Do you want to take your career to the next level in 2022? In this short read, you’ll receive practical tips on how to make yourself a better job candidate career-wise!

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If building a better career is your main goal for the new year, you are not alone. 

Making yourself a better job candidate in 2022 may seem an impossible task. It doesn’t have to be that way, though. Here are some surefire ways to open new doors in the coming months and beyond.

Invest In Your Appearance

Whether you like it or not, your looks will make a difference in your career. Whether meeting a prospective employer, an agent, or a customer doesn’t matter. It’s human nature to form judgments as soon as we meet people, and appearances are a key part.

The harsh reality is that attractive people gain preferential treatment. You don’t have to look like a supermodel, but you should probably try to unlock your best look. Getting a good night’s sleep, investing in your smile, and implementing a good skincare routine will help.

Crucially, you should always try to look professional. The right choice of outfit combined with good organizational skills will put you on the path to success.

Invest In Your Skills

Looking good is one thing, but you must back this up with talent. Otherwise, you will get busted sooner rather than later. This could mean missing out on a job at the interview stage or being let go after your probation period. Either way, it’s hardly ideal.

Unless you are moving to a whole new industry, you already have the foundation for success. However, the key is to stay relevant. Completing a change management certification online will help. You’ll gain new skills and a winning mindset.

The ability to show a potential employer that you are the best job candidate for tomorrow as well as today can make all the difference. Not least because it shows your eagerness to improve.

Upskill Your Communication

Millions of great job candidates miss out on opportunities for one reason. They do not present themselves in the best way. Whether it’s an application, cover letter, interview, or pitch doesn’t matter. Clear communication is vital for success.

Research shows that only a small percentage of communication is verbal. Taking body language courses could pay dividends. Meanwhile, you should think about your resume and written communications during the process.

Making a good first impression lays the foundation for a long and successful business relationship. If that doesn’t encourage you to develop your communication, nothing will.

Create your own opportunities 

Sometimes in life, the opportunities won’t present themselves to you. Sadly, the current situation with the pandemic may make this an even bigger issue. However, if you’re unable to impress employers or find suitable roles, why not make your own?

Everyone has thought about becoming their own boss at some stage. Whether starting a side hustle or taking a leap of faith, there are many options at your disposal. These range from freelancing as a contractor to becoming an employer yourself.

It might seem daunting but many of your favorite entrepreneurs started in a similar position. If you have the ideas and work ethic, you will be just fine.

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