HiSensitives Tribe - A community for highly sensitive people

Do you want to connect with other highly sensitive people? Are you interested in learning more about your trait in a fun and casual way? Do you want to be part of a community of highly sensitive people? Look nu further, because we have got news: HiSensitives Tribe is the brand new community for highly sensitive people!

You are not alone!

We know how it is to feel like you are the only one out there who is sensitive. Newsflash: there are thousands of others like you out there. In fact, 1 in 5 people is highly sensitive! Therefore, we created this community. HiSensitives Tribe is a community for highly sensitive people to find each other and build new friendships.

Why the tribe?

Although there are wonderful groups for highly sensitive people out there that discuss the trait and stay on-topic, we missed a group where highly sensitive people could connect in a casual and friendly way. Sometimes, you want the view on a problem from other sensitive people without necessarily relating it to your trait. Or you like to share a picture or funny pic you could relate to without linking it to high sensitivity. That's why we created the tribe! Here you can do just that! 

Of course, we encourage discussions about high sensitivity, but we don't limit it to just that.

Special content for tribe members!

HiSensitives initiates unique tribe-challenges, discussions and much more! We want to build a strong community feeling that helps highly sensitive people to accept themselves and their trait more and eventually embrace the gifts of their sensitivity.

Do you want to join?

Are you ready to be a tribe member? We cannot wait to see you in our tribe! Join the club by clicking on the button below!