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All the noise and stimuli from the outside can at times feel overwhelming for a highly sensitive person. These 13 things help highly sensitive people to become a happier HSP!

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Let’s Create A Happy You With These Things For Highly Sensitive People!

Let’s be honest, even for people that are not highly sensitive, the pace of our society can be overwhelming. For highly sensitive people, this is intensified times 10. Therefore, it is important to know which things you can add to your life to increase your happiness. When you are happy, you will function more properly and feel more energized. All of the items in this list might help you to achieve this!

1. Sleep Like A Baby With A Weighted Blanket

Hundreds of HSP’s claim that a weighted blanket improved their quality of life. Therefore, they definitely belong on the list of things highly sensitive people need. A weighted blanket is basically a heavier blanket which makes you feel completely tucked in. With deep pressure stimulation your body will feel more at ease and relaxed while sleeping. There are multiple health benefits when you use weighted blanketsamongst which a decrease of insomnia, reduction of anxiety and stress, increased sleep quality and feeling more calm. Sounds perfect, right?

2. Yoga

It maybe can’t be considered as a thing but it certainly is a resource: yoga! If you haven’t tried yoga yet because you consider it too spiritual or vague, think again: There are hundreds of types of yoga. Certainly, you will find one that suits your needs. Whether you go to a yoga studio or you learn yoga for free with an yoga app, there are different ways to practice this fun and soothing activity. In fact, both your mental and physical health will thank you for taking yoga classes. And a great thing is that your body will look amazing as well. Therefore, this couldn’t be missing on the list of things highly sensitive people need. For example, you might consider following a program from home to get in shape both physically and mentally!

3. Ear Plugs & Sleeping Mask

These two things can be your lifesavers in annoying situations that only highly sensitive people understand are irritating! In moments where there is much noise or you want to sleep at a place where the light is too bright, you might find these items beneficial. These simple, yet powerful items help you to cope with situations where the external stimuli becomes too much. Perfect when you have noisy neighbors or are travelling somewhere!

4. Pets

You might not have thought of this one yet, but pets seem to have an incredibly soothing effect on highly sensitive people. Although pets cannot talk, their presence does more with highly sensitive people than being around specific people. Pets have an amazing energy and highly sensitive people feel that. After a rough day, your pets will walk up to you, snuggle with you and instantly make you feel more calm. 

5. A Creative Outlet

One of the things highly sensitive people are known for are that they oftentimes are very creative. Therefore, it is incredibly important to have a creative outlet in your life. Whether it is creating art, making music, dancing, singing or writing; as long as it is creative, a highly sensitive person will feel happy. Some highly sensitive people claim that they don’t have any creativity in them and that they don’t recognize this characteristic in themselves. The question is, whether you haven’t found your creativity yet? Maybe it is hidden somewhere deep inside you and waiting to get out? There are thousands of ways to be creative and there certainly is something that you’ll love! In this video: Katie Jobling shows 5 ways to boost you creativity:

6. A Hot Bath Or Shower

At the end of the day, sometimes all you’ll need is a hot bath or shower. Hot baths are good for you both physically and psychically. Highly sensitive people need to recharge their energy, and this is a perfect way to do so. In spirituality, water is seen as a way to ground yourself and become balanced again. Therefore, bathing yourself in water is a perfect way to let go of stress and to find peace and calm. In addition, taking a hot bath or shower has multiple physical benefits such as better sleep, a relieve of muscle pain, a healthier heart and a decrease in cold and flu symptoms. So, what are you waiting for? Turn on the water and relax!

Why not give this lavender bath soak a try?

7. Books

Books are what highly sensitive people need to escape everyday life for a little while. This society is not ideal for highly sensitive people to live in due to all the external stimuli and the fast-moving pace. Therefore, it is nice to escape this craziness every now and then and silence your thoughts while reading a book. There are millions of books out there that could be recommended to read, but why not start with reading more about your trait? For example, Dr. Elaine Arons book ‘The Highly Sensitive Person’ is a must-read for every highly sensitive person who wants to get more in touch with themselves.

8. Essential Oils

It is a question that has been reoccuring throughout the years; are essential oils good for you? Based upon own experiences as well as research, we found that there are many benefits that come along with the use of essential oils. Amongst others, essential oils can boost your energy level, improve your brain function, support digestion, reduce emotional stress & anxiety and alleviate aches and pains! If that does not speak for itself!? If you aim to decrease stress and increase your energy level, we can recommend you to use lavender oil. Research suggests that this little wonderoil might be useful in treating insomnia, depression, restlessness and anxiety. If you experience any of the abovementioned symptoms, you might want to give lavender oil a try!

If you’d like to buy all essential oils you need to thrive in life, you may want to have a look at this extensive essential oil set.

9. Soft Lighting

When you get home, the last thing you need is to sit in bright light. This is only extra stimuli for you to process. Therefore, it is highly recommended to install soft lighting in your home that makes you feel at ease. Have you thought about buying a salt lamp? Although there are no proven health benefits of using a salt lamp, they look nice, create a nice ambiance and offer a soft light that helps you to sleep better when going to bed!

10. Nature

Never underestimate the power of nature. Taking a walk in the forest, on the beach or hiking in the mountains can do wonders for a highly sensitive person! Nature provides you with the energy that you need to meet all new challenges in life. If you live in the city, you might want to consider adding flowers and plants to your decor! Studies have proven that workers who included views of nature such as trees and flowers in their workplaces report less stress and higher job satisfaction. Imagine what real flowers and plants will do to your health? Use nature to recharge your energy

11. Crystals

Healing crystals appear to have an amazing effect on highly sensitive people. Although there is no scientific evidence of crystals, they have proven to be an effective treatment for many diseases where medicine failed. In this article, you can read about the different types of crystals and what benefits they have to offer. This way, you can find the perfect crystal for your situation!

12. A Tidy And Relaxing Home

A tidy home is a tidy head. It is important for highly sensitive people to have a relaxing place to get home to. Here, they recharge after a tough day and process everything that they encountered throughout the day. Therefore, it is of high significance to ensure a calm, peaceful, low-stimuli environment. Essential for highly sensitive people! If you are stuck with tidying your home, you might want to check out these 10 tips from the Netflix show ‘Tidying up with Marie Kondo’.

13. Highly Sensitive Friends

On the image, there is a title saying '13 things highly sensitive people need in their lives'.

Last but not least, a highly sensitive person needs highly sensitive friends. It is tough to feel like you are alone with your issues and feel misunderstood by less sensitive people. Therefore, it is highly recommended to find like-minded people who understand your needs and personality. Not only will you have a mutual relationship of understanding, but you will also be able to help each other out with typical HSP-situations that nobody else would understand! Perfect, right? For example, you can meet like-minded people in this group on Facebook!

How Many Of These Things Do You Already Implement In Your Life?

These are some of the things that highly sensitive people need in their lives. Do you already implement many of them into your daily routine? Do you want to try any of the items on this list? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!

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