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Discover our target audience

Highly sensitive people and empaths

We create content for highly sensitive people and empaths. About 15-20% of the population are highly sensitive and 1-2% are empaths.


Personal growth as a main interest

Our target audience is interested in personal growth. Anything that can enhance their life quality and overall happiness in a healthy and conscious way, is of interest to them.

Conscious and sensitive audience

Both highly sensitive people and empaths are highly conscious about themselves and their surroundings. This is an audience that cares deeply about a better world. As a result, they are conscious consumers.


While we aim to reach English-speaking highly sensitive people and empaths worldwide, our biggest audience currently consists of 56% users from the U.S. However, our analytics show that the remaining 44% come from all over the world!

Age & gender

Our target audience consists of 75% females and 25% males. 29% of our readers is between 25-34 years old.

About our brand

We are a personal growth platform for highly sensitive people and empaths. We aim to inspire this audience with the newest personal growth knowledge, tools and resources.

Our mission is to offer all personal growth resources available for highly sensitive people and empaths in one place and help them live their most fulfilled and happiest life.

With our blog, social media accounts and community we inspire, motivate and support our target audience in their personal growth journey.

Also, we actively cooperate with reputable experts from the field, in order to become a true, safe haven for our readers and fans.

Anne-Kathrin Walter – Co-founder of HiSensitives

Affiliate marketing opportunities on our platform

Here are some of the affiliate marketing opportunities that we offer on our platform:

  • Placing backlinks to your website in our existing blogs
  • Product reviews
  • Service reviews
  • Book reviews
  • Sponsored social media posts

If you have other affiliate requests, feel free to contact us to discuss the opportunities for a collaboration.

Our core values

In collaborations with other businesses, we find it important that our core values align.

This way, we can ensure that the products and services promoted on our platform are a good fit for our audience.

On the right, you can swipe through the core values that we strive to represent each day.


Authentic connection with our target audience and business relations is one of our biggest core values. Connection is essential in order to learn, grow and feel truly happy in life. 


We desire to create a close community of likeminded people. This generates a feeling of belonging, which in our opinion is one of the main pillars for happiness.


Reliability, honesty, humility and stewardship are in our opinion important aspects of being a brand with integrity. This translates into consciously working with companies who represent the same values, and delivering high quality information and resources to our fans.


We find helpfulness, charity, compassion and renewal highly important. Through helpfulness, we can create a better world, simply by caring. Hence, we donate 10% of our profits to charity.


We strive to be an authentic brand. Through being genuine, and living and leading from the best intentions, while being transparent about these intentions, we implement this core value in our daily activities.

“It takes both sides to build a bridge.”
– Fredrik Nael

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