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Are you a highly sensitive person looking for tips to choose the right career? In this article, Simone Green shares 5 career hacks on how to find the perfect profession as an HSP.

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To a highly sensitive person, choosing one’s perfect career or profession may seem close to impossible. How do you know which one is the best for you or your needs? What if there are other options available where you may be happier? Where will you go if nothing works out? And how to avoid all the work overwhelm and stress?

Although there is no way to tell the future, you can prepare for whatever comes next to the best of your ability. Learn more about yourself with this guide to help you choose the right career as a highly sensitive person. 

Career Hack #1: Determine What You As A Highly Sensitive Person Are Capable Of

To consider your personal limitations and needs is possibly the most important thing you can do. What is it you are able to do long-term in a profession? What can you simply not commit to? Some aspects of the profession in consideration may act against your mental state as a highly sensitive person.

This contemplation goes past simple self-reflection. You must be able to evaluate yourself in reference to the lifestyle you are considering. Maybe, your highly sensitive person does not work well under the typical work week. For example, sitting at a desk for hours on end or working for five days in a row with no day off. 

Everyone will have to compare their own personal situations. Not everyone’s career path is what is right for their mental health and stability. Now more than ever you must truly ask yourself about the life you want and the life you need.

For most highly sensitive people, having frequent breaks is highly recommended. Perhaps, a stay-at-home or remote job to be in a stress-free environment as well. Think about all the ways you may be overwhelmed and how you can either avoid or overcome them. 

Career Hack #2: Combine Passion With Work

We all have habits that act as an outlet for each of us, whether creative or cathartic. One of these habits could even be treated as a passion of sorts. What is it that you like to do in your free time? Do careers already exist for those passions? 

For example, if you like creating art including painting, and sketching, then you can be more than just an artist. You can be a digital marketing curator where you create logos for new companies. There is also the option to sell your personal art online as stickers or wall art as an entrepreneur. 

Try to use your passions to consider the best careers for you as a highly sensitive person. The idea is to span the search for a profession past the traditional career options if they so happen to fail you. Try to keep in mind that finding your correct career path is not often a “one and done” situation. Despite working towards a medical profession, it may not be in your best interest and that’s okay.

You wouldn’t want to work doing something that mentally or physically exhausts you. Most people think that we get “stuck” with our jobs for life and there isn’t any way to avoid it being that we need to make money for our livelihood. But this is not always the case. With enough effort and determination, you can transform your career to cater to the highly sensitive in you.


Career Hack #3: Eliminate What Isn’t Working For You As A Highly Sensitive Person

Perhaps you are already in a profession that feels long-term, however, you are not happy. This is very common among highly sensitive people who aren’t where they want to be in their careers. For more self-reflection, ask yourself what you don’t particularly like about what you are doing in your career right now.

This tip plays off of the last one with the main idea being self-awareness. Now you know what your needs are and how far you are willing to go for your profession. This step is about whether you should change things in your current job to be better, or completely switch career paths. However, the highly sensitive person might not want a drastic switch up in careers. 

Sometimes it may be as simple as changing departments in your job or asking for more or fewer responsibilities. If it is the long hours, ask your boss for less. Let’s say the problem is your boss then you can become your own. Although it isn’t easy to start a business on a whim, you may not have to. 

For the highly sensitive, starting a new business venture can be a daunting and overall stressful situation. Notably, a career path to think about can be freelancing from random side hustles to becoming a personal assistant. You are your own boss and create your own schedules but don’t have to be a business owner per se. 

Career Hack #4: Try Changing Perspectives

You may feel like you’re stuck in this current job of yours. For some reason, this profession doesn’t satisfy or suit you. As a highly sensitive person, you should accept that these feelings are okay. But your emotions don’t necessarily define you or the career itself.

Managers may not be the nicest or most understanding of people, but everyone has their share of hardships. Convincing yourself you hate the job you have will only perpetuate a mindset of extremity. You may feel like if everything is not 100% perfect, you have to look for a new job.

Unfortunately, this way of thinking is not healthy and may keep you from many opportunities. Highly sensitive people should make themselves a priority and try their best not to sacrifice their mental health for any job. 

Would you say that you are actively keeping yourself from professions that might require more of you? It’s normal to fear failure, but in order to find the right career as a highly sensitive person, you sometimes have to try the things you fear most. 

Career Hack #5: Release The Pressure As A Highly Sensitive Person 

Carrying the weight of the world is no easy feat, and highly sensitive people shouldn’t expect themselves to succeed in this matter. Essentially when looking for the right career, we should release the pressure of finding the best one. 

There will be multiple opportunities for you to make any career the right one for you. Get rid of the limited idea that there is only one perfect career for you. You have the ability to create whatever life you want for yourself. Of course, there are obstacles, but the only way to overcome them is with a clear head free of negative energy. 

Some may say we will never truly know what is best for us because there will always be a better opportunity, a better career waiting for you. With these tips, you will not have to hate your job or change to meet your boss’ standards. Be more mindful of your needs and have an accurate goal in mind. Then, you can easily choose the right profession as a highly sensitive person.

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