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Looking for guided meditations that help you as an empath with grounding? Try these 5 powerful guided meditations!

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Empaths tend to be very sensitive towards the emotions and feelings of others around them. As a result, anxiety may arise from being overwhelmed by your surroundings or the environment you find yourself in.

These selected guided meditations for grounding Empaths are each no more than 10-15 minutes long and are 100% free. Therefore, find the time in your day to ground yourself, cleanse the mind, and release the negative energy that might be affecting you as an Empath. 

#1 The Daily Breath with Deepak Chopra

This guided meditation podcast is one of the favorites that we listen to on an almost daily basis. Deepak Chopra hosts an eight to ten-minute show where he effectively guides the listener towards releasing negative energy. 

Empaths that choose to listen to this particular podcast will find at least one show that will help with their specific needs. For instance, one is named Total Meditation and focuses on bringing forth positivity. The series called the Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire encourages you to work mindfully towards your goals.

Find comfort in the best series on the Daily Breath for Empaths called the Secrets of the Self. Deepak will help you discover the causes of your suffering by elevating your awareness and then become more connected with the real you.

If you would like a guided meditation to ground the Empath in you, check out the Daily Breath for free wherever you listen to podcasts. For instance, Spotify and Apple podcasts are the most popular platforms. However, don’t be afraid to keep searching for a chance at achieving inner peace. 

#2 Daily Meditation Podcast by Declutter The Mind

Become more mindful in under six minutes being the shortest meditation in this list of recommended. For instance, if you would like a quick session of relaxation and become more grounded and mindful, then this is the podcast for you.

Most of these episodes begin with relaxing the positioning of the body and practice of deep breathing techniques. Moreover, there is no noise in the background of the host’s speech, and the host mindfully speaks in a comforting and simple manner. 

Empaths will find many episodes that will decrease anxiety, uneasiness, and despair. Episodes from Declutter The Mind are also useful for Empaths as they are focused on attracting positive energy and hope.

There are longer episodes ranging toward the twenty-minute mark if you find yourself with more time on your hands. They tend to include fewer words and journal prompts to help release your thoughts onto paper. 

Discover a way to generally lower stress and ground the overwhelmed empath through a free app called Declutter the Mind and on Spotify. These apps are available for both IOS and Android. 

#3 Ten-Minute-Meditation For The Empathetic Soul By Great Meditation 

YouTube is overwhelmingly saturated with guided meditations for empaths so that it can be difficult to find what you need. However, Empaths will find limited options catered towards their specific needs. After avid research, we discovered this guided meditation that will have you feeling mentally lighter in just ten minutes. 

This guided meditation is particularly based on grounding the Empath to the present. This host uses awareness to recognize love and acceptance for one’s natural being. This meditation includes affirmations as well including, “I am here, I am seen, I am me.”

Within this ten minutes, the host of Great Mediation provides an imagined scenario to help you visualize and connect you with who you are. They also specifically identify what it is like to be an Empath and emphasizes all of its positive and powerful aspects. 

Listening to the kind and uplifting words of this guided meditation not only grounds you but aids in self-actualization. Empaths will find themselves feeling like a superhero who has the potential to control how others affect their personal state of mind.  

#4 Guided Meditation For Releasing Anxiety & Overwhelm by Dr. Ramdesh

This meditation guides awareness mentally through internal acknowledgment and physically through paying attention to stress points in the body. Dr. Ramdesh brings this awareness of overwhelming feelings and stress in an attempt to grounds you to the present moment.

The background consists of nice, calming sounds and a soft song in the background of the words spoken. Moreover, This aspect is beneficial for Empaths that prefer music in their guided meditations to help them release a little easier. If you tend to be more sensitive to sound, you may want to skip this one. Although, still consider it a good listen.

These spoken affirmations will curb your anxiety, release fear, and let go of judgment for yourself. For the average Empath, this is important to ground yourself and separate your emotions from the words and feelings of others around you. In exchange for these negative feelings, this meditation will replace them with peace, healing, and love for yourself. 

Become present with your emotions and breathe easier with this guided meditation for grounding yourself as an Empath. Find this meditation on Spotify or play it here:

#5 Guided Evening Meditation For Highly Sensitives And Empaths By Tertia Riegler 

Finally, the last recommendation is a short meditation found for free on YouTube and is just under eight minutes. Constructed by YouTuber Tertia Riegler, these videos are curated for Empaths and other highly sensitive people. 

Hearing the slight soft instrumental in the background does not distract the listener and helps provide solace and peace.

By listening closely, you will notice uncomfortable emotions and discern them from healthier feelings. Tertia talks you through deriving the root of these feelings and then helps in letting them go. Her goal is to guide you in the process of getting rid of negative energy and emotions. 

Additionally, she focuses primarily on associating pictures and images with your emotions in your mind’s eye. Towards the end, Tertia lets a ball of gold light wash over your body to ground you mentally and “cleanse the energetic body.” Tertia’s voice connects you with the earth to ground you in your mental space as an Empath. 

After the seven minutes have passed, you are asked to think of what you are grateful for. This brings in positive energy and recharges your mental state. Consequently, it is here you will find how beneficial this time spent was for you to ground yourself through guided meditation.

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