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Archetypes tell us that the soul has certain functions that must be lived out to remain faithful to one’s being. Learn more about them in this article.

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Did you know that the soul also has its own set of archetypes? Coming from a book called Messages from Michael in 1979, the novelist Chelsea Quinn Yarbro writes about the concept of the soul archetypes. As the story goes, the content of this book was not from hers, but from a mysterious entity named Michael.

Given this shrouded mystery, the whole group who practiced spirituality during this time were known to have used an Ouija board to connect with a higher spiritual being. As such, the name Michael came up, providing them with some essential religious concepts for everyday life.   

The 7 Archetypes Of Your Soul

Following this tradition, they believe that the soul undergoes human reincarnation. Destined to experience the world and all its aspects, the soul will continually do so on different lifetimes so as to learn more about consciousness and reality. By experiencing it numerous times, the soul becomes more and more knowledgeable about knowledge itself. In the end, the soul becomes integrated into higher intelligence.   

In essence, these archetypes tell us that the soul has specific functions that must be lived out in order to remain faithful to one’s being. As such, we will layout those concepts in this article, giving you a good idea of their meaning and function. 

1. Artisans

Naturally creative, the artisans are gifted with the ability to turn thought into reality. By examining the current schemes and patterns, they are able to create something new and original. For instance, artisans are good at reinventing not only art, but also other fields such as engineering and sciences. With that, their life purpose is to create something that brings positive energy to us. By doing so, they will be able to serve their life purpose of impacting the wellbeing of those around them.  

2. Kings

Born to become the ruler, the king is destined for power and greatness. Like the aristocrats who were born and raised to become leaders, the king’s path is something that they haven’t chosen for themselves. Instead, their soul archetype necessitates them to walk this narrow and lonely road as this is their destiny. With that, the king must be able to surpass the internal and external challenges, as power-hungry moguls remain a constant threat, on top of personal bias and struggle to resist temptations. 

3. Warriors

Destined to become the hero of a town, the warrior’s path will naturally involve a lot of challenges and struggles. As such, they will continually level-up by facing those struggles and conquering them one by one. Such experiences will add to their overall growth, making them more capable of helping others. In doing such, they will be able to live out their soul archetype as they serve their life’s purpose along the way. 

4. Sages

Whereas the scholar is usually concerned about worldly knowledge and wisdom, the philosopher is more about magic and transcendence. Like sorcerers and magicians, the sage’s destiny is to pursue transcendental powers such as those found in spirituality and meditation. Because man never lives on bread alone, we also need to fill in our spiritual self as part of the process. With the help of the sage, this idea is lived-out and actualized. Furthermore, they are also responsible for cross-dimensional issues, making possible for man to deal even with those that transcend him/her. 

5. Scholars

Known to be knowledge and wisdom seekers, the scholars will spend a lifetime inside the library. In their quest of gaining and creating new knowledge, the scholar dramatically contributes to society this way. Because they are skilled at thinking and crafting their thoughts, the output of such is meant to illuminate others. With that, their life goal is to ensure that their knowledge is passed on and that it becomes available to others. Instead of being in an ivory tower,  the scholar must become a beacon of light. 

6. Servers

As the workforce of society, the server represents the one who dedicates themselves to others. Essential to society itself, the server is an indispensable element for progress. Since they dedicate themselves for the progression of the world, their efforts will lead to the realization of a common goal. With that, they will live their life purpose by ensuring that they become of best use to the master they choose to serve. 

7. Priests

Destined to bring positivity and hope, the priest’s life goal is to nourish our soul. Since we all have that spiritual dimension in us, the priest ensures that we are able to feed this spiritual dimension by providing the necessary spiritual goods that we must have. By doing so, they are serving their life purpose of bringing joy and motivation to us. Thus, we usually find them as spiritual leaders of a group or religion itself, for it is the best avenue for them to impact the lives of other people. 

Good luck with discovering your soul’s archetype!

With these 7 soul archetypes, we hope to have imparted some valuable information to you. Since each soul must experience this journey between the archetypes, bearing such concepts in mind will surely help in the whole process of integration. By experiencing these roles one by one, the soul will surely gain a greater understanding and knowledge each time it is reincarnated.

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