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Most people live a pretty mundane lifestyle. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t also be the main character. Choose today to learn how to romanticize your life.

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In the past one and a half years, many of us found it challenging to remain positive. After all, our lives were dramatically changed when Covid-19 arrived in our country.

Keeping a positive mindset during such challenging times is a real struggle for many. However, it is possible to keep your head up during tough times. In this article, I’ll share my favorite method to keep my hopes up – romanticizing my life.

You’ll discover what it means to romanticize your life, why it is important to do so, and where to start.

What Does Romanticizing Your Life mean?

To romanticize your life is to simply appreciate where you are and what you have in the present moment. Primarily, this act of romanticizing comes from showing and giving gratitude to people and things that serve you.

Think about the most mundane and small details you can muster about your daily routines. You may find this boring or tedious, but people have proven the power of shedding light and appreciation to these tiny aspects of your life. 

Admittedly, you probably would find interest in knowing where your favorite celebrity goes for coffee, or what their favorite meal is. Romanticizing your life is similar to treating yourself like a celebrity, and the star of your own show. 

You are just as important as the people and things you value. You deserve to start showing yourself the love, energy, and attention you show to other important matters. Essentially, this is prioritizing yourself mentally, physically, and entirely. 

Why You Should Romanticize Your Life?

The majority of people have to work a 9-5 and don’t have the time to go to the gym 5 days a week. They have to cook and clean on their own and most likely provide for some kind of dependent. If this sounds like you, you may think why should you romanticize your life?

The short answer: happiness for the long term. So often do we find ourselves seeking short-term happiness in temporary things. However, these temporary things can only yield a very short-lived appreciation by nature.

For example, we may eat the ice cream because it is a sweet, delicious dessert; but did we appreciate that ice cream entirely? To be frank, I would bet that answer is no.

Our metaphorical ice cream served its purpose in the temporary moment. However, long term it is unlikely that you will ever remember and appreciate that moment for what it truly was. It could actually be you romanticizing your life without you even realizing it.

Notably, romanticizing these little moments can leave long-lasting shifts in how you view yourself. You can become more confident, grateful, and present in your daily life. So continue reading to start actually remembering the days that go by and be appreciative of everything around you.

How To Start Romanticizing Your Life 

So, at this point, you may be asking yourself where to actually start this process of self-care. How exactly do I romanticize my life? Well, these changes must first begin in new systems and routines into your daily life.

Think about the small habits you develop into your morning routine after you wake up. It may go something like brushing your teeth, making the bed, and grabbing a cup of coffee. But, are you doing these automatically or with intention?

Try romanticizing your actions by taking your time and being present in the moment. Notice how much toothpaste you place on the brush, and why you chose to put that amount. Take your time in making your coffee and take it in with all of your senses. Breathe in the scent with deep breathes and focus on you just being there with a cup of coffee and no expectations.

Considerably, this process may sound tedious at first and it just might be. But in order to find gratitude and romanticize your life, you have to be consistent in showing up. You should be finding ways to show appreciation in simple but effective manners.

Fun Activities To Romanticize Your Life

There are plenty of things to do that can motivate your energy and help you begin protecting it. The following list will briefly go through some popular aspects of romanticizing daily life from the recent trends in 2021.

You may be familiar with the saying to “stop and smell the roses,” when stressed or feeling overwhelmed. Highly sensitive will be able to use this technique to calm the senses and take a moment to pause. The idea is to recognize what is currently in your environment and use it to ground yourself. It could be your favorite stuffed animal or the fruit bowl on your table. Essentially, you will find beauty and calm in the random things around you.

Another idea for romanticizing your life is to try journaling about gratitude. A gratitude journal like the 5-Minute Gratitude Journal will aid in the creation of positive energy and push the appreciation to the front of your mind. Encourage yourself to think about who you are grateful for and why. The aspects you love could be a reflection of you and your values.

More Activities To Romanticize Your Life

Notably, you could also use your journal to write about your daily activities and discover a newfound interest and elegance in the simple matters of your life. Instead of just writing, “I made breakfast today,” you could write about the process of cooking, what ingredients you used, and what you were thinking during that time.

Placing yourself back into this mindset will allow you to recognize and appreciate things that you didn’t notice before. Meanwhile, be sure to let me know when you find the baking powder on your pants or the pan left in the sink to soak.

Lastly, when you make yourself a nice meal, try your best to cognitively pay attention to every action you make. Understandably, you might feel a little silly. In fact, it isn’t the salt or the chicken that matters, it is how you feel about doing something positive for yourself. An extra bonus if you cook with only ingredients that you currently have in your kitchen.

In this video, you’ll discover some extra ideas on how to romanticize your life as a highly sensitive person:

Why Do I Want To Continue Romanticizing?

The hippies understood a few things about life, and one of those was the notion of being one with the beauty in life. Being connected and grounded with your mental and physical states, provides balance long-term given the consistency.

Ultimately, these tips and activities listed can be summarized by helping your mental state feel welcome in the present physical moment. Ask yourself, what can you do to feel calm as a highly sensitive person? Then proceed to acknowledge things for exactly how they are and meet them with your utmost appreciation.

Emphatically, romanticizing your life is not about making drastic changes to your livelihood. It is about recognizing your comfort zone, and slowly stretching it to include more love and serenity. This romance is love that you show yourself for simply being alive.

When this realization finally dawns on you, be sure to come back and let us know which activity was your favorite and provided the most joy. In the meantime, try taking a breath and slowly breathe. That was you living with intent; your first reason to keep the rest of your life.

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