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An an empath, it is important to take good care of your health. In this short read, you’ll discover 5 powerful health care tips for empaths.

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If you are an empath you experience the emotions of others as if they were your own, in some ways they will be your own. This is what makes empathic people such amazing friends and mentors. But this gift comes with a price. Unless empaths look after their wellbeing carefully their experiences can seriously affect their quality of life. 

#1 Practice checking in 

Empaths are emotional sponges; if you’re an empath, you will easily connect with others at an emotional level and fully experience what they are experiencing. This is one of the reasons empaths make such amazing friends – but it can take its toll. 

It can be hard to tell the difference between your emotions and someone else’s, so you need to take yourself away from people for a time and be on your own. Practice checking in with yourself regularly to sort out what feelings are truly yours.

#2 Practice grounding 

When you’re in the world interacting with many people, it can be hard to know how you feel; that’s because empaths are drawn into other people’s emotional energy quite easily. One way to counteract this effect is to spend time by yourself and practice grounding techniques. 

Grounding is the practice of rooting yourself in the moment and in the truth of who you really are. You can practice grounding by meditating, writing in a journal, walking barefoot on the sand, or through restorative exercises like yoga and dancing. 

#3 Limit social media 

Wen empaths are around other people; there is a strong emotional connection with them that can influence your mood considerably; you might shift from a happy and contented mood to one that is low and cloudy – or vice versa. And if you feel a product or device has caused you harm, consider product liability

It isn’t just the physical proximity that can affect your emotional health; your mental health can also be affected by too much social media exposure. Recognize that social media is an influence on your empathic wellbeing and limit your smartphone usage.   

#4 Be honest with yourself

It isn’t easy being an empath, but it is a gift! Some people develop empathic abilities through trauma; others have inherited the traits from family members or the cosmos. Maybe you don’t want to have these abilities in your life and experience some resistance. 

No matter what stage of life you are at, it is important to know yourself and accept yourself for who you truly are. Living life as an empath may not be easy, but it is a gift that you can use to benefit yourself and the people around you.  

#5 Spend time alone

Alone time is extremely important for empaths, and you need to make sure you are getting enough of it if you want to safeguard your wellbeing and be an asset to yourself and the world. The good news is that alone time is easy to find, even if your life is busy. 

Give yourself ten minutes in the car before or after work to close your eyes and connect with your inner being. You might also take a walk at lunchtime to get away from the emotional energy of others. Remember, you are not avoiding them; you are practicing self-care. 

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