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Anne-Kathrin Walter is a writer, social media expert and the co-creator of HiSensitives. HiSensitives is a brand for highly sensitive people. Many highly sensitive people still see their sensitivity as a weakness, and HiSensitives wants to change that. Therefore, Anne-Kathrin and her partner Riny have made it their mission to make the world a better place for highly sensitive people. With HiSensitives, they want to inform and connect highly sensitive people worldwide and increase awareness and acceptance of the trait.

5 free apps that help you to improve your health!

Anne-Kathrin Walter

It can be challenging to be a highly sensitive person in this fast-moving society. There is so much stimulation from the outside world, that it can be challenging remembering to take time for yourself and your personal growth. Thankfully, there are many free applications that can help you with this aspect of your life. This article showcases 5 apps that help you to improve your health!