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Ideal Self Membership

A personal growth membership for highly sensitive people and empaths

Are you ready to showcase your expertise and personal growth-related business to more highly sensitive people and empaths? Become featured as ‘Expert of the month’ in our ‘Ideal Self Membership’. Read on to discover more about this exciting (paid) opportunity!

Help highly sensitive people and empaths to work toward their ideal self by showing them your expertise!

Our membership is all about connecting highly sensitive people and empaths – age 25-40 – with the right personal growth tools and experts. 

Personal growth is fun and together with personal growth experts like you, we want to inspire our members to discover new personal growth topics and implement them into their lives. All with the goal to get one step closer to their ideal self and live a peaceful, aligned, and fulfilled life.

Here’s what we’ll offer to our members in this membership

A pre-recorded personal growth deep dive session (masterclass) with the personal growth expert (you)

An e-book (written and created by us with input from you) as an additional resource after the masterclass

4 worksheet printables (created by us with input from you) to implement the personal growth topic in daily life


Daily affirmations, meditation- & gratitude exercises

Access to a community with like-minded people

Would you like to work with us on this project?

If you would like to receive more information about this project, what’s in it for you, and how to participate, please download our manual for experts. Here, we explain everything in detail!

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