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On a regular basis, we share stories from highly sensitive people. In this story, Anne-Kathrin, co-founder of HiSensitives, shares one of her experiences.

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Dream, Then Do!

Sometimes, you start your day with such low self-esteem and loads of anxiety that you would prefer to just stay in bed. I had one of those days today. But I did not stay in bed.

Instead, I took a shower, put on clothes and nice make-up, ate delicious food, took a walk with my dog and eventually pushed myself out of my comfort zone.

For far too long, I have been only dreaming and not doing. Out of fear of failing, I did not do, I only dreamt. And eventually, my fear grew, because I did not do. The longer I waited, the bigger the fear of failure became and the more my self-esteem decreased. So today, I pulled myself out of my dreams and started doing.

At first, it felt scary and it felt unnatural to do what I for so long had feared to do! But as I continued pushing past my comfort zone, the more natural it became and the more ‘me’ it felt. What for so long lingered as a fear inside of me, now had gone.

What if I was able to apply this behavior each day, and to just do instead of dreaming? Where would I be in a year if I applied this way of life every. single. day?

I believe that my overthinking tendencies due to my HSP trait sometimes stand between me dreaming and me actually doing. So it felt quite good to turn this little voice inside of me off for an hour to just DO!

Dreaming is good, but doing is better!

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