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Have you heard the term GaNS water and are you eager to learn more about it? In this article, I’ll share more about the world of GaNS, it’s health benefits and how to get started.

This article is sponsored, and I attended the GaNS workshop in exchange for writing it. I want to assure you that I only share my thoughts on products and services I genuinely believe in, striving to provide honest and insightful content.

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So, what’s the buzz about GaNS water, and could it be the secret sauce for a healthier you? Join me on a laid-back exploration into the world of GaNS water – that magical potion that’s got people talking. I’ll break down what GaNS water is, its potential health perks, and then spill the tea on my own journey during a workshop with the amazing Anja Dingemans from Anreyo and Henneke.

What is GaNS Water?

Alright, let’s start with the basics. GaNS stands for “GAs in Nano-state of Solid” and is a method developed by the Keshe Foundation. Now, don’t let the sci-fi vibe scare you off. It’s basically the fourth state of matter, hanging out with solid, liquid, and gas.

The cool part is, GaNS is like a cosmic energy container. It’s created by capturing free-flowing fields from the environment and forming a substance that’s kind of like a gentle whisper from the universe.

The Health Benefits of GaNS Water

Now, onto the good stuff – how can GaNS water potentially level up your wellness game? Picture it as a liquid hug for your well-being. Different types of GaNS can be crafted, each with its unique energetic properties.

Some folks use it in their bathwater for an otherworldly soak, others slap it on as a health patch, and some even take it as a drinkable liquid plasma. It’s like your wellness toolkit, and the possibilities are pretty darn limitless.

While it’s important to note that the health benefits of GaNS water are still being explored and understood, here are some potential advantages that proponents associate with its use:

  • Enhances energy levels
  • Improved sleep quality
  • Stress reduction
  • Skin health
  • Support for emotional balance
  • Potential immune system support
  • Spiritual and emotional well-being

How I Learned More About GaNS Water

So, here’s the lowdown on my experience with Anja and Henneke’s GaNS water workshop. Before we get into it, imagine a cozy space with a vibe that’s more like catching up with friends than a science class.

Before the workshop, Anja showed me the wonders of GaNS water on my skin, and I was thinking thinking, “Okay, this is different – I’m in!”

Fast forward to the workshop – big jars, celtic salt, copper wire, batteries, and cables scattered like ingredients for some mystical recipe. Anja and Henneke, the dynamic duo, guided us through the process with a blend of science and a sprinkle of magic. And on top of all, they’re basically the comedy team you never knew you needed – laughter, banter, and all. It was such a fun experience!

DIY GaNS Water – Less Science, More Feel-Good

Creating my own GaNS water at home? Cue the nerves! But hold up – the written manual they handed out after the workshop made it feel like a breeze. It wasn’t a daunting science experiment; it was like following a laid-back recipe. Now, I proudly spray it on my skin and during my spiritual rituals. It’s not just water; it’s a vibe, a gentle reminder to take care of me.

Do You Want to Get Into The World of GaNS?

Are you intrigued and would you like to get started with GaNS? I can highly recommend to do this under guidance from somebody who has experience with GaNS. There are shops out there selling GaNS water, but once you’ve learned the correct process, you can easily make it at home at a fraction of what you pay in those shops.

If you’re living in the Netherlands, you can reach out to Anja from Anreyo to see if she has any GaNS workshops lined up soon.

Wrap-up and Real Talk

Before you start working with GaNS water like it’s the fountain of youth, a little reality check. This isn’t a substitute for legit medical advice. If your body’s acting up, consult the experts in white coats or holistic certified experts first.

My journey into GaNS land is a personal ride, and yours might look different. It’s all about curiosity and self-care, not a magic cure-all. So, go on, explore the gentle whispers of GaNS water, but keep it real and seek professional support on your journey. Your wellness journey deserves both magic and practicality.

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