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Do you want to release stress? Are you feeling rushed and struggling to relax? With this method, you will release stress in 10 minutes!

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Do You Want To Release Stress? Try This Method!

For most people, stress is a common feeling that they experience every now and then. In fact, it is normal to feel stressed sometimes. Studies have shown that in 2018, 74% of the respondents were so stressed, that they were unable to function properly. These stats are insane and it is a shame that so many people struggle with stress! 

When stress becomes structural, you should start to undertake action to avoid feeling stressed. Continuously, it is wise to look into method to release stress. However, we understand that when you already are feeling stressed, you don’t want to spend hours and hours on feeling less stressed. Therefore, we found this useful method for you to release stress.

What Stress Does To Your Body

According to research, stress can result in serious consequences. For example, you might experience issues with your skin, suffer memory loss, feel more anxious or get frequent headaches. Moreover, too much stress can result in a burnout. We don’t mention these consequences to make you feel more stressed, but to emphasize why it is important to release stress.

There are multiple methods to release stress. For instance, many people go to a spa to get massaged, go into nature or take a nap. Moreover, there are many other ways to recharge your energy. For example, you may want to try these 5 meditations to recharge your energy. Also, this 10-minute method has helped thousands of stressed people:

The 10-minute Method To Release Stress

So, are you ready to release stress? We found and tried a wonderful meditation to feel less stressed. In fact, The Honest Guys manage to make you feel relaxed within a short amount of time, enabling you to feel more at peace with your thoughts. In addition, this meditation helps your body to feel more calm and less tense. You can find the meditation at the bottom of this page.

Release Tension

Release stress within 10 minutes with this effective method

First of all, your meditational guide asks you to lay down and breathe. By focussing on your breathing, you will be able to settle into the meditation.

Then, you will move on to releasing some of the tension that you unconsciously are carrying in your body. It feels intense to tighten all your muscles, but oh. so. relaxing. once you release all the tension! Definitely worth a try!

Accept Your Thoughts And Leave Them For A While

Secondly, you are asked to accept your thoughts for what they are and not judge yourself for thinking what you think. Furthermore, you visualize an energetic pillow which lifts you into the clouds and enables you to fly away from your problems for a little while. We know, it sounds very vague reading about it! However, when you are in the meditation, it all makes sense, believe us!

Use Your Imagination

Thirdly, you imagine! More specifically, you imagine that you are going to a place that makes you happy. Whether it be a country that you’d like to visit or a calm place in nature, it doesn’t matter. Under the circumstance that it gives you inner peace and joy, everything is fine!

Return To The Now

Finally, after being in your happy place for a little while, you return back to reality. Although you still may feel somewhat stressed about the things going on in your life, we are sure that you will feel less tense in relation to those issues.

However, don’t forget that you always can return to this happy place to release stress! It just takes 10 minutes of your day and helps you to feel better! Good luck with trying it out!


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