and that there are roots attached to your feet, that go deep into the ground.
  5. Envision how these roots grow deeper and deeper into Mother Earth.
  6. Then, envision how these roots connect to the core of the earth.
  7. Once your roots reached the center of the Earth, visualize how negative energies within you (fears, energies from others, worries) are transported through your root to this core. Visualize how you gently release these energies into this core, so that Mother Earth can recycle that energy and transform it into something positive.
  8. Once you removed all negative energies, envision how you pull up positive energy from this core into your body. Envision this for as long as you need.
  9. When you are ready, imagine how your roots ‘return’ to your feet along with all the positive energy in them.
  10. Take a few more deep breaths and thank the Earth for this recharging energy, before you resume your day.

#2 Light Dome Visualization For Empath Protection

Another powerful visualization I use daily, is the light dome visualization for empaths. This visualization is perfect when you want to protect your energy as an empath. Here’s how it works:

On the image, there is an illustration of a woman visualizing how a dome is surrounding her.
  1. Sit down on the ground, a yoga mat or on a chair, bed or sofa.
  2. Close your eyes and take a few deep, relaxed breaths.
  3. Now, visualize a bright, white light. This light is filled with positive energy and love, warmth and protection.
  4. Visualize how this light enters through your crown chakra (at the top of your head). Envision how it travels through your 7 chakras, down to the root chakra.
  5. Feel how this white light cleanses your chakras and recharges your energy. Feel its warmth in your body.
  6. Once the light reached your root chakra and you are ready, visualize how the white light is expanding from your body in the form of a dome.
  7. Envision how it forms a dome around your body. ‘Build’ the dome as large as you’d like. Envision how this dome is filled with the white light.
  8. Once your dome is big enough, envision how the white light strengthens the ‘walls’ of the dome. Only love and positive energy can enter this dome. Negative energy will bounce right off back to its sender.
  9. Finally, take a few more deep breaths and carry on with your daily activities, knowing that your energetic dome is protecting your energy.

#3 Shower Visualization For Empaths

Did you have a rough day? Do you feel like you took on the energies from others? Time to cleanse that energy with this shower visualization for empaths. This is how you do it:

  1. Once you are in your shower, turn on the water to a comfortable temperature.
  2. Take a few deep breaths in and out, until you feel more relaxed.
  3. Feel how the water enters the surface of your body and streams down until it reaches the drain. Be mindful about this feeling.
  4. Then, envision how the negative energies of your body attach itself to the water that is streaming down your body.
  5. Allow the water to take this negative energy with it down the drain, so that it ultimately can be recycled by Mother Earth.
  6. Envision the negative energies one by one and gently let the water remove all these energies from your body.
  7. Once you are done, visualize how the pure water puts a protective layer around you. This way, future negative energies bounce off this layer more easily and have no chance to enter your system.
  8. Finally, if you’d like to, revive your energy with some cold water. You will feel new and refreshed afterwards.

#4 Return To Sender Visualization

Another powerful visualization exercise for empaths is to return energies to its sender. I oftentimes do this exercise before going to bed, so that I am able to sleep more peacefully. Here’s how it works:

  1. Lay down in bed and close your eyes.
  2. Take a few deep breaths until you feel relax.
  3. Then, reflect on your day (and past). Which people did you encounter recently? Are some of their energies stored in your body? Try to identify the different energies.
  4. Oftentimes, you will feel the place in your body where this energy is stored. Most likely, the spot feels more tense than other spots in your body.
  5. Once you managed to feel the specific locations of the energies that do not belong to you, address them one by one.
  6. Imagine how each energy that attached itself to you is a plant that attached its roots to your energy centers.
  7. Now, envision how you gently pull the plant and its roots out of your system. If it helps, you may even use your hands while doing so. I find it to be extra powerful.
  8. Once you ‘hold’ the energy of the other person in your hand, gently return it to its owner. (You may resist doing this, but it is necessary to return this energy to its owner in order for them to truly heal. They are responsible for transforming this energy into something more positive themselves.)
  9. Once you are done ‘weeding out’ the energy that isn’t yours, take a few more deep breaths before going to sleep or resuming your day.

#5 Visualization To Return Energy Immediately

As an empath, you sometimes meet people who immediately attach their energies to your energy field. You will notice their (oftentimes negative) energy in your body as soon as you connect with them. Oftentimes, this energy is very intense. Therefore, you do not want to carry it around with you for too long. Hence, give this visualization a try in those situations:

  1. Once you are about to say good-bye to that person, take a few deep breaths.
  2. If you have bodily contact with this person (through a handshake or a hug), imagine how you transfer their negative energy back to them through this bodily contact.
  3. When there is no bodily contact, envision how an invisible cord connects the two of you and send the negative energy back to its sender through this cord.
  4. If you emphasize with this person, ask your spirit guides to send positive and healing energy to that person through you. Not from your own energy center, but through your energy center by pulling recharging energy from the earth core.
  5. Once you leave the social interaction, make sure to visualize cutting the cord immediately.

#6 Visualization For Creating Energetic Boundaries Inside Your Body

Sometimes, you may want to feel the negative energies of others in order to be able to emphasize with them and utilize your gifts. Oftentimes, this is the case when you are working with people or need to help a good friend or acquaintance with your empathic gifts. If that is the case, you will enjoy this visualization exercise for empaths. As energy from others oftentimes enters your body through your hands, you can set a healthy boundary there. Here’s how:

  1. Take a firm grip around your left wrist. You may want to push a little harder, so you truly feel that grip around your wrist.
  2. Then, repeat the following words to yourself (inside you or out loud): “Negative energy is only allowed to enter my system until this boundary”.
  3. Repeat this on the other hand.
  4. After doing this exercise, you may notice that your hands start to tingle when being around certain people. This is the negative energy that is stored in those areas.
  5. If you want to clear that energy, simply wash your hands while visualizing how that negative energy is returned to the core of the earth to be recycled.

#7 Anchor Your Energy To The Ground

Similarly to the roots visualization, this empath visualization helps you remain grounded. Here’s how it works:

  1. Stand on the ground (preferably outside or on a grounding mat).
  2. Take a few deep, relaxing breaths.
  3. Envision how there is a cord running through your entire energy system (from the crown chakra down to the root chakra and your feet).
  4. Envision an anchor at the end of this cord.
  5. Now, visualize how this anchor is being placed deeply in the ground, ensuring that your energy always is connected to the earth core and its healing energy.
  6. Throughout the day, try to be aware of how you are energetically connected to earth through this core. It draws up energy that you need throughout the day to fulfill your purpose (and eventually help others). At the end of the day, this core fills up your own energy supply, so that you feel recharged and balanced.

#8 Visualization Before Starting Your Work Day

As empaths deeply care about what they do and how they function at work, we often have a tendency to get carried away in fearful and stressed energies. Therefore, it is important to implement visualization before starting your work day. Here’s a powerful visualization method.

  1. Sit down on the ground or on a grounding mat.
  2. Take a few deep breaths to feel more relaxed.
  3. Then envision how you’d like your work day to look like. Be clear about the details of your day. Envision what type of tasks you’d like to work on and how that would make you feel. Envision the outcomes of performing those tasks.
  4. How does this visualization make you feel? Try to feel the energy of your desired work day in your body.
  5. Once you connected to this feeling, take this feeling with you throughout the day and try to return to it whenever you notice that you are feeling stressed or worried.

#9 Glass Wall Visualization

Another incredibly powerful visualization when meeting other people, is to visualize a glass wall. Here’s how it works:

  1. Imagine a glass wall between you and the person you are talking to.
  2. Observe the emotions of the other person through the glass, but envision how the energies attached to these emotions bounce back to the person emitting them.

This is a wonderful technique to use when working with people or when you are in large crowds. If you combine it with visualizations such as the dome visualization, this helps you to protect your energy as an empath.

#10 Magnet Visualization

This visualization is incredibly powerful when you want to manifest better things in your life. Here’s a step by step guide:

  1. Sit down in a calm space, preferably outside or on a grounding mat with your bare feet touching the ground.
  2. Take a few deep breaths in and out to feel calm and relaxed.
  3. Now, visualize what you’d like to attract. Be as clear as possible.
  4. Try to feel what it would feel like to have what you want to attract.
  5. Once you managed to get into the right energy, imagine how your aura is functioning as a magnet.
  6. Now, imagine how everything you desire is pulled towards that magnet and into your aura.
  7. Imagine how all the positive energy from that magnet is internalized in your body and presence.
  8. Speak out the intention to keep the magnetic field around you and believe that it will attract everything you desire.
  9. Whenever you notice that your magnetic field is weakening (feeling fear, worrying or overthinking), return to this visualization exercise and visualize the energy and feeling you’d like to attract).

#11 Water Visualization for Empaths

We drink water every day. Therefore, it can be a powerful tool to help you in your visualization practice. Here’s how:

  1. Pour yourself a glass of water.
  2. Speak out the intention of what you’d like the water to do for you besides hydrating you. For instance, you might say ‘I want this water to clean my energy from the inside and remove energies that do not serve me’.
  3. Then, drink the water mindfully and feel it flow through your body, cleansing your energy slowly throughout the day.
  4. If you’d like to, you can charge your water during a full moon or new moon before drinking it.

How To Create The Right Setting For Visualization

Now that you discovered all these wonderful visualization practices, it is time to get started with visualizing.

Time needed: 10 minutes

Here are effective ways to create the right setting for your visualization practice.

  1. Find a calm space

    Especially when you do visualization exercises that involve grounding, it is wise to pick a space that is calm and peaceful. For instance, if you choose a spot outside in your garden, make sure to pick a spot where your neighbors can’t see you. This way, you won’t feel like you are being watched while grounding and can do your visualization practice peacefully. Also, you may want to move your visualization practice to the forest or beach. These places carry calm energies that support you to truly tune into your visualization.

  2. Find the right visualization tools

    For your visualization practice, you might treat yourself to a couple of helpful visualization tools. For instance, you may want to consider purchasing a yoga mat to sit on comfortably while doing your practice. Also you may consider purchasing a grounding mat. Especially during the colder months, it is nice to still be able to connect to the calming energy of the earth. Grounding mats allow you to do that. Finally, you may want to consider buying a journal to reflect on your visualizations. This way, your visualization practice can become more powerful.

  3. Set an intention

    Before starting your visualization practice, set a clear intention on what you’d like to get out of it. This way, you are more focused during your visualization practice. For instance, you may set the intention that you’d like to clear your energy. Or you may want to protect your energy field. Become clear about what you desire and write it down in your visualization journal.

  4. Take your time

    When you want to visualize your ideal situation, try to pick a moment throughout the day where you don’t feel rushed. This way, you can take all the time you need to get into the right energy.

  5. End your practice with gratitude

    After finishing your visualization practice, finish it with feeling grateful. Be grateful for the practice itself, the new energies within your body and everything that is yet to come your way in the future.

Which Methods Are You Going To Try?

Now that you have discovered this ultimate guide to visualization, it is time to start visualizing! Which method are you going to try first? Are there any other visualization techniques not mentioned here that you find useful?

And if you found this article to be useful, we’d really appreciate it if you share it with your empathic friends and communities! ⬇️

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