Is highly sensitive person a diagnosis? Or disorder? Can it be cured?

Wondering if being a highly sensitive person can be diagnosed, whether it is a disorder or if it can be cured? Find your answer to these questions on this page!

Is highly sensitive person a diagnosis?

Frequently asked questions about the HSP trait

Is highly sensitive person a diagnosis?
Is highly sensitive person a disorder?
Can a highly sensitive person be cured?

The questions above are examples of questions many people google.

These questions come across as somewhat upsetting to highly sensitive people. At least, we felt that way when we first found out that many people wonder about this.

However, it is logical that people google these questions. Because let’s be honest, it isn’t that long ago since Dr. Elaine N. Aron introduced the term. As a result, there are still many people who haven’t heard about highly sensitive people.

What is a highly sensitive person?

If you ask yourself one or more of these questions, here’s your answer. Only diseases and disorders can be diagnosed. Therefore, there is no official diagnosis for highly sensitive people. In fact, high sensitivity isn’t a disease or disorder. To be specific, high sensitivity is a genetic personality trait where the person has a sensitive nervouse system, is aware of subtleties in his/her surroundings, and is more easily overwhelmed when in a highly stimulating environment (Dr. Elaine Aron).

There is no need for a cure

As a result, there is no need to cure highly sensitive people. Actually, they are perfectly fine the way they are. Sometimes, this fast-moving and busy society feels overwhelming for highly sensitive people and causes them to feel exhausted and overstimulated. However, when a HSP ensures to take care of his or her needs in time and recharges enough, they function just as well as non-HSP’s. In fact, highly sensitive people who thrive and take care of their needs bring along many wonderful characteristics and traits.

Am I highly sensitive?

If you want to find out if you are highly sensitive, there are different self-tests to find out! For example, have a look at these personality tests.

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