Sensitive personalities can find it more challenging to thrive in the workplace. Here are some tips to improve the quality of your time at work.

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Empaths find it easy to feel other people’s emotions as part of their experiences, a quality that helps them to take on other people’s pain and happiness.

While this is a positive trait, you can be prone to drawing negativity at the workplace, leading to burnout and loss of motivation.

A Harvard Business Review revealed that 98% of workers have dealt with negativity and rudeness at some point. While you may not completely avoid negativity, you can rise above this and thrive at your workplace. Here are some tips to help.

#1 Evaluate Yourself First

The best way to overcome negativity and thrive in your workplace is to evaluate yourself. Have you been complaining about your work constantly? Or have you been viewing things in a negative light lately?

If yes, you may have to let go of all the negative feelings. Indeed, it can be tough to remain positive when your colleagues keep spewing negative attitudes or words. But you can achieve it with the right steps.

For instance, it’s prudent to leverage visualization when faced with a tough situation. Start by imagining yourself confronted by an issue that can trigger a response from you and develop a solution to tackle it.

Likewise, constantly meditate to release stress and anxiety from work. Research proves that meditation reduces irritability by 27%, so keep this in mind. Retaining a gratitude journal to remind you of the nice things to experience at work daily is also beneficial. 

#2 Associate With Colleagues With A Positive Attitude

You may not have control of toxic colleagues or a stressful working environment. However, you can control who you associate with. That said, getting closer to positive colleagues can help you absorb more pleasant feelings, increasing your motivation.

To get started, identify colleagues who are pleasant to get along with and acknowledge them whenever you get the chance. For instance, greeting them with a smile or recognizing their efforts can prepare the right conditions to become friends.

Another way is to listen attentively when they speak and offer your help when they need it. These acts will go a long way in making your stay at the workplace more positive. 

#3 Pay Attention To Your Work

Suppose your workplace becomes more toxic with no immediate solution in sight. In that case, you’d find it helpful to focus your attention on your tasks. Doing this will help you avoid more interactions that can trigger negative emotions.

Therefore, you can start by creating a to-do list to ensure that you always have something to do. You can also train your mind to ignore certain things around you while working and meditate when it becomes too much to handle.

As a tip, take your lunch breaks alone to help you relax your mind and retune your emotions before returning to work. Taking on additional projects can keep you busy, leaving less time to deal with other issues.

While at it, ensure that your workplace is putting in measures to ensure your safety. If you sustain any related injury while on the job, contacting an experienced personal injury lawyer will prove helpful. 

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