The Symbol for the Highly Sensitive Person

Discover the unique story behind the creation of the ‘Highly Sensitive Person Symbol’ and its meaning.


Once upon a time, there was a woman called Anne-Kathrin Walter. After 22 years of struggling with her sensitivity, she discovered that she in fact is a highly sensitive person.


For the first time in her life, Anne-Kathrin felt peace and self-love from within. There wasn’t anything wrong with her after all and there were more people like her out there!


She wanted to celebrate her trait, as she finally found her people and was able to embrace her trait. But how? What could serve as a reminder to embrace her sensitivity every single day?


After thinking about it for a while, she found the perfect way to express her new-found self-love; a tattoo! In her search for an official symbol for the highly sensitive person, she could not find any.


Therefore, she decided to draw one herself. Anne-Kathrin grabbed her notebook and a pencil and began drawing. After multiple versions, she created a simple, yet powerful symbol for the highly sensitive person.


Feeling happy with the end result, Anne-Kathrin shared the symbol in a community for highly sensitive people. The positive response was overwhelmingly beautiful. People were touched by the symbol and its meaning.


At this point, Anne-Kathrin realized that the symbol carried the power to connect highly sensitive people worldwide. To help them feel proud of their trait. To spread awareness about highly sensitive people and their gifts.


This unique design enlightened a spark within her. A strong desire to do more for the HSP community. Together with her partner Riny, she sat down to think of ways to spread more awareness and knowledge about the trait. HiSensitives was born!

The Meaning Of The HSP Symbol

Curious what the HSP symbol stands for? Below, Anne-Kathrin explains the idea behind the design.

Highly sensitive person symbol

The letters H, S & P

“When I began designing the symbol, I initially desired to include the letters H, S, & P – which stand for ‘highly sensitive person’. If you look carefully, you can see how all the letters are incorporated in the design.”

Photo credits: Sarah Wolfe

The tiny dot

“While designing, I wanted to symbolize how the trait is a part of me that I want to embrace. A trait that I am proud of. Therefore, I added a little dot at the bottom of the P. It serves as an exclamation mark… Here I am!!! And if you turn it around, it visualizes the ‘I’ as in part of my identity.”

Photo credits: Tabitha turner


“While I initially designed the symbol for myself as a visualization of acceptation of and identification with the trait, it turned out to be so much more than that. Now it serves as a symbol for a community to connect with each other. To feel empowered. To embrace their unique gifts. That is also one of the reasons why we implemented the symbol on our website – to help highly sensitive people with findinding likeminded souls through us.”

“Be as unique as a snowflake. Embrace all your dimensions.”

– Viola Shipman

HSP Symbol Shop

Upon request by many of you, we have initiated a unique HSP symbol shop, where you can discover different items with the HSP symbol on them. We donate 5% of all our profit to the organization One Tree Planted. Discover our unique items for highly sensitive people below.

Tote bag

Looking for a simple way to express your love for the HSP trait? We created this minimalistic tote bag design. Purchase it for yourself or gift it to one of your highly sensitive friends!


For the coffee- and tea lovers out there, we’ve created an HSP symbol mug. Express your pride for your HSP trait every day whilst taking a sip of your favorite beverage.

Frequently asked questions about the highly sensitive person symbol

Can I use the symbol for personal purposes?

If you’d like to use the symbol for personal purposes – like getting it tattoed or using it in your private artwork – feel free to use it without our permission. We encourage you to send us pictures of your creations and are happy to share them on our social media channels!

Can I use the HSP symbol for commercial purposes?

If you’d like to use the symbol commercially, please contact us at contact@hisensitives.comΒ to discuss a potential collaboration. We love to work together with creative businesses. Using the symbol commercially without our written permission is prohibited.

When was the HSP symbol created?

The HSP symbol was created in June 2018 by Anne-Kathrin Walter.

Discover artwork created with the HSP symbol by community members:

HSP artwork by @krinchen_stickt

@Krinchen_stickt incorporated the HSP symbol in this beautiful cross stitch art work!

HSP artwork by Kerstin Walter

Anne-Kathrin’s mom created this beautiful painting with the symbol in order to show her support. What a beautiful gift!

Anne-Kathrin Walter's HSP tattoo

Ad from Rising Sun tattoo in Roosendaal created this unique interpretation of the HSP symbol for Anne-Kathrin.

Woertermaedchen's tattoo right above her heart

@Woertermaedchen got a beautiful tattoo of the HSP symbol right above her heart. We love it!

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