Want to enhance your life? Try one of these products!

In our affiliate shop, we share products that highly sensitive people might enjoy. Although much of your personal growth comes from within you and self-awareness, there are certain products that might enhance your life quality. Below, you can find some of them!

Weighted blankets

Did you know that weighted blankets offer great health benefits? Amongst others, they:

  • Give you the feeling of being hugged
  • Help you to remain asleep at night
  • Make you fall asleep faster
  • Make you feel calm when you are stressed or anxious
  • Boost your serotonin and melatonin levels, which will make you feel better about yourself
  • Enhance sleep quality

Especially for highly sensitive people, who sometimes tend to feel more anxious, stressed or worried, these blankets might do wonders. Why not try the Gravity blanket?

Essential Oils

Although some highly sensitive people are very sensitive to smell, that does not mean that they can't try essential oils! Essential oils have great health benefits and do already in small amounts offer wonderful effects. Here are 5 popular essential oils and the benefits which they offer:

  • Lavender: Relieves stress
  • Jasmine: Helps with depression, childbirth and libido 
  • Peppermint: Boosts energy and supports your digestion
  • Rose: Reduces anxiety and improves your mood
  • Chamomile: Improves your mood and is relaxing

Especially when you suffer from anxiety, one of the ways to reduce it might be to try out essential oils.

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A good mattress

A good mattress does wonders for your soul and your health. Some people underestimate the value a good mattress offers. A good mattres has the following benefits:

  • Improved spinal alignment
  • Pain-preventing
  • No more tossing and turning around in bed
  • Stress-reducing
  • Reduces allergy symptoms

Don't we all want to sleep better. A good mattress maybe costs a bit more, but it also helps you greatly in improving your sleep quality.

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