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Do you find yourself in an endless spiral of feeling drained and empty? Time to check in on yourself and rediscover your passion! Here’s how you can do it!

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Let me share an experience of mine first. So a couple of months back, I was busy. Super-busy. My schedule was filled up from morning till evening, five days a week. While I felt grateful for being busy, I somehow still didn’t feel fulfilled.

How come? I had consciously chosen to schedule all those appointments. Nobody forced me to take on certain tasks. All the way, I was in charge. However, those choices weren’t intuitive.

They came from a point of fear. From a point of being afraid to tell someone no. From anxiety of the unknown. I let fear take over and the result was a feeling of emptiness and dissatisfaction.

All day long, I kept telling myself; once I have this task finished, I’ll get started on pursuing my dreams. Then another task came along, which I felt I couldn’t say no to and my dreams were pushed further down on my priority list.

It was time to make a change. If you can relate to everything I’ve just been sharing with you, this might mean the same for you. It might be time for you to make a change. 

The 5 Steps Towards Rediscovering Your Passion

So what did I do to break out of this vicious cycle? And what can you do to break out of yours and rediscover your passion? Let me share my favorite tips:

1. Confront Your Demons

Before you realize that change is needed, confrontation happens. Something or someone confronts you with the fact that you need to change certain aspects in your life. For me, that confrontation came from my very own body. 

While my body felt super-exhausted and I experienced this incredible urge to take a 5 week-break, my mind kept telling me to keep going. I was unstoppable, at least so I thought. 

However, there came a point where I was sitting down outside in my garden and I started tearing up, without knowing why. At that point, I realized that this was the first time in months where I sat down and did absolutely nothing. I simply sat there and watched the sunset. 

Me tearing up during what was supposed to be a calm and relaxing moment, was a signal from my body. I had to take a break. I was overwhelmed. My body and mind needed to recover from the months of neglect of my own needs. 

That was the confronting moment that woke me up. Which made me realize that I had to turn the wheel and head in a different direction.

So I ask you to ask yourself; are there signs in your body and mind, that tell you it is time to slow down? Signals that ask you to reconnect with your intuition and do more of what gives you energy and joy? Signs that tell you to rediscover your passion?

Dare to confront yourself and take a step back. Slow down and reflect. Confrontation is the first step towards change.

2. Identify Your Energy Leaks

Once you have come to the realization that you need to change and rediscover your passion, it is time to identify your energy leaks.

Have a look at your past couple of months. What activities did you do? Which activities gave you energy and which tasks caused you to feel frustrated, empty and drained?

On the image there is a man holding his hands in front of his face like he is worrying. This image visualizes how you feel when it is time to rediscover your passion.

Try to make a list of activities that drained you and those that filled you with joy. Then reflect upon these insights. 

When I did this exercise, I understood quickly that I did too little of what sparks joy within me. Especially for highly sensitive people, it is crucial to feel a certain sense of purpose while working. A higher purpose in life that guides them through everything they do.

When I looked at the things I did in the past months, I asked myself: Would I enjoy doing more of this in the future? 

Once you ask yourself if something sparks joy within you and if you’d like to do more of a specific activity in the months to come, you become more conscious of the choices you make for your future. This helps you greatly in order to rediscover your passion.

3. Reconnect With Yourself

Now that you have visualized your energy leaks and energy boosters, it is important to let that information sink in for a little while, before you get into action. 

In this calm phase, you spend time reconnecting with your intuition and creativity. Perhaps, you have been going on at such a fast pace, that your intuition and creativity have been neglected for months.

At least for me this was the case. When I first felt that I touched ground again, I was so out of tune with my intuition and creative side, that I needed to spend a whole week reconnecting with it!

Ellen Gilbert provides some wonderful tips on how to reconnect with your intuition in her blog. She stated that creating a safe environment, practicing self-care and self-compassion and confronting your inner critics are crucial in order to rediscover your intuition.

When I first started the search for my intuition, I filled my week with activities that ‘feed’ my soul. I read books, I took long baths, I downloaded a wonderful affirmation app called ‘Affirm it’, I meditated and I tried to listen intuitively without judgement to what my body and mind needed at that moment. 

Also, I looked at my recurring thought patterns and how they affect my mood. It felt truly amazing to be able to do some soul searching without the pressure to move ahead straight away. It did wonders for my soul and I finally felt grounded and more calm.

For me, this phase took about a week, before I felt the urge to start rediscovering my passion. However, this is an individual process which for some people can take days, weeks or even months before being able to move onto the next phase.

4. Focus On Your Energy Boosters

Have you done enough thinking and do you feel ready to finally rediscover your passion? Time to get creative and have a good look at your energy boosters!

Take a look at the list you made earlier and have a closer look at your energy boosters. Write down all your energy boosters on a big piece of paper and create a mindmap. 

A mind map is a map of thoughts, where you create a spider web of ideas. You start with the initial thought and jot down everything that enters your mind. Try to write down activities related to your passion that spark joy within you and make you feel motivated.

When I did this exercise, I wrote down HiSensitives in the middle. Around that, I wrote down all activities for HiSensitives that give me energy and help me to pursue our purpose with the brand.

Once I was finished, I had a clear vision board of what activities to do more of in order to feel full of energy again. 

Once you have finished your mind map, you will be able to see things more clearly and know what to prioritize in the future.

If you are unsure on how to create a mind map, here is a video that helps you on the way:

5. Restructure Your Agenda

Now that you know where to put your energy, consciously restructure your agenda. It is important to make time for the things that you love without feelings of pressure or guilt. 

Of course, all of us sometimes have to do things we don’t love, but that doesn’t mean that they should take up all of our time. Once you consciously decide to set aside time for your passion project, you will feel more motivated throughout the rest of the week.

The moment I decided that it is okay to spend time on my passion project HiSensitives, without putting too much pressure on the business aspects of it, I felt an incredible sense of relief. Finally I reconnected with the passion and purpose behind the project, which initially made me start HiSensitives together with my fiance Riny. 

Additionally, I felt so connected to my creativity and intuition. Taking away the pressure and feelings of guilt helped me to finally feel passionate again.

You will see that once you consciously make time for your passion without feelings of guilt, you will feel more connected to your intuition and creativity again, too. 

Good Luck On Your Journey Towards Rediscovering Your Passion!

Are you ready to feel passionate and connected to your intuition again? Try the tips above and I am sure that you will feel full of joy again very soon. 

If you haven’t managed yet to discover your passion, you might want to read this blog, which explains how to discover your purpose in life.

Good luck on your journey towards a more passionate and fulfilled life!

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