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It is tough being a HSP in this fast-moving, loud society. This article showcases 5 apps that help you to improve your health!

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Why It Is Important To Improve Your Health

If there is something that I have learned since I knew that I am a highly sensitive person, it is that it is important to always improve your health and personal development. Those two often go hand-in-hand. There were times when I was exhausted from everything and everyone around me and it felt like life became too much to handle. Those were the times when I neglected my mental and physical health. Do you have the same feeling right now? Then it is time to improve your health!

Getting out of this feeling of exhaustion and negativity is tough, but I learned that there are certain self-help tools available that can support you in the process. These tools have helped me to grow, become happier, more goal-oriented and more self-loving. I believe that taking care of yourself is just as important as taking care of others, and the apps below remind you of doing just that!

The 5 Apps Each Highly Sensitive Person Should Know About

5. Grateful: A Gratitude Journal

According to this article on Greater Good Magazine, gratitude causes a mental shift away from negative and toxic emotions such as resentment and envy. Harvard Health Publishing mentioned that gratitude is associated with greater happiness. It can help you with feeling more positive, to have more good experiences, to improve your health, to cope with hard times in life and to develop strong relationships. Hence, it is a wonderful technique to improve your health.

I can confirm the above-mentioned effects with my own experiences. When I started writing down my gratitude on a regular basis, I soon started to notice a shift in my mental health. I began to feel more positive, cheerful and was able to cope much better with situations that normally would have annoyed me. 

One app that I have been using when I started writing gratitude, was Gratitude365. However, recently I have discovered a more extensive app, called Grateful! It caught my attention because of its new and modern design. However, when I installed the app to check it out, I figured out that it is much more than just beautiful.

The app is ideal for beginners, as it asks you questions that support you in developing gratitude. In addition, you can add photos to each entry, making it even more personal. The free version enables you to write down 15 entries. If you feel that this isn’t enough, you can upgrade to premium with a one-time purchase. I would definitely recommend this app. Sadly, it only is available in the app-store for those who own an iPhone or iPad. 

This video describes the multiple benefits of expressing gratitude:

4. Remente

Remente is a goal setting app that helps you to reach your goals. According to a Harvard study, setting goals increases motivation and achievement. Also, this study found that those who document their goals on paper, are more likely to succeed in reaching their goals than those without clearly defined goals. In the end, achieving goals might result in a feeling of mastery, and accordingly you might feel happier. More happiness is certainly useful to improve your health, right?

The app Remente claims that it helps you to understand where in life you should focus and helps you to set goals. In addition, it teaches you ways to feel good, be more productive and motivated.

When I installed the app, I was wowed how nice the design is. After the registration, you are asked to indicate how happy you are with each aspect of your life. Then, you select the aspects in your life that you want to focus more on. Based upon your answers, you get recommendations for goal setting. 

The nice thing about this app is that it is developed by experts. It provides you with nice courses and tools to reach your goals. Also, you receive insightful overviews of your progress. 

The app is free to install and offers premium features to its users for a small price. It is available in the app-store as well as the google play-store. In the video below, you can see an introduction of the app:

3. Fabulous

Fabulous lives up to its name! It is an app that helps you to develop new and healthy rituals in life. It is a science-based app, which helps you to reset your habits, transform your life and to rewire your brain.

I have been using this app for a while as well, and I really liked that it encouraged you to do even small things such as drinking enough water or to clean your living space. The nice thing about the app is that you are in charge of which rituals you want to implement in your life. In addition, the design of the app is modern and motivating. Therefore, I highly recommend to use it to improve your health!

The app can be found both in the Google Play Store and the App Store. It offers premium functions for those who want to get the most out of the app, but it is also a nice app for those who would rather not want to upgrade to premium. In this video, you get an impression of what the app looks like:

2. Daylio

If you want to start journalingDaylio might be what you are looking for. This journal app is for those who do not have much time, but still want to keep track of their mood and feelings. 

In two steps, you can create an entry in your journal. You pick the mood and activities that you have been doing that day, and you can also write down notes under each entry. If you do this for a while, the app helps you to understand your habits better by means of insightful charts and statistics. When you improve your health, it is useful to have those insights!

It is both available for Android users and iPhone users. Also, this app offers premium-functions to those who want to get more out of the app. Check out the video below to discover the various features of the app:

1. Calm

I love the app ‘Calm’, and so do many others! The app offers meditations, helps you to get a more restful sleep, provides you with life changing lessons from experts and offers relaxing music. 

Since I started using the app, I have become more positive, calm and balanced as a person. The app is a true enrichment to my life and I speak fondly of it to everyone who is interested in personal development.

The meditation-aspect offers hundreds of meditations upon areas as for example forgiveness, self-care and calming anxiety. In the sleep-section, you can listen to nice sleep-stories and meditations, that enrich your quality of sleep. The music aspect provides you with relaxing music. And finally, the app offers many wisdoms that might help you in your personal development.

I used to struggle with much anxiety and stress, but since I use Calm, I have managed to deal with these challenges much better. It is no surprise that this app has received Apple’s ‘App of the year award 2017’. Thousands of people love this app, and I am sure that you will too! Of all the apps out there to improve your health, I cannot emphasize enough how useful this app will be for you!

In the video below, the app is introduced:

Maintenance Is The Key To Happiness

So, are you ready to improve your health? One important thing that I have learned, is that you should not stop using these apps as soon as you feel better. Just like a car that needs maintenance, your body needs to be taken proper care of on a regular basis. If you don’t do that, you might recognize a yoyo effect, where your life feels like a roller coaster between being sad/depressed and feeling happy/stable. 

Using these apps regularly might help you to maintain your happiness and balance all year around. I know it worked for me, so I am sure that it might work for many of you as well! So, dive into these apps and see if it is something for you.

Do you know any other apps that you recommend highly sensitive people to check out?

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