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Are you a highly sensitive person looking for date ideas? In this article, Simmy Green shares 7 interesting and fun date ideas for highly sensitive people!

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Being a highly sensitive person and in the dating scene can be nerve-wracking and require large amounts of effort on your part. Coming up with fun date ideas for the highly sensitive person that won’t include a stressful environment can take hours of planning. 

Maybe it is your significant other that happens to be the highly sensitive person that you would like to impress. Subsequently, you should check out these seven fun date ideas for the highly sensitive person. 

#1 Highly Sensitive People Like To Stay In!

It is no secret that highly sensitive people often like to stay cooped up in the places they feel most comfortable. For most this can mean total hibernation in their very own homes. Fortunately, this necessity of wanting to feel comfortable in their environment makes a great idea for a fun date. 

For starters, choose a space where there can be privacy from others. This helps make your highly sensitive partner less anxious. If they require extra support from friends, maybe think about inviting over a couple you both know for a cute double date.

A date inside the house can allow you to finally watch that movie you have been wanting to see with each other. For instance, you can choose to play board games for some healthy and playful competition. 

Finally, the last date idea is working together to complete a puzzle. During this activity, you can create idle chat and calm, comfy energy. Ultimately, this fun date idea for the highly sensitive person is about making the person feel comfortable enough to be themselves. 

#2 Picnic Dates Are Great For Highly Sensitives

Notably, some highly sensitive people tend to appreciate the quiet and peaceful allure of nature

What better way is there to spend time with your sensitive significant other than to eat snacks on a picnic blanket? 

Let the breeze calm the highly sensitive person and allow the fresh smell of grass to ease any personal tension they may be holding on to. Find out what their favorite fruits and other preferred snacks are. You can even decide to create a Charcuterie board to share between you two. 

If you find yourself near the coast, this picnic could take place in the park or on a beach next to the calming waves. With nothing between you and your partner but open space, fresh air, and good food; you are sure to have a relaxing and fun date. 

#3 Museum Dates Should Be A Fun Date Idea For The Highly Sensitive Person

One of the most fulfilling things for highly sensitive people is being given the space to be creatively inspired. For instance, museums offer a unique experience for the highly sensitive person to admire art and connect with others without having to necessarily interact with people.

By making a historical or art museum your choice for a date, you can share quality time with one another. Moreover, learning new things and pondering the meaning behind the art will allow you to learn more about your partner. 

Strike up interesting conversations about your personal opinions on the new topics you investigate. Highly sensitive people can be Empaths that may provide new perspectives and truly appreciate looking at emotional art pieces in action.  

A generally quiet environment, interesting topics to talk about, and a one-on-one with your favorite sensitive person. All aspects make a museum date worth consideration. Moreover, highly sensitive people will most likely become inspired by the creativity they are surrounded by. Also, they will truly enjoy the fun quality time with their partners. 

#4 Coffee Shop Comforts For The Highly Sensitive Person 

A common fun date idea for just about anybody happens to be the typical coffee shop outing. Typically attended during the day, so you can ensure that the highly sensitive person feels safe on this fun date. 

The smell of the coffee beans and the soft background noise should ease tensions and diffuse awkward silences. All things that most highly sensitive people would appreciate when asked on a coffee date. Moreover, if you guys are feeling a little peckish you can grab a few pastries and your favorite source of caffeine or tea.

Additionally, this old-fashioned fun date idea can be an especially good choice for highly sensitive people. The couple who chooses this type of date can give each other their undivided attention and listen to each other. From small talk to questions about life itself, the highly sensitive will enjoy their carefree coffee date.

#5 Thrifting In A Familiar Area Will Help You Calm The Highly Sensitive Mind 

There is a pattern to these fun date ideas for highly sensitive people. The perfect date for an HSP would be someplace with minimal loud noises, personal interactions, and full of stress-free comfort.

Therefore, going to a familiar area to do some unnecessary and totally not serious shopping can help release anxieties and nervousness about being on a date. You two could try on cool, vintage clothes or wacky, out-of-the-box costumes. 

Either way, thrifting can instill a sense of community in the highly sensitive person. They might become more comfortable letting loose. Someone used to own those clothes and love them until they chose to pass them on. This is a sentiment surely noticed by a highly sensitive person.

Furthermore, they will likely have fun feeling connected to their inner child. Essentially, they get to play dress-up with someone they trust and perhaps care about deeply. So take a dive through the decades and go thrifting for a fun date idea with a highly sensitive person. 

#6 Try Painting For A Fun Date Idea With Your Highly Sensitive Person

This creative activity can help free up negative energy that can be very therapeutic for the highly sensitive person. That being said, you don’t have to necessarily paint. You have your choice of virtually any creative medium at your fingertips. 

The point isn’t to paint, it’s to create art that is channeled between the highly sensitive person and their partner. Mostly, getting the opportunity to paint with their partner would give highly sensitive people the association of calmness.

Have you tried the trend of switching the canvas between you and the person you are with? This collaborative action will have you constructing something beautiful or the very least entertaining. 

Try this alternative and fun date idea for the highly sensitive person on your next date night. For instance, painting and creating art can also be paired with the picnic idea. The added bonus of releasing negative energy while bringing in positive emotions and intentions all while having a fun date. 

#7 Play With Animals To Create A Supportive and Loving Environment 

Whether in a dog park, a pet shop, or an animal shelter it does not matter. Being next to or around animals can be very cathartic and relaxing for the average highly sensitive person.

Admittedly, you should make yourself aware of any allergies beforehand to avoid any hospital visits. Being thoughtful and caring are more qualities that are widely appreciated by most highly sensitive people. 

Who doesn’t love a good cuddle session with a chunky cat or playing fetch with an energetic puppy? Most animals in shelters and pet stores don’t get the attention they require. A highly sensitive person can share in that. Help out your favorite highly sensitive person by going on a fun date petting animals and they will absolutely want a date number two.

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