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Practicing gratitude can be highly beneficial for highly sensitive people. Read this blog post to learn how to check in and show gratitude for everything you love and appreciate.

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If you currently have a hard time feeling positive and happy about your life, this blog is for you! You have the power to step out of the negative emotions you are feeling.

How, you ask? Through the power of gratitude. Highly sensitive people can benefit greatly from a daily gratitude practice.

In this blog, you’ll learn why gratitude is a great self-care technique, identify what’s holding you back from showing gratitude, and receive practical tips on how to start your own gratitude practice.

Why Should Highly Sensitive People Show Gratitude

Highly sensitive people tend to bottle up their emotions and feelings. It might be for protection or to disconnect from the people around them. However, choosing to outwardly show their gratitude will prove beneficial in more ways than one for highly sensitive people.

In fact, releasing this energy full of love and appreciation can radiate from you and into every aspect of your life. This includes your relationships with friends and family as well as your mental and physical health. Highly sensitive people displaying gratitude can only bring more things to be grateful for.

However, wanting to spread and receive positive energy is not all gratitude offers. For highly sensitive people, you release the much-appreciated serotonin into your system. When performing the acts of love that do so, every act that follows will also grow to be made out of love and gratitude.

Therefore, you are actively choosing to let go of feeling like envy and aggression and replacing them with a healthier mental state. Highly sensitive people have to typically work on their mental state more often, but with gratitude, you are one step closer.

Additionally, you will soon discover how elated and full of life you feel after committing an act of gratitude. In fact, highly sensitive people specifically will be able to attest to the great effects after implementing gratitude in their lives.

Figure Out Why You Haven’t Been Showing Your Gratitude

Before starting the transition to practicing gratitude daily, you should first deduce why it is you haven’t been displaying how you truly feel. Furthermore, think about whether you actually mean the things you generally say to people. Do you actually like that person’s dress? Or were you just saying that to “be nice” and well, liked?

Admittedly, either notion is valid. However, understanding your intention behind the things you say and do can teach you about why you neglect gratitude. For highly sensitive people, showing gratitude isn’t always an easy thing as it requires you to display your emotions for others to see. This truth can be discomforting and unsettling.

Indeed, you must understand the reasons why you are actively choosing against the gratitude you want to receive. Do you believe that others may judge you? Perhaps, you feel like you don’t deserve it. To proceed, find the fight in you that wants to not only become a better person but uplift others in the process.

Gratitude for highly sensitive people can either come really easily or be naturally difficult. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t practice. After doing some self-searching, you can target the issue directly and begin showing the gratitude you feel as a highly sensitive person.

Simple But Meaningful Appreciation

Notably, you can use simple words and phrases to display gratitude in a way that is comfortable for most highly sensitive people. Certainly, saying something nice showing your appreciation for someone can brighten up their day. Especially if they can tell that you mean it, you are sure to get a meaningful thank you in return.

Additionally, it is likely best to think for a bit before you say something in only a few seconds. Acknowledge that your words have power. And, it can be welded to initiate hurt or to cultivate joy. Equally, words that are spoken to and by highly sensitive people are almost always taken to heart.

For instance, let’s test the theory. Take a moment to think about someone you love and just one thing that you are grateful for. Furthermore, interpret how that quality in them makes you feel. Next, deliberate on the words and then take the time to say the gratitude you have for them.

Ultimately, you will have felt an immense pressure being lifted off of your chest just by uttering a few meaningful words. For highly sensitive people, gratitude can be guided through the words they choose to say to the people that they love.

Get started with gratitude right away by trying this powerful meditation:

Listen Intently And More Often

Continuously, highly sensitive people can begin to incorporate intentional listening into habitual practice to further show their gratitude. Moreover, other people can truly understand the sense of someone who is or isn’t listening to them. But, if you choose to check in to the conversation you help them feel heard and appreciated.

Think about all of the times you were speaking and how you felt in those moments as a highly sensitive person. The overall consensus is that it wasn’t a very pleasurable feeling. When someone is clearly or even inadvertently not paying attention to you, it makes you feel like you don’t matter.

Mostly, people don’t want those they care about to feel like that ever don’t matter nor do they want to be the cause. It seems simple, however, you must admit that making people feel small and alone isn’t a very nice thing. Therefore, you should choose the option that practices kindness.

This article isn’t going to tell you to just “be nice,” as it isn’t about that. Showing gratitude is about feeling empathy, and care. Presumably, you are a highly sensitive person so be you and lend an ear every now and then to let others feel your gratitude.

How To Use A Gratitude Journal

Okay, so you want to start implementing gratitude on a greater scale as a highly sensitive person by attracting it directly. What better way to attract than with a gratitude journal

If you’re looking for a great gratitude journal to start your gratitude practice, make sure to check out the ‘Good Days Start With Gratitude Journal: A 52 Week Guide To Cultivate An Attitude Of Gratitude’

Time needed: 10 minutes

Granted, beginning a journal and committing to it can be seen as a quite daunting task. Although, once the highly sensitive person has gone over the hurdle of opening up their journal, the rest can be fairly easy. Here’s how to keep up with a gratitude journal.

  1. First, gather your materials

    You don’t need anything too complicated, as a simple pen and paper will do just fine. If you already use some type of bullet journal or daily log, you can create a spread where you can easily document your gratitude.

  2. Next, organize your thoughts

    What is it you want to document? How exactly are you going to organize that? Some highly sensitive who journal about gratitude like to create separate columns. Notably, you can consider tracking the date you logged, what you want to show gratitude for, and why.

  3. Make it consistent

    Indeed, logging your gratitude once or twice is nice for the moment and maybe even the week. If you’re lucky, you may even make your whole month. On the other hand, highly sensitive people need to track their gratitude on a consistent basis to achieve the long-lasting effects of overall better mental health. The key is reminding yourself what it’s like to be grateful and grounding yourself in that.

Other Ways To Practice Gratitude As A Highly Sensitive Person

Thoughtfully, you may have come to the conclusion that journaling may not be for you. Possibly, you clicked on this article to display gratitude in a more natural and consistent way. Here are some more easily integrated habits for highly sensitive people for your day-to-day use.

  • Smile more often
  • Make eye contact
  • Choose quality time with others
  • Be grateful for those who love you despite your flaws
  • Be grateful for those who oppose you as they challenge and teach you to be better
  • Look for the lessons in those people around you
  • Take a walk in nature and take in everything you see
  • Give to those who have less
  • Do a nice gesture for a stranger
  • Hold the door open for others
  • Say ‘thank you’ often.

Altogether, gratitude is something that lives in each of us. Gratitude for highly sensitive people will live on every day. Of course, we just have to choose to show it. Not only decide for ourselves to display the gratitude we do feel, but also mean it.

How will you choose to show your gratitude today as a highly sensitive person? Be sure to let us know in the comments below.

And thank you, the reader, for reading this article. You are greatly appreciated.

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