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Sensory personal growth must-haves

Highly sensitive people oftentimes feel overwhelmed by their surroundings. However, there are certain products that can improve your daily life as a highly sensitive person. Below, you can find some of the products that may help you to reduce sensory overwhelm.

Flare Audio Calmer Earplugs

When you are noise sensitive, these earplugs may help you to reduce noise overwhelm. Something that we always found annoying when it comes to other earplugs, is that they shut off your entire ear canal, making you feel isolated from the world. That’s not the case with these ear plugs! Due to their unique form and the science behind the design, they allow you to hear everything around you. However, they remove the distortion that triggers fight and flight response. Think about sounds such as cars, work environment sounds or sounds from busy crowds. This is a true lifechanger for noise sensitive HSP’s!


– Reduces stress
– Soothes sensitivities
– Makes you feel calmer


– So small that you have to make sure to not lose them.

Ps. If you have small ear canals (like our co-founder Anne-Kathrin), make sure to pick the mini size! Otherwise, your ears may feel sore after a while.

Calm lamps & light bulbs

At home you are able to control the lighting and create a sensory pleasing space for yourself. Therefore, make sure to invest in calm, dim lighting. For instance, you may choose to purchase Himalayan salt lamps. Also, you may want to consider changing the light bulbs in your main living area. Choosing dimmed light bulbs will provide your space with a warm, soft light that won’t overwhelm you.


– Soothes visual sensitivities
– Makes you feel calmer

Mental health personal growth must-haves

Taking care of your mental health on a daily basis is crucial for your overall wellbeing. We found these mental health products to be incredibly helpful!

Weighted blanket

Weighted blankets are definitely a must-have if you plan to increase your sleep quality. In recent years, weighted blankets have become more and more affordable, making a good night’s sleep possible for everyone. Owning a weighted blanket will bring along multiple benefits. The reduce feelings of anxiety, improve sleep troubles and help to calm a restless body. 

More products coming soon!

We are continuously updating this page to add more relevant products for HSP’s and empaths. Make sure to come back soon to check out the newest personal growth must-haves!

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