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Do you want to use the law of attraction in your career? Here is how I apply the LOA in my daily work habits as a highly sensitive person.

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A few years ago I heard about the law of attraction (LOA) for the first time. I held a book from Gabrielle Bernstein in my hands called ‘The universe has your back’. Something attracted me to this book. The LOA? In any case, I decided to buy and read this book. This has truly changed my life. In this blog post, I’ll share how the law of attraction positively influenced my career.

Asking For Signs

The book arrived at a point in my life, where I was searching for my destiny. This was a very uncertain phase in which I was not well-connected to myself, my dreams and desires. I was not completely comfortable with my career and felt a strong urge to renew my life in different ways.

Gabrielle Bernstein’s book gave me a lot of strength during this period. She writes about the law of attraction and that you must have faith in your destiny. Everything, including the negative things, happens for a reason. This book taught me to ask for signs when I didn’t know the answer and needed guidance.

So I gave it a try. Every time I had a problem concerning my life path, I asked for a sign. A feather. It surprised me to see that after asking for a specific direction, countless feathers entered my path wherever I went.

Career Doubts

I mainly asked for signs with regards to my career path, because I was not sure which way to go. Although I enjoyed what I did, I did not see the possibility of combining this with working in employment. I loved writing and marketing, but not the crowded offices that are part of working at a media company or marketing company.

As a highly sensitive person, I have always preferred more calm spaces. I prefer to be able to work undisturbed in a quiet working environment. In addition, I felt the need to be able to listen more to the signals from my body. As an employee you cannot simply say that you want to take a break because you are over-stimulated. That is why I was doubting whether entrepreneurship would fit my needs better.

On the image, there is a hand with the palm faced up, like it is ready to receive. In the air, there is a feather slowly floating down to the hand.
Photo credits: Javardh

Becoming An Entrepreneur As An Insecure HSP

During this period of doubt, I asked the Universe for signs in the form of feathers. If I had to become an entrepreneur and this was the right path for me as a highly sensitive person and empath, I wanted to see feathers. The days after I specifically asked for this sign, I came across it again and again in all sorts of forms.

In nature, with people around me, who suddenly wore earrings in the shape of a feather, or on book covers. Feathers everywhere. This was my sign: I had to become an entrepreneur. 

How To Use The Law Of Attraction During Entrepreneurship

I was convinced: the law of attraction is really a thing! So I wanted to test it even more. On days where things were a little more difficult with customers or I had fewer customers, I started repeating positive affirmations such as “Today I am a magnet for new customers” or “I am successful in what I do”.

In addition, I turned on positive music and tried to feel as if I already had succeeded. Sometimes I meditated to experience the feeling of success throughout my whole body. Then I started working. The first time I applied this, I had 3 new customers at the end of the day.

Recently, I tried it again: I affirmed with all my heart that I am going to be successful as an entrepreneur. I repeated this daily. Not even two weeks later and my agenda was fully booked three weeks in advance. Say whaaaat? This was and is proof enough for me that the LOA works for me. That is why I have now implemented the LOA in my daily habits. Below you will find a number of tips for what I do daily or weekly with regards to the LOA.

Tips For Applying The Law Of Attraction

  • Read more about the LOA. I can really recommend Gabrielle Bernstein’s book to you;
  • When in doubt about something, ask for a sign from the Universe;
  • Use positive affirmations to ensure positive energy;
  • Meditate to incorporate the feeling of your positive affirmations into your body;
  • Dance, sing and above all have fun. Positive energy attracts positive;
  • Be grateful: write down daily, what you are grateful for.

If you give this a try, I am sure that the law of attraction will work its magic for you too! It has done wonders for me and I feel happier than ever!

You Can Manifest Anything You Want

For me, the law of attraction has worked out really well with regards to my career. I now enjoy working from home every day, I choose the moments when I work and I have more freedom. Of course you can manifest anything, also within your personal life. The sky is the limit!

What will you manifest with the law of attraction?

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