Being a highly sensitive person can be challenging. Many are looking for ways to deal with its effects, including CBD. Is it a good option? Read on and find out!

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As a highly sensitive person (HSP), you can have heightened sensory experiences and overwhelming emotions. You have a super responsive nervous system. Many times, you can experience the feeling of being shaken because of how your body responds to your environment. It might also increase the chances of anxiety.

High sensitivity, however, is not a mental disorder. Instead, it is a personality trait. From getting enough sleep to maintaining a healthy diet, several factors can help HSPs deal with their everyday lives. CBD is one more thing that some people are trying. Is it a good option?

How CBD can help

Being a healthy HSP is often a priority for many people who are struggling with such a personality trait. An optimal state of health, however, may not be a guarantee that your sensitivity will lessen. As such, some people might resort to alternative approaches, including CBD. Below, we’ll explore the potential ways by which CBD can help. 

#1 It May Reduce Anxiety

As an HSP, you may experience a depth of processing, low tolerance to sensory input, strong emotional response, and strong unconscious nervous system activity. It means that you might be deeply processing your emotions and thoughts, making it difficult to calm down. In turn, it might make you more prone to anxiety, especially when environmental factors contribute, such as being in a large crowd or having too bright light. 

Breathing exercises and mindfulness are some potential ways by which HSPs can deal with anxiety. Other people also resort to the use of CBD. Current evidence suggests that CBD has considerable potential for the treatment of different anxiety disorders.  It is believed to have therapeutic properties, including neuro protective, analgesic, and antipsychotic effects. 

#2 It May Help You Sleep Better

HSPs experience magnified sleep barriers. From the noise outside your room to the constant worrying about what will happen tomorrow, many factors might make it difficult to have a good night’s sleep. Because you experience the world at a heightened level, proper sleep is a must as it can help improve information processing during the day. It can also help you make better decisions, improve concentration, and have better control of your emotions. 

While clinical data from human experiments remain scarce, literature reviews support that CBD can have therapeutic benefits, which makes it a potential insomnia treatment. A higher dose can increase mental sedation. To add, even higher doses did not show toxic effects. 

#3 It May Improve Mood

Strong feelings are common for HSPs. When these emotions are negative, they can be overwhelming and might affect your mood. It can harm emotion regulation. It affects the acceptance of your internal state, and more importantly, how you regulate them. To improve their mood, some people might resort to the use of CBD. 

In one study, the researchers assert the promise of CBD as a new agent for the treatment of mood disorders. Despite this, the molecular mechanism remains unknown. The same study also notes the behavioral effects of CBD pharmacology to examine its impact on neuropsychiatric diseases. 

#4 Different Ways You Can Use CBD

HSPs who want to try CBD have several options on how to take it. Based on anecdotal evidence, below are some of the most, although note that there is no guarantee that they will work: 

  1. Oil: Looking at CBD oil reviews from actual users, you will see that the experiences vary from person to person. Every individual responds differently based on physiological factors. Aside from reading reviews, you can also try different products and see which one works for you. Like with other ways of taking CBD, starting with a low dose can be a good idea to see how you will react to it.  
  2. Tincture: Not to be confused with CBD oil, CBD tincture uses an alcohol-based extract. The alcohol uses a solvent for extracting the natural compounds from the cannabis plant. This method is beneficial as it preserves cannabinoids while also protecting against oxidation. 
  3. Vape Pen: Most CBD vapes are made using industrial hemp, and hence, you will not get high. They might also contain ingredients that you will find in other vape juices, including propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin. Some people say that it helps them clear their minds while others note that it makes them tired. 
  4. Gummies: For a more discrete way of administering CBDs, some people might choose gummies. Some HSPs take it before they are in a high-stress situation, such as when being in a crowded place. 
  5. Capsules: When taken orally, capsules and pills can deliver CBD through the digestive system. Some people prefer them because of their ease of use. It may take up to 40 minutes before reaching the bloodstream and for the effects to become apparent. 

A Word of Caution

While CBD might show promise of being a good choice for HSPs, the results are inconclusive. It warrants more studies to prove the assertions, which are mostly based on anecdotal evidence. Not to mention, many of the studies mentioned are based on the effects of CBD on the conditions that HSPs can experience and not a direct association between HSPs and CBD. 

Some people using CBD noted potential side effects of taking CBD. For instance, some noted that it made them feel tired. Others, however, share that they had panic attacks. One thing that might help is to choose your dosage and pick high-quality products. Consider taking it gradually as well to see how your body reacts. Consulting with a doctor can also help if you are unsure whether to take CBD or not. 

In Closing

CBD can be a good option for HSPs, especially in terms of reducing anxiety, enhancing mood, and improving sleep. Nonetheless, as with any other CBD effects, more studies are necessary to have enough empirical evidence to support many claims, which are mostly anecdotal. 

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