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Looking for the best Black Friday-deals, without having to leave the house? Here are the best deals, which will look good under the Christmas tree!

Highly sensitive people and empaths are known to dread Black Friday. It is no big surprise: people running like maniacs into stores to get a good deal is not the best image of humanity. However, those of us who prefer to stay at home on this busy shopping day, are lucky: there is this thing called online shopping!

Therefore, I have collected the best Black Friday-deals for highly sensitive people and empaths who are game lovers, pet lovers or generally seek to improve their life in some way or another. Use this guide to get inspired for this year’s Christmas gifts and grab the deals while they last! Happy shopping!

These deals are only available for a limited time. HiSensitives does not take responsibility for changes in prices from Amazon.

The Best Board- and Card games

If you love to just spend a night at home and play board games, now is the time to score the best deals! Check out these deals, where you get up to 50% off!

Catan is a wonderful and calm strategy game, which is a fun game for the holidays!

Another fun and strategic game is Ticket to ride: 

If you are interested in history, you’ll love the game 7 wonders!

Do you love bold party games? This card game will guaranteed make you laugh!

For Pet Lovers

We all love our pets right? Therefore, if you are looking to spoil your beloved pet, now is the time to score some wonderful Black Friday-deals. These gadgets are awesome!

Do you often miss your pet? This camera is currently strongly discounted! Save 46% and purchase this wonderful gadget:

Curious about the breed and ancestry of your dog? With this DNA test used by millions of dog owners, you’ll get information about the origin of your dog! Now 41% off!

Do you want to keep your cat busy? This laser toy is now 36% off!


Working on your health is incredibly important for personal growth. Highly sensitive people and empaths value a healthy body and healthy surroundings. Therefore, these Black Friday-deals are a true addition to your life.

Create your own soda water with this wonderful machine, which is now 38% off:

This air purifier will take the air in your home to a whole new level. Now 23% off:

Fitbits are now up to 33% off! Get your deal while you can!

Various Life-Improvers

Are you looking for products, which might enhance your life in some way or another? These products are now strongly reduced in price and might be a good addition to your life.

For example, if you are noise-sensitive, this noise-cancellation earphone might be a good purchase this black friday:

Do you want to relax more often? This singing bowl set might be a good addition to your spiritual collection:

If you don’t have a weighted blanket yet and you suffer from anxiety, you should definitely consider buying it for better sleep. Weighted blankets have a soothing and calming effect on its user.

Ready To Do The Shopping?

As you can see, there are many wonderful deals out there! What better way is there to do your Christmas shopping, than with good discounts? Happy shopping and happy holidays!