Resources for highly sensitive people and empaths

The best personal growth resources for HSP’s and empaths in one place!

There are hundreds of wonderful personal growth resources for highly sensitive people and empaths out there. However, they sometimes are rather hard to discover.

We want to change that. For the personal growth junkie who also is highly sensitive or empathic, we have bundled the best personal growth resources on our website!

Browse through the different topics below and discover the perfect personal growth resources for you!

Check out our library of personal growth resources:

Book corner

For the book lovers amongst you, we have dedicated a section of our website to books! In our book corner, you can find the best personal growth books for highly sensitive and empathic people.


Looking for personal growth podcasts that are relevant for highly sensitive people and empaths? On this page, we showcase the best podcasts about personal development, self care,
self-love and more.


Would you like to discover and connect with experts in the field of personal growth? We’ve got you covered! On this page, you will find reputable personal growth experts that are relevant for highly sensitive people and empaths.

Knowledge Database

We have created an extensive knowledge database where we continuously share the most relevant theories, researches and facts about being a highly sensitive or empathic person.



Sometimes, the best way to learn and develop yourself is by learning from the stories of others. Therefore, we have dedicated an entire section on our platform to the stories from our own personal growth community.

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